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Bright and Beautiful Life said...

Hi BJ. I just popped on over to your blog after you looked at mine and left lovely comments.

I've been looking through your recipes and see several that I want to make today! I've never heard of thin, crispy cornbread before, but it looks and sound delicious. I live in Idaho and the cornbread I grew up with and still make is thick and moist. So I'm for sure going to try it your way to see how we like it. :)

And about Bloglovin ~ hmm. I think I have an account from a few months back but I haven't done anything more with it. Thanks for the reminder about it though. I need to get on the bandwagon.

Have a cheery day.

A Bright and Beautiful Life

A southerner who lives in Fairbanks, AK. said...

I am so happy to see you back again online. I've been so worried about you and your family. Just knew something happened. Sooo happy to know it was technical issues. Please keep me subscribed to your blog. I really look forward to reading them. You make my day a little sunnier here in Alaska - and we can use all the sun we can get.

A southerner who lives in Fairbanks, AK. said...

Hello BJ,

I left a comment back in November but haven't gotten a response back. I miss your reading your blogs and would love to have you back at my email address again at

Looking forward to hearting from you again here in Alaska.