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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



While I was having my breakfast, I had the radio on and a good COUNTRY/WESTERN song was playing.....I started thinking of some of the singers I have had the privilege to see in person.....
Some, because I WANTED to see them...others, because BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER wanted to see them ! :)

Mr. GEORGE STRAIT....B. Daughter was awe-struck by him.

REBA put on a magnificent show....and, ooooooo, can she sing!!

I've told ya'll, I think, that I took a couple of grand kids to see Mr. CYRUS.... That was back when he first "got started", had his mullet hair cut and Achey Breaky Heart was all the rage.....I must admit, even I screamed just a little bit !) shhhh..


OK, I know a LOT of you have never even heard his name, LITTLE RICHARD.......
He was a rock and roll king in my time!!! And, he's STILL around....:)
Most everyone that reads my blog knows how much I loved THE MAN IN BLACK........

After I saw THE KING, I couldn't speak for about 3 days.....I just stuttered.

Any one remember Mr. MERLE HAGGARD....."the hag" ?

Oh, my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER was sooooooooo in love with this fella,

We saw him at the STATE FAIR once.

These guys are so great. Especially RANDY OWEN.....

Tell us about the singers or famous people you've seen....
hugs, bj


Suzy said...


You are very early this morning I believe it is 3 am in Texas. Hope you enjoy the silence!! I like to do that sometimes, to wake up early, enjoy my coffee and the silence. Or some nice sweet memories. Memories are so good and I know that you have wonderful ones.
Have a magical day! Suzy

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Good Morning BJ.... :-0 were up very early today, girl! Early morning is my favorite part of the day. :-) Rosie

Anita said...

I've seen quite a few... concerts are what Rick and I used to spend all our "extra" money on...

but I met Waylon once. I told him I was named after one of his songs. He said, "Your name must be Amanda." I said, "No, it's Anita." he said, "I didn't think anyone remembered that song!" lol...

I envy you getting to see Johnny Cash - Merle - George... and I loved Chris Ledoux, too, I miss him... and LITTLE RICHARD! Talk about a legend!! That must have been awesome! :)

I think my favorite concert of all time was Neil Diamond... I keeptrying to go see BB King before he's gone, and can never seem to get there... THat's on my "bucket list"... :)

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Ohmygosh girlfriend, I can't believe you have seen all of these famous singers. You are so lucky. I have seen Alabama in concert before back in the 90's. We had front row seats. Yes Maam, we sure did and it was so awesome. I have always wanted to see Reba, but haven't made it to one of her concerts yet. I so remember Little Richard and Charlie Rich. Behind Closed Doors was my favorite song of his. I do remember Johnny Cash, but never got the chance to see him tho. His hometown of Dyess, AR, isn't very far from my Hometown of Lepanto, AR. I think maybe 10 miles if that far. They have been having fund raisers in Dyess to have a Museum for Johnny tho. I never got a chance to see Elvis either, but have been to Graceland in Memphis and to his hometown of Tupelo, MS. I used to be madly in Love with Elvis. LOL. I did get to go to an Osmond Brother's concert once when I was younger. You know, Donny Osmond and his brothers? I used to be madly in love with Donny. LOL. I had him all over my bedroom walls. LOL. "THANK YOU" for sharing some wonderful memories with us. Oh yeah, I have seen 3-Dog Night before over at the Memphis in May before too. There was another group there that was famous, but I can't remember who it was right off hand. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Michelle said...

BJ, What a great post! I'm with your daughter ~ George Strait! I was lucky enough to see him..I had nosebleed seats but it was still a great show! Rod Stewart puts on a great show..I've been lucky enough to have seen him a few times.

Have a great day!

daisy cottage said...

That is so awesome BJ that you have seen these wonderful performers! My daughter loves Reba too!
I'm sure it is surprising but my favorite performer that I've seen in person - two times - is Prince. And I'd see him a million more times too. He was that good. ;-)


Anonymous said...

You have saw some awsome people. I wished I could have seen Mr. Cash and Elvis,but im alittle young.
My first concert was rock Molley Hatchet I was youndg and went with my sis. Allison Krauss at Bluegrass festivals before she made it big. I saw eddie rabbiet at a fair and wow what a show. When I turned about 19 I followed Alabama like a mad person. If they were any where near lol.I know I have seen more,but my mind just isn't working.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi BJ!

