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Tuesday, March 11, 2008




I receive a HORCHOW catalog and also their emails and just in case you do not receive them, I just wanted you to see some of these to*die*for items.....

I don't think I've EVER seen such a pretty and unusual cake pedestal and cover....It is unbelievably expensive. We're talkin' $420.00 for this beauty!

To say "WHEW" is an understatement...right!!?!! IS pretty!

This one and it's little cheese dome is pretty, too...They are a LITTLE cheaper in price ...cake dome (or is it a hugh cheese dome??) $220.00 and the cheese dome is a mere $125.00!! Can you believe it ?? GREAT SCOTT...even if I had the $'s.....oh, so many other ways to spend it!!

AND, oooooo, this pitcher. I just think it is out of this world....price- wise, too, I am sure. I didn't even look at the cost on THIS beaut !! is fun to look at them.

BUT, HORCHOW does have some items for BREAST CANCER AWARNESS. I didn't find just how much they donate, but it's always so nice to find companies that do this....I didn't check out the prices of these items but you can go to their website, and find out, if you are interested.

Awhhhh....aren't these just precious. As I LOVE pink and red together, these would look fabulous in my red kitchen!! :)

Wouldn't ya love a pink toaster? I sure would.....

love, love, love it !! Things are BOUND to taste even better when mixed with a luscious pink mixer, don't you think?

I always have fun looking at this kind of thing so I thought you might like it, too. I know we can get PINK things on Ebay but they don't contribute to THE CAUSE and I would rather pay a little more and feel like I was helping in the process.......


Have a PINK day...all soft and warm,

I've posted about this site before but if you've not been over there, you are missing out on some fabulous recipes and the funniest script I've ever read. She is SUCH a hoot.....her name is REE from THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS .(She is listed on my blog roll....)

I stopped by there just a bit ago and she has the best sounding salad on and I laughed so hard at her conversation as she cooks, tears were running down my face....

Sweet NAN of ON MY PORCH first told me about REE....she said I would sure enjoy her blog and, brother, I really do!! Check her out!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi BJ! What gorgeous things!! It's always fun to look at items out of our price range and be on the look out for the same type of thing for less. Those will be hard to match though! Thanks for sharing some dreams with us! Come visit me soon, I love this new blog world!! Sherry

Kathleen Grace said...

Those cake plates are gorgeous but I would have to be Bill Gates to feel good about spending that kind of money on a cake plate! Wow!
As for the pioneer woman, even my husband reads her from time to time, I predict she is going to be famous some day with her sense of humor. She is so down to earth and side splittingly funny!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Okay I am going to have to make that salad it looks SOOOO good. What a great salad for summer. I love all the pink things I will have to check out there things on line. BJ, I but a picture of a china hutch that I bought for $45.00 on my blog and I wanted to paint it black. I look at your piece that you painted it came out SO~~~~~ pretty. How many coats did you paint? And was the paint color black of an off color of black? Thank-you so much for your input I have never done this before.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Morning BJ!
I love those cake and cheese stands - wooo hooo what a price!

I love visiting Ree - she IS a hoot!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Oh my gosh, those cheese and cake domes are beautiful. Too much for me to pay for tho. LOL. I do like to look at things like that, but I try not to because it makes me really want them. I guess you could use the big cake dome for a cheese dome as well. I'm sure it's done mostly for big fancy parties and such. I love all the pink appliances and the pink dishes. I think it's wonderful when a company donates to Breast Care. I will have to go and visit Ree sometime. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Anita said...

I LOVE the pink things!! They would look great in MY new kitchen, too!

I'll have to check out the links! :)

Rue said...

Good morning Bj :)
I get that catalog too, I don't order much out of it, but I love it. Thank you for telling us about the Pioneer Woman. I always love a new place to get recipes.
Have a beautiful day my friend,
Rue :)

PS. Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I really appreciate it!

Susie Q said...

Such gorgeous things! Out of my price league but oh that cheese dome is right up my alley! : )
I adore all that pick appliances. I have red ones now but pink would fit in too right?

Have a sweet week dear BJ!


BittersweetPunkin said...

Love all the pink...Miss Amanda at Jacaranda Cottage has lots of pink appliances...loove it!
And wow...pretty price cake pedestal and cheese plate!! Thats almost a car payment!

Pink Magnolia said...

I'm so glad you mentioned to remember your mammograms...I've pensiled it in for May my birthday month is when I always try to schedule!

That Ree is a hoot!!

Have a great day ♥

Sue said...

Oh, I'm loving that pink set of knives. Just popped over to The Pioneer Woman Cooks, what a hoot! Thanks for the recommendation.

Michelle said...

I love all the pretties..thanks for sharing!


PEA said...

Hello dear BJ:-)

Oh I so love those cake stands but ouch at the price! lol I guess if we had millions of dollars, though, that would seem like pocket change to us! I just love all those pink kitchen accessories...if my kitchen wasn't made up in reds, green and white, it would be in pinks:-) xox

Lucy Bloom said...

HI BJ, such prettiness in your post. When we needed a new saucepan recently I went and chose a pink one - Mr. Bloom was not amused and always avoids using it when he is cooking!
You must get another of those pretty hearts, things definately look better in threes ;)
Sending a big heart-shaped hug to you,
Lucy x

Brenda said...

I like you if I had all the money in the world i still wouldn't pay that. wow

Hope said...

Hi BJ,
Such pretty and unique items! Unfortunately, at those prices I can't even afford to look! :O)

I've been reading Ree's blog for several years now. She really is a hoot and has the best recipes! I haven't seen the one for the salad yet but I'll go look.


The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hello BJ! Thanks for your comment over on our blog! I love those cake plates. We're pretty big cake plate lovers over here! Can't wait to sit for a while and read everything I've missed!
Looking forward to spending some "time" with you agian!!

Robyn said...

Just popping in to say hi! Come say hi when you can over at my blog!

Suzy said...

Hi sweet BJ,

just want so hello to see how are you?! I like the things you shared but they are really expensive. But you are right it is nice even just to look.

Have a great day! Suzy

Meggie said...

Hey BJ! I didn't realize that I've been away for awhile until I tried to catch up. Those pink kitchen gadgets are great, even if pink isn't my color. Love the knives, especially.