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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I found this big basket full of

But...the strangest thing....there's only 3 LARGE PLATES...
3 BOWLS... (one was being used at the time of this posting..:))
set of salt and peppers
and a spoon rest...
I got all this for $10.00 and I will keep looking for more...
I'll bet this was a HUGE set at one time....don't you?

Those adorable and JUST RIGHT FOR THE CHEERY CHERRY DISHES placemats....
$1.00 each , clearance at WALMART..
I made the napkins and tied them with lime green medium rickrack...

Beautiful thrifted stemware... *
....the large plate

...dessert plate
...aren't they so cute.....

...these are the SWEETEST and most JUICY cherries...
I have ALWAYS loved cherries....

At the same time I found the CHEERY CHERRY dishes,
I found this beautiful STEMWARE..
funny thing....there's only 3 of them, too !!
This olden ICE CREAM FREEZER was given to us so many years ago...I THINK it was in the late '60's or early 70' still works like a CHARM.

and...when it QUITS working, I will keep the OLD WOODEN BUCKET......I like the looks of it !.. beats me WHY !!
I'm just sayin'.....

Yes, sir....MR. SWEET got that freezer down from the attic and
we made the BESTEST VANILLA ICE CREAM for our sweet kids and grandkids...
Now, I know most EVERYone has their own good recipe for ICE CREAM...
and, I, myself, have about a KIZILLION recipes...
but THIS is the one MR. SWEET made for us on MEMORIAL DAY....
of course, you can add any flavoring, fruit, nuts...
(we just about pitch a hissy fit for BANANA NUT ice cream, at least ONCE during the hot summertime..)
Then you just fill up to the FILL LINE on your freezer with milk...
It was really good and we had a Vanilla Cake with True Fudge Icing
but.....I never did get even ONE photo of it...too busy making sure I got a PIECE of it !!
This little tiny bit of frozen heaven is all that was left...
I just nearly didn't even have enuf to make a pretty picture for you....
oops...more biscuits the next morning and we just
HAD to eat off our new plates, don'tchaknow.....;))
Mr. Sweet and I both grew up having this treat for breakfast. Most times, it was with toast..
Does anyone else out there ever have PEANUT BUTTER and KARO SYRUP for BREAKFAST ??
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Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I love your newfound dishes! As soon as I saw those cherries, I thought: well, she's going to fix up some good food with those!

Beth said...

BJ, I just love your cherry dishes! They are such cheery cherries! They look great with the red placemats and the cherries and ice cream!
Have fun on your cruise!!! We want to hear all about it!!!
Hugs, Beth

Sandi (Meme) said...

We've been married 38 years and DH still FREAKS when I mix Kayro syrup and peanut butter together! LOVE it! I'm sure you are excited about the cute cherry dishes, too. Have a wonderful week.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love those cherry dishes so much!
I am going to have to look for some because they are the charmiest ever! Wonderful table, great recipe, great pics!

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

OH my GOODNESS BJ that ice cream looks amazing! What a precious post!

Hugs to you!


Tennis Girl said...

You have outdone yourself this evening, my dear. Your even giving Mr. Newman a run for his money! :)
What is in that martini glass? Looks hmmmmm on this sultry night in Illinois.
How long will you be on your cruise. We will miss you!

The Tablescaper said...

Great dishes! Love the cherries!

Be sure to come and join my new meme "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to YOU. Maybe yours means cherries to you.

- The Tablescaper

Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Great table BJ!! I love your cheery cherry dishes! I love, love, love homemade ice cream! I'll take mine with chocolate syrup!

I have never had the karo and peanut butter treat before, but it sounds good to me!

Sherry said...

How wonderful to find those dishes! They are adorable! Love how you displayed them. The food looks amazing also! You have a great time on your cruise. It will be beautiful I am sure.:) Win $50 CSN gift certificate at my blog.

Debbie said...

How cute is this?! What a super summery table you've set. Love all the cheery colors. We eat peanut butter with honey on English muffins...mmmmmmm.

nannykim said...

Just give me the cherries...I am dying for some!!

