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Thursday, August 18, 2011


A TEA TOWEL  is a cloth which is intended for the specific use of drying dishes and cutlery after they have been washed.

In addition, clean tea towels may be spread over a tea tray before tea things are put onto it, or used to cover warm scones or a tea pot to prevent heat loss. Very English/British.
Here, a beautiful, linen TEA TOWEL holds scones, 
fit for KATE and WILLIAM....
This lovely photo of scones so delicious looking, I could eat every single one, taken from the fabulous and informative INTERNET.


CUP TOWEL ..noun..soft fabric, used to dry dishes. Called CUP TOWEL/DISH TOWEL  in the South, especially in TEXAS.. 

 I have some really neat CUP YOU do, too. 

Ooo LA LA....
I'm pretty sure it's 
to have a little Frechyness in our kitchen, don't you ??
This little CUP towel reminds me of the wonderful time
I had on a cruise with our family. 
Every time I walk by this sweetie, I smile with the
FONDEST memories.

My sweet girl, STACY LEIGH, brought this
rainbow of colors towel back to me from her summer trip to HAWAII.

When MY SHIP COMES IN or I WIN THE TEXAS LOTTERY, whichever comes first, I would like to take a trip to HAWAII.
Stacy said it is the one of the most beautiful places she's ever been.

I think the highlight of their trip...PEARL HARBOR.
She said there is no way you can stand there and not be so overwhelmed with emotions that bring you to tears.
CUP, TEA or DISH towels, whatever you might call them, are delightful ways to add a little
interest, color and texture to small areas of our kitchen, dining room and even into the living room. 
Why, these little treasures can be used ALL OVER THE PLACE.
I really love these little FRENCH babies that I have hanging on my
wanna-be BAKER'S RACK.
I bought these at the fabulous TUESDAY MORNING a few months ago at a great price.




A fallish look...

Fall is a beautiful season but I am not fond of fall colors...

Oranges..browns..tans..just don't do it for me. I tend to use my favorite color, RED, year 'round.

Cute cup towel, tho...I can't really remember just where I got it.



 I've had a rooster in my kitchen for over 51 years..
since Mr. Sweet and I married.   
Does THIS photo just about suck the breath right out of ya ???
...ME, TOO  !

less than $4.00


I'm making amazing PILLOWS out of mine
that my sweet daughter, STACY LEIGH, bought for me.
Joining with TICKLED PINK


Vee said...


What? Something just happened here... Wait. This is a new post. Okay, perhaps I should read it before commenting...or not...I'll be back momentarily.

Vee said...

Oh your rooster reminds me that I've got to run and get one. The gift shop was closed Tuesday when I was there, but not today. I'm linens of all kinds. I call them tea towels if made from a nice broadcloth or actual linen and dishtowels when made from terry cloth. My daughter doesn't want me to have any more tea towels because she doesn't like them at all. What's the matter with her? Yes, your blog has a very nice load time. Wonder what's wrong with mine?

Blondie's Journal said...

I love my tea towels and I'll be darned if I use them! They are just too pretty! Well, maybe I'd line a basket, or tea tray if William and Kate came for a visit.

Love all of yours, BJ, and thanks for all the info!


Keetha Broyles said...

I've never heard the term "cup towel" before though I believe I use "tea towel" and "dish towel" interchangeably.

I have never served a formal tea that required coveing with a towel, but would certainly have guessed that is where the term came from.

Fun post!!! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Harward said...

I LOVE the rooster have so many cute ones! ;D

Rita said...

Is it that rooster that is keeping the Love alive?
Love all your towels, but I have Never heard of cup towels; what a cute name.
You mentionned I should write a recipe book; 10 years ago I did just that to celebrate my 60th. I worked hard on this and gave it with love to my family and close friend. Funny, since then I have a new collection here on my little blogworld. What would I do without it?
Love coming to visit you BJ; wished we lived closer...I have a feeling, you and I would turn the world around.

Auntie said...

I remember dish towels. But not *purrrrrdy* ones, like you have collected.

You and Susan Branch, hu? :-)

Don't have them any more. Use dishwasher and don't *dry* dishes. All I have is a small hand towel, on a kind of a rack, next to sink. :-)

NanaDiana said...