You have gotten to see alot of great singers!!

I have seen, Chubby Checker, Frankie Vallee, the Temptations, the Four Tops, Fifth Dimension, and Kenny Rogers (who I actually met back stage, because I knew one of the band members).

As for actors have seen perform in person, Erin Moran, Linda Blair and Jill Whelan in a play together. And I used to work on committees with Mary Smith who is Tom Cruise's mother - but I never met Tom :-)
Penny said...

Wow! You have seen all these wonderful singers!! My favovite is George Stait! I love his song "I want to Dance with You" ! Love and Hugs Grams said...

BJ! Thanks so much for the song with dear George!!!! I just love that song! This was so Sweet of you to cheer me up!!!! and it helped!!! Love and hugs Grams

Jackie said...

I have never met any singers or famous people. I will live vicariously through others. Harvey and I really do not attend concerts, they are held too far away from us. I really wanted to go to Calgary or Edmonton and see Pavaroti when he was there, but of course didn't.

God bless.

Julie said...

Humm - lost track since I have been to the Houston Rodeo so many times. The horse show I covered this weekend was held at the San Antonio Rose Palace which is owned by George Strait.

Nan said...'ve seen a lot of them. It seems we've spent more time in comedy clubs than at concerts. But we have seen Kenny Gee, The Beach Boys, Celine, to name a few. Not much country music played at our house but I do like some of it.

Elizabeth Ann said...

What a fun post!! My dear hubby has a crush on Reba! Now, I'm going out on a limb here because I know this singer is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm a Barry Manillow fan! My dearest friend and I have seen him twice in concert (great performer), in our younger years...and after the first concert we got in my car and thought we saw Barry getting into a van, so we followed it all over the town until it got to the local radio station, and a DJ got out! But, boy did we have fun during the "chase"!

Oh, and I spoke with Michael Landon while he was filming a Little House episode at the campus here. A very nice man, who was not cross at all to talk to yet another fan! I don't think I could handle being in that intense spotlight ALL the time.

Linda said...

Hi BJ, what a fun post. I've seen George daughter also loved him.
I loved seeing Elvis, Garth Brooks, and my two all time favorites were Johnny Mathis and Barry Manilow. Such fun times and great memories. Hugs, Linda

Judy said...

BJ: I'd be very honored if you want to use my picture for an inspiration!

Okay, I've seen Elvis (in the late '70s), Alabama (I think it's Randy Owens), Kenny Chesney, Billy Ray Cyrus...those in the last century (and I mean last century). Then growing up I saw all the cool groups of the 60's at a show the radio stations put on around here called the Big Bam Shows. Oh, man, those were sooo cool. I was a little bitty thing then and all of 13 or 14 years old.

How in the heck did I get this old?

Love ya - Judy

Judy said...

OMG how could I forget? My daughter and I are big Shania Twain fans. When her twins were 6 weeks old her hubby and my hubby got us 6th row seats to her concert! Before Shannon cut her hair, she would go out dressed up and hair all fixed and folks thought she could pass for Shania's twin sister! I wish she'd tour again and leave ole' Mutt at home1

Mary said...


You have seen so many that I would have loved to have seen - Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Little Richard, Alabama, Elvis, ... all of them. I would also like to see Reba

Some I have seen are Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Roy Orbison, Loretta Lynn and a few others.

Take care, BJ. It's so nice that you cheered Grams up. Love that song of George Strait's also.

Love and blessings,

CIELO said...


Thanks :)

Have a happy night!


Rue said...

3 new posts?? Where have I been?! LOL Ok, I'm 38 and even I know who Little Richard is!! I love Johnny Cash and that movie about him too. ELVIS?! OH MY... Elvis, Clark Gable and my husband are the top three men I condsider to be the most gorgeous creatures to have roamed this earth. I feel faint thinking about it... ;)
Off to the next post...
Rue :)

Rue said...

Oops! forgot to tell you mine. My four favorites: I've seen Michael Jackson in concert twice, 3rd row both times when I was 13 and 14 respectively. Great concerts! Who knew he would be such a freak?! My mom took me to see George Burns one of the last times he performed on stage. I've always loved him. Guns and Roses twice, yes I was a rocker back in the day. LOL Last, but not least, Rascal Flatts also twice. LOVE them :)