Sarah ABeachCottage said...

hey can I stop by for some's cold here lol!

love the freezer tub...would love to have one of those...never seen one

enjoyed my visit, it's been too long :-))


Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

This is adorable and so cheerful! I love all the colors and how you used the coordinating ric-rac trim to tie the napkins. I especially like how you were able to find things on clearance at Wal-Mart.


once in a blue moon... said...

those dishes are adorable! you put them over the top with the rickrack, soooooooo cute! my goodwill cost more then retail stores, how lucky are you!

Red Couch Recipes said...

What a great find at your GW! I just love the table that you set and am craving some banana ice you add walnuts? Love the rickrack too. It reminds me of when I was a kid. Stop by my blog. I am having a giveaway of 12 "Style Sisters" napkin rings. Joni

Martha said...

Love your dishes -- they are so perfect with the cherries!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love your cute cherry dishes!! I think I have the same white lions head compote....

We grew up eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches. But I had the clear Karo syrup on my pancakes as a kid - didn't like maple syrup then. Now I love it!

Only 3 more days to Alaska! I envy you!

Miss Merry said...

What a great find at goodwill! Your cherry dishes are terrific. And your ice cream looks divine!

Have fun on the cruise!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love the cherry dishes, your tablescape, the beautiful photography, and especially how good those biscuits look.

Heidi said...

Hi There!
What cute cherry dishes, so CHEERY! And there is a mystery attached to them, why only 3?? Very interesting...
I agree with you that home made icecream is the best ever, hands down.
Now, about the biscuits with peanut butter and WHAT? Corn syrup. Oh my, I've never in my life heard of that, but that doesn't mean it isn't delicious! However I will admit it sounds a bit unusual to me!!
Enjoy your cruise!
Heidi - Heart and Home

Mimi said...

Cute cheery cherry dishes, BJ! Peanut butter with white Karo that Texan food? I have never heard of that combo beforel.

Marydon Ford said...

How adorable those cherry dishes! Everything looks so yummy & inviting!

Beautiful presentation, BJ!

Have a wonderful, relaxing trip filled with fun & sun.

TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh you lucky those dishes, I would have grabbed them too. The colors are wonderful. I love cherries too...they are still a bit high priced around here, I'll wait a little longer. My dad is still here, he just said he used to eat peanut butter and Karo too as a kid. He didn't feed it to us!

Debra@Common Ground said...

Oh my, this all looks delicious! Those cherries and dishes make a great photo op!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello BJ~I've been busy with family visitors. My niece from Austin was just here too.
I did take time to sneak out of the kitchen to see what you'd been up to.
It's nice to finally have time to chat starting with these dishes. This cheery cherry theme makes me crave summer. We've been inundated with rain causing us to keep running the heater. Seem soo wrong in June!
Homemade ice cream would be such a treat.
Wished we had it for the root beer floats we enjoyed through our cold, wet, weather.
I adored how you used the green ric rac to tie the silverware together, simple, but very cute.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your cruise. I doubt we'll be graced with any sunshine soon, so I'll relish your sunshine venture.

Sweet wishes,

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

I gain a pound everytime I visit your wonderful blog, boy I remember hot biscuits with a mixture of butter and karo syrup, boy we loved that so much....what memories from long making homemade ice cream, I will have to try that recipe yummy

Beverly said...

BJ, I love this setting. And, those cherries look delicious.

I'll be right over. ;-)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Just love those sweet cherry dishes!!

Great tablescape!!


Bonnie said...

Bj i have been enjoying your blog so much. To me it is the essence of good living. You have such a flair and I just love to visit here.

In fact one of the things I find the most lovely about your blog is your note that says people can use your photos. That is so wonderful and generous of you. I plan to feature your blog on mine today. I LOVE cherries and this post has a few pictures I would love to use. I also loved your linens in the sun yesterday!

And in answer to what it is we all love about Dirty Dancing..I cannot speak for others but for me it boils down to two words. Patrick Swayze. I do miss that man...he was amazing. My favorite role of his was Orry Main in North and South. Ohh, Baby! He is amazing!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

BJ- This is just the yummiest post! Cherries are so delicious and very very good for us too!