Great post- I buy towels for people for fun occassions~I love it. Love your rooster too...that's a long time to have a cocky guy in the kitchen though.

I have to go now-I must RACE to Target before someone beats me to all those towels! xo Diana

Kathleen Grace said...

Aaaaahhhh, got to get to Target for one of those towels! Thanks for showing us:>)I just can't get into the oranges, browns and tans of fall either. It's beautiful outside but that tends to be everyone's go to color scheme until it all runs together into a mass of rusty blech for me. I was int he fabric store yesterday and their fall shelves just made me ill. Red all the way baby!

Sarah said...

You know I adore tea towels, so I'm lovin this post, BJ. I think I need to make a quick dash to Target. ;-)
Thanks for sharing the sweetness. ~ sarah

Shug said...

Hey there BJ... looks like you have a super sweet collection of dish towels. I never want to use my pretty ones. Just for show I guess.
You must make that trip to Hawaii. My favorite of all times trips. Hugs

LV said...

You really have a nice collection of towels. I like all of them. It bothers me tho, when you are in a home, see someone using the dish towel, that supposed to be for that purpose only, dry their hands on and then dry dishes. To me you need a separate towel for different uses.

GardenOfDaisies said...

You have some pretty teatowels/cuptowels/dishtowels!
I love the first one with all the teapots on it. And also the state towel. I know they make those for all 50 states. I've seen pillows for each state too and I think they are really cute!

Sweet Tea said...

All the pretty "tea towels" are beautiful. All my kitchen towels are plain, absorbent, and functional. Perhaps I need some 'pretties" similar to yours.

Linda said...

I love them ALL!!

Anonymous said...

HI BJness! Oh, isn't this something? You tea toweled and so did I! You have some marvelous ones too. The little appliqued one from Jamaica is so darling!
I'm so sorry I wasn't able to get your giveaway in the mail until yesterday, Wed. I should just never promise something because a wrench always gets thrown in! ;) I do hope you like it. I poked in a couple more little things.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karie said...

Darling tea towels. Love how you decorate with the. Oh, and first thing in the morning I am heading to Target. I hope they still have some of those cute towels left. Thanks for sharing your cuteness. Hugs, Karie

On Crooked Creek said...

"Mr. Ed" states..."I have too many dishes"! and then "Why can't we use these towels"! Men just DON'T GET IT!!! Cute post...I adored all your Tea Towels!!!

janis said...

OMGosh! I love these almost as much as aprons! Such an amazing collection you have Lucky Girl!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

It is so much fun to see what you ladies collect. I don't have a collection, just the necessary amount to get the job done. I do like pretty towels,though and yours are pretty, BJ.

Always Nesting said...

Can I please please please go to your house and eat. Those biscuits!!! Oh my goodness I just need a good, old fashioned, make em like my mama used to in Texas biscuit. To heck with what we call the towels, just use it to keep biscuits warm and oh la la would I be in heaven.

You heard it here. I'm officially begging for those biscuits. Have you posted the recipe?


I love this fun post, how did I almost miss it! The towels are beautiful, I love them and the roos?, just great! I'm a linen lover and yours is no exception! I don't use my tea towels, I feel bad to, I love just looking at them! Thanks for sharing this lovely towels. Have a great weekend. Hugs, FABBY

Bill said...

Hello, Beautiful BJ (I whispered that of course!).

Fun post! I think there must be a lot of similarities between Texas talk and Tennessee terminology. I've heard people (mostly when I was a child) saying cup towel, rather than dish towel. Tea towel? I've heard that, but I think it was preferred by fancy pants types -- the folks my mother used to say spoke "that propuh Suthuhn tawk"

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


La said...

Great towels, especially the Frenchy ones.

LindyLouMac said...

A great collection of tea towels, now I wonder why it is that I love them so much :)

Ricki Treleaven said...

Hey, BJ! I am getting caught-up on your blog :D I have missed so many of your *awesome* posts. i love this one, especially because I love tea towels and scones. Scones and piping hot Earl Grey is one of my favorite snacks in the world. :D