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Monday, March 10, 2008

"HEART of my HEART.........."


WOW...I just LOVE getting packages in the mail ! Just starts my day off with such a smile.

I received this a couple of weeks ago from KATHY at KATHY'S COTTAGE and am just now getting to the posting of it. Not because I don't just LOVE it...I DO ! Somehow, I keep running out of time and I have soooo many posting ideas flooding my head all the time, some of them get pushed aside for a little while.

Would ya'll take notice that I remembered, this time, to cover up my address.

I like the cute sticker on the brown paper....How fun it is to get all these packages that everyone in Blogland goes out of their way to make into a pretty presentation. I just LOVE that everyone cares so much. I love the little extras that go into a package...not just for the items but it's the thoughts that everyone wants to please each other so much. That is just awesome to me. In this world when people push and shove, be very rude, not care if you are pleased about something or not, just seem to not give a d***, it just makes my heart sing when I see all the REALLY caring and sweet people on here. It just proves to me that we ALL WANT to be nice and that we DO care and Blogland just gives us another place to really shine at what we like to do. (See, KATHY, your sweet HEARTS just put me in a loving mood....NOW, where is Mr. Sweet Hubby??)

Awhhhh, what an adorable wrapping and there's one of those precious handmade tags with lace. Thank you so much, Kathy. I suppose I am to use them on gifts and things but I can't make myself give one up. I have them tied on things all over my house. Hubby better be careful napping around me, I just might tie one on his big toe! :) Oh, that reminds me...remind me to tell you about the time our Sweet Son painted his daddy's toenails while he was asleep and what happened..............

SWOON, SWOON....this is sooooo beautiful, KATHY. It is much prettier in person than even in the picture of it. You are THE maker of hearts, I do believe. Each one I get is prettier than the other...each one seems to have a little personality. Thank you for doing such a lovely job on it and I do love the DREAM charm on it, along with the fabulous rhinestone piece. And, of course, the black and white check hanger just makes the whole heart special. As you know, I DO LOVE BLACK AND WHITE.....

Aren't they striking, hanging side by side!! ...Oh....I need 3.
I did have 2 more of Kathy's Conversation Hearts but gave one I have 2 again. I gave one to BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER for Valentine's Day....she loved it as much as I did! If I remember right, it had a HUGS AND KISSES charm attached to it. And, dear little KIM at DAISY can't have these, girl!!! lol.....KIM has the most awesome collection of handmade, fabric hearts that her friends in Blogland have been sending to her...If you've not seen them, go over and take a peek...They are just beautiful in her big white bowl.

Also, if you haven't been over to see KATHY'S COTTAGE, take time to drop in today. Be sure to notice her cute picture, peeking out from behind some roses.....! :) I love that, Kathy.

Have a HEARTFUL day!
THIS TIME CHANGE IS ALREADY KILLING ME.....I am sorry for the lateness of posting but, now when I wake up, it is 8 instead of 7.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

They are beautiful! Kathy has such a great eye. They would make a wonderful collection. Can you stop at just 3? LOL :-) Rosie

Mary said...

Hi bj,
I just love your hearts from Kathy. they are so beautiful! I totally understand how one is not enough! :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

These are beautiful!! Kathy is fabulous (and our you!!)

Come on over and leave this post (or another filled with spring fun!) link to share a bit of spring and wash away those winter blues!

kari & kijsa

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Don't feel bad, I hate this time change as well. I hate losing my extra hour of sleep. LOL. Makes me such a grouch. I love your hearts you got from Kathy. They are just so beautiful. That was so sweet of you to give one of them to your Beautiful Daughter for Valentine's Day. I know she loved it as much as you did. It is wonderful how everyone here in blogland takes the time to present a very nice package when sending one. Most of our Snow is melting alway slowly. There was still a bit this morning but only in the shaded areas. It will be gone before too long tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

A beautiful springy package! Thank you for sharing Kathy's gifts with us.

Pat said...

Howdy Jean from New York! Nice to meet you through your blog.

Those are lovely hearts!

I like the time change only because the day will seem longer in the evening. More time to read blogs! :-)

Hugs, Pat

Kathleen Grace said...

Hi BJ, you are such a doll! I am so glad that the hearts make you happy. It makes me happy that others enjoy them! Have a wonderful day:>)

PAT said...

Cute cute cute!

I'm with you, BJ and the time change. It takes awhile for me to get in the swing of things!


the feathered nest said...

She does make really beautiful hearts (and birds)! Those two are very pretty side by side!


Elizabeth Ann said...

Hello Jean! Thanks so much for visiting my blog..and leaving such a sweet comment. Glad you enjoy my stories and photo captions.

I like your comments about the bloggers who visit our sites -- it gives one's heart, jaded by the crudeness and meanness of a great deal of the "real world", a shot of joy. Those are lovely heart's from Kathy -- I'm a fan of Daisy Cottage and have watched her collect her hearts.

Like you I seem to have alot of blog ideas...but the time just runs away!!

I want to check back here often. Hope you don't mind if I put you on my blogroll?

Have a lovely week.

Rue said...

The packaging on that heart was so pretty I wouldn't have wanted to open it. I'm glad you did though, because the heart was even prettier!

Rue :)

Betty said...

What nice gifts, BJ. I really love the hearts.

Visit my post today to find out about another give away or visit Phyl at for more details.

Nan said...

Oh, those are really pretty. Looks like you've been shopping on-line a lot. Very pretty packaging. Yes, you need 3! LOL
Yes, this time change is weird. I went to lunch an hour later 'cause I was not thinking it was time yet.

BittersweetPunkin said...

They are absolutely gorgeous...they look great together...

Jackie said...

What beautiful hearts. I love them. I think that even 3 might not be enough in my home.

Take care my friend.

God bless.

Mary said...

Oh BJ. I just adore that black and red heart and the tags are adorable. The package was so pretty.

I have tagged you for a meme. If you'd rather not, that is okay too.


Sugarplum Cottage said...

Love your blog, I've stopped by often but have never left a comment. THe hearts are darlin' and the little Easter stickers. Must have some of those. RoseMarie

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

Your hearts are beautiful :) The time change is squishing me like a bug today. I hate the adjustment but I love the longer days when the weather is warm!


Robyn said...

LOVE THEM! I have made something close to that! I have one left! Great stuff.

Teresa said...

These hearts are the sweetest!! I have to get to my sewing machine soon! I am sorry it has taken so long for me to comment again. I am busy stitching and getting my mom's house in order. I also needed to let you know I think I have gained weight from looking at all the good food on your blog!!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Ah, I can leave a comment now...used to need an account, I think....anyway BJ, yours is the very first blog that I've read, then from yours, I have spring-boarded to others. That's good AND bad....good, because I have read so many great things, and have seen so many great pictures...bad because (you know what's coming) I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer....But wanted you to know, I am enjoying yours and so many others, so much! NiknNora