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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mon. 18th


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hurry back! I miss you already!
p.s. looking forward to hearing from you about a house sing/plaque

Judi said...

Where are you going..and what are you up to now??
Hope all is well..take it easy..and see you soon!

Allidink said...

Aw, miss you :) Talk to you later. Hope you're well.

All the best,

ksarra said...

Come back soon! Hope all is well.

Diane said...

Praying all is well; miss you!

Many hugs......


Anonymous said...

Do take care where ever you are and whatever you're up to. :-)

Beverly said...

Oh no. Please don't go to far. You know we all need our daily dose of BJ.

Stacey said...

Have Fun! :)

Terri Steffes said...

Can I come with you?

Anonymous said...

Well have a nice trip; ) Just stopped in to say hello - I sure hope all is okay!

For my part, I'm finishing 2 tissue cozies today and shipping one out that I sold. Then it's on to upgrading my DeStash site, re-writing my Faerie Tales and on and on. Yep, I do love to be productive. Talk to you soon, Have a great week,


Marcela said...

Hi dear BJ

I hope you are having a nice week :)

Kisses to you


squawmama said...

Hey I just got back where do you think you are going??? Thanks for stopping by to visit before you checked out... Yes it is a huge trip we have planned and you never know we may end up on your front doorstep ☺☺☺ Whatever your doing hope you had fun!


The Raggedy Girl said...

I love your post. I feel like I can blog and not have it take over my life when I see fellow bloggers take time off and the world keeps spinning.

The Raggedy Girl

Tootsie said...

enjoy the break!

Bo said...

Hi BJ...Just as I get back from the bloggy break that nearly broke us...$$$$....check out my last post when you get a chance...What ever you're up to while you're off, you'll be missed!!
Big hugs, ;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! You didn't tell me you were going anywhere so do hope all is well!!! Let me know how things are! Missed your usual posting today.

Love you much!

The Muse said...

Stay warm or cool...depending on circumstances of course! :)

Kelee Katillac said...

Miss you BJ!!!!!!! You o.k.?

love, kelee

Barb said...

Hi BJ.....bless your heart. I have been there.

Sending a prayer for you, sweetie.


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

You'll be missed. Hope you aren't in a straight jacket! laurie

Robin~All Things Heart and Home said...

Hey B.J. you were the winner of my pretty kitchen towel and memo pad over at All Things Heart and Home!
Please email me your info so I can get your prize out to you!
All Things Heart and Home

Vickie said...

Howdy from another Texas gal (East Texas)! Ran across your blog today while hopping!

Cutie pie little Cate! I'll have to do some reading and catch up! I have a little farmhouse/cottage that we're re-doing so I'm interested in all things cottage!

Come visit me sometime!

Vickie said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot - my mom is a BJ, too!

Betty said...

Hurry back, lol. Just wanted to stop by and say 'hi' since I haven't visited in a long time.

Hope you are having a good week.

The Painted Garden said...

Hi BJ,

Hurry back. We miss your sweet blog and I hope all is well with you.

I have a little gift for you when you get back. Please get in touch with me and send me an e-mail with your address so I can send you the little vintage red bicycle welcome sign that you liked on my give away. I keep thinking about how much you liked it and I would love for you to have it.
My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

Hi dear BJness! I just knew you were going to say you were a little behind! LOL
Have a nice rest and we'll all be here when you get back!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Miss you!


Daisy Cottage said...

That's me above..
my pinky finger slipped! ;-)