You have a good eye- to scout out those fabulous GW cherry dishes. Oh, I would love to have them!!!!

And the ironstone bowl/jar that the cherries are is is a treasure. Ironstone is so hot right now.

Thanks for the ice cream recipe. I love homemade ice cream and vanilla is extra delish! I can see just from the color of the ice cream that it was rich and heavenly!!!! And I love the pictures of the cherrries being frosted by the ice cream. Now I am really hungry for a bowl... especially if it is in one of your cherry bowls!
As always, I love my visits to you dear friend!

Debbie said...

BJ what a sweet post!~ First off, I love cherries...they can be pricey though:) Love your dishes...and that ice cream freezer is awesome...I would love that!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute for words! The biscuits are making me hungry. Gotta admit, never heard of white Karo and peanut butter on a biscuit! I can see how the kiddies would love it, though.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


But now, I'm going to ask you the hard question. ,-) Where do you stash all those Goodwill 'finds'? Don't you eventually run out of room? Do you have to eliminate some, now and then?

This is something I've wondered, concerning bloggers who love tag sales and Goodwill and etc. Never asked though. But you are so sweet, I'm not afraid to ask you. :-)

3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you super excited?!?


arkie said...

Good wishes on your cruise! Great finds at Goodwill! I found 3 bone dishes yesterday and broke one when I came home! I also found the little Target salt and pepper shaker birds for $1.99! (Still in the original packaging!)
Good looking biscuits! I haven't heard of Karo and peanut butter before. My kids liked pancake syrup and butter growing up. I love molasses and homemade butter on mine!

cheri said...

these are great photos! by the way, my real name is CHERRIE, which is why i'm giggling inside as i read your post.

hee-hee :)

from SITS :)

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVE cherries... they say SUMMERTIME to moi!!!

Bill said...

Very cheery cheeries! I think three's a great number -- a table for two, with lots of spare pieces! You can use 'em with abandon!

The ice cream sounds wonderful. SO funny about missing the photo op for the cake 'cause you had to make sure it didn't disappear before you HAD a piece!

BTW, that's a very saucy looking lady in the 50th anniversary picture on the sidebar. Lookin' good there, Ms. BJ!

Warmest regards,

Texas Preacher Woman said...

Those lush ripe red cherries against that white look fabulous! A work of art!


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I have had the best time visiting with you. I have signed up as a your dishes, those cherries are just too cute. I hope you are able to find more, but if not there is nothing wrong with a set of three. Great pictures. Would love it if you can come visit with me sometime.

Nanna said...

what a sweet find on dishes, you can never have too many LOL, of course the icecream makes them look fantastic! LOL thanks for stopping by

Sue said...

What fun to have found those sweet cherry dishes, BJ. I hope you can come up w/some more. Loved that you made up that ice cream and enjoyed it so much. And then there are those biscuits- I've never heard of putting Karo syrup on biscuits. Is that a southern thing? A Texas thing?
Mr. Sullivan does something strange- to me anyway- he uses maple syrup on his cornbread! Must be a mid-western thing! We did not do that in New Mexico. LOL Enjoy that cruise, honey.
xoxo Sue

Dolly said...

Oh my gosh I looooooove those sweet cherry dishes!
They'd be perfect in my cherry kitchen! :-)

Lucky you....I wish our GW had cute dishes!

Hugz, Dolly

Nancy's Notes said...

I am sitting here in awe of your lovely photographs! I love cherries and just bought some, they are delicious! Oh, the ice cream, it's on the top of my list! Your cherry dishes are great! Great post!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Peanut butter on toast is the closest I've ever come to your breakfast treat but I'm sure it is delightful! I do those those cherries!

Rettabug said...

CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER and WHITE KARO SYRUP for Breakfast??? That's a new one on me! Will be happy to experiment, though. :D

♥ your new cherry dishes! I freq. buy partial sets of things esp. if they're at a great price. I like to mix & match & enjoy the hunt for that one last plate or cup or whatever.

