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Friday, August 19, 2011


I haven't figured out yet WHY pinning is so much fun...
Have you?
I LOVE this new meme that 
came up with...
and I love that VINTAGE swim suit..
where do you find those kind of things, I wonder...?
I haven't come up with a 
cohesive post using my pins, yet...
The only thing I know for sure, at this point, is that
and view that magnificent water....
I live on the plains of West Texas and we are all STARVED for beautiful water.
So far...I just post my pins in a very RANDOM way..
but another thing that I DO know
is that I would LUV a chest just FULL of beautiful drawers to fill
with flowers...
Next to meeting
more than anything in the world. !!
I mean....REALLY !
...and NEXT...

Joining with



Natasha in Oz said...

I love that swimming costume idea...isn't it great. I bet some op-shops or charity shops would have some vintage costumes.

I just wanted to let you know about a great site that has a brilliant tutorial on all things Pinterest. If you want a pictorial tutorial on how to re-pin, how to organise your pin boards and how to embed pictures into a blog post this site has all of the answers! It's brilliant.

Take care and thanks so very much for linking this post to my Pinning & Singing on the Weekend linky party! I love it!

Best wishes,

Bunny Jean said...

Pinning is great because you don't even have to you think it might replace blogginng?

Thanks for dropping by and leaving the sweet comment about me and The Mr. :) I thought that song was kinda sweet...

I just posted another song to Natasha's meme... The People of WalMart. It is a MUST see music video :D

xoxo Bunny Jean
Home to Wednesday's Bunny Hop

Sandy said...

It's happened to me too... Pinning!
I found myself checking out new Pin Boards almost every evening and it's addictive to say the least....
Nice post

Jojo said...

I'm with you. I log in to Pinterest and just look at pictures but can't seem to do anything more. Sitting by the water sounds heavenly but that article that came out this week about the brain eating amoeba may keep me from swimming for a while!

Hootin' Anni said... THIS is no fair!! I'll trade you one of my beach chairs AND the water scene for one of those lemon cookies. Better yet, I'll throw in a shovel, bucket and umbrella if you share the RECIPE!!!!


Ps...I'm going to have to come back when I have time today and check out the 'new' meme. At least for me it's new.

Pat said...

Hi! I love pinning too! I find it relaxing, entertaining, and inspiring. I also love the idea of having an online notebook to categorize and save my "likes". As long as they don't remove them from the web :) Have a blessed day!

Theresa said...

I have still not done any pinning but have sure heard a lot about it! I guess I am gonna have to go check it out to see what all the Hoopla is about:) Loved all of these pics!

Have a blessed day dear BJ, HUGS!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment! I so appreciate it! Pinning is fun! Natasha has got me hooked on it also! It's nice to dream about these beautiful things in life! Eye candy!! Your children and grandchildren are a very nice looking bunch!! Have a great weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have just started pinning and it is so much fun. I love images and this is a great way to organize and save them. Love that drawer filled with plants.

Holly said...

Harrison Ford huh? Yup, I get that. Loving that vintage swim suit too. I would like to find one that goes to my knees and has sleeves. Need as much cover-uppage as possible.

Always Nesting said...

Good morning sunshine! I gave your biscuits and gravy a shout out on my blog this morning. :)

Barbara F. said...

I love pinning, was hooked from the start! They have been having issues with updating their numbers, and I have someone's pins superimposed on one of my boards, but I still love it. It is so easy, and I too am trying to come up with a post for Natasha's meme. There are some ladies who have loads of followers and hardly any pins!!! They need to "pin up" and give their followers something to see. :) xo

Maria G. said...

I just find out about Pinning from Natasha! I think I 'm going to like it!
Thank you for stopping by!
I am your newest follower!
Have a nice day:)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Wow...great closet and yummy lemon cookies.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I am on it but can't figure it out! I don't know how to make new boards. I ahve to keep working at it.....

TexWisGirl said...

cute post. harrison ford and lemon cookies. yum!

NanaDiana said...

BJ Darlin'- You can come sit by my water any time you want. I will put you in the upstairs bedroom with fresh sheets laundered with lavender soap. There is a small balcony that overlooks the bay and you can see the big freighters make their way into port off in the distance.

I grew up in the mountains and although they are beautiful, the water (big water) has always called my name.

I haven't been pinning yet because I am too afraid I will be HOOKED! xo Diana

Beverly said...

Good morning, dear BJ. I came by to wish you a happy Pink Saturday, but instead I guess I'll wish you happy Pinning and Singing instead.

I love Natasha and her blog. She is a sweetheart. And, I love your shares - I even see some pink. ;-)

we three dogs and me said...

Thanks for stopping by. I just finished it a short time ago. I missed the rooster party as I had 2 birthdays and a wedding. Your fruit salad is my favorite. I would sign up for give away but don't know how to copy and paste to have it link back.

La said...

I haven't gotten into the whole pinning phenom. It looks like a lot of fun though. Those lemon cookies look tempting.