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Sunday, January 20, 2008


While sitting and eating one of these corn patties the other day, I started looking around at some of my clocks. I love clocks...I have the prettiest coo-coo clock that my sweet hubby bought for me about 44 years ago but I have it packed away right now. I just got tired of it after using it so long so when I get it back out, it will be like new again! When I get it out and back on my wall where it belongs, I will post a picture. It is a beautiful, authentic German Black Forest clock.

I've always thought the face on this clock was so pretty, with the flowers in the corners and the pretty shaped hands.

I have always wanted a Grandfather Clock but since they are so expensive, I found this black floor clock at Hobby Lobby about 3 years ago and fell in love. It didn't hurt anything that it was 1/2 off regular price, either!! :)

And, the hugh, made- to -look -old clock in my living room is one of my favorites.

My sweet son, daughter-in-law and family gave this one to me for Mother's Day last year and I love it. The keys look just like antiques.

You have seen my mother's chiming, cast iron, vintage clock that I wind every day with the prettiest key. (don't know why I didn't take a picture of it). The ticking sound and the chimes on the half hour and hour are pure comfort to my soul. I love this old clock and it holds such sweet, sweet memories.



Teresa said...

Your clocks are lovely. Is there a recipe for your corn patties and will you share??

Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

I love clocks and have way more than I need too. Glad to