Your cherries are bringing back lots of fond memories for me. I grew up in a yard surrounded by lots of cherry trees. We ate them all summer long in lots of different recipes. Sure wish I still had access to those trees!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

Lovely photographs! And what beautiful cherries! Have a wonderful time on your cruise.

Really Rainey said...

What a fantastic Cherry post! Love the dishes AND the cherries@

Have fun in Alaska...
I worked up there in the summers for a few years as a chef on a private yacht... Alaska really gets into your soul... Its amazing...


Marie said...

Hi there BJ. Hopping over here from Bonnie's page and totally liking what I see!! I Love, LOVE cherries!! I have never been able to find dishes like that over here. I mostly make my own cherry accessories, pillows and stuff. I will be back for more! xxoo

Beansieleigh said...

Hi BJ! LOVE your new dishes!!.. And the rick-rack is such a cute touch! I'll have to remember that! The ice cream looks delicious, but those raspberry floats are still a favorite around here!... Oh my gosh, and as for Alaska!! Have a wonderful trip, and a wonderful time! Can't wait to see photos! ~tina

cargol said...

Have a wonderful trip, BJ!

JEANNE said...

Hi BJ, we arrived home after going to our grandson's graduation, from Florida Weds. Time passes so quickly and your cruise has arrived. Have he most wonderful time.

I love all your cherry dishes etc. I just pick two and 1/2 galleons of cherries from my sister's tree. I pitted them and put them in the freezer last night. Your cherry table with the cute place mats and dishes look awesome. I want some of that ice cream. HA!

Bon Voyage,
Love ya, Jeanne

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

What a 'delicious' tablescape!!! And those cherries?!!!! Out of this world yummy. They're so darned expensive, but can't turn away from purchasing some to snack on. And the biscuits?!!!------to die for. Gimme tons of REAL butter on mine please.

Dayle Allen Shockley said...

Oh my gosh! I love cherries... fresh and on plates. And that ice-cream, and those biscuits, and that pb concoction. Enough to make a grown woman on a diet cry.

The Tablescaper said...

Have a great time on the cruise!

I'm so excited that you'll be joining "Summer Sundays" when you get back. Grab the button when you have a chance.

Have fun.

- The Tablescaper

parTea lady said...

It is always delightful to visit you. I love the new cherry dishes and stemware. I really must get to the Goodwill more often. ;-)

Those cherries look yummy. Last year I tried Ranier cherries for the first time and couldn't get enough of them.

Cruising is the best! Have fun.

gnee said...

BJ, I adore your merry cherries! This post is so fresh and fun...I just love everything about it. Maybe someday we can meet on a cruise ship and enjoy a glorious bowl of cherries while we visit...until then, having a full on blast on your cruise! I'll be thinking of you while I endure Spring wind and rain....I'll look forward to pix and details upon your return. Happy resting....gnee

Flowersnfelines said...

Have a great time on your cruise - relax, have fun, and of course enjoy all that great food and scenery. Will pray for your safe return.

Cottage Rose said...

Hi BJ; Oh I can't believe your luck,, those dishes are so pretty.. and the stem ware too... I wish I had the kind of luck when I go to the GW...sigh,,,,,, your table looks so summer like and fun... have a great weekend..


bj said...

See ya'll when I get back..!! :))
Ya'll be good, now !!
love, bj

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Wonderful dishes, BJ, and that strawberry shortcake looks sooo good! Have a fantastic cruise! Looking forward to hearing all about it.


Tea Duchess said...

Was not able to comment on your Pink Saturday post.
I thought I was alone in loving rainy days. Fog is neat too. Happy PS.

Adrienne said...

You like rain? Come visit me in Oregon when we're having rain - I'd love to sit and chat and enjoy the rain with you! Today is gorgeous and we have been taking advantage of it and working outside. You would have l-o-v-e-d the last couple of weeks here. I love the gorgeous piece of silver you shared. It's beautiful! Your new cherry dishes are so much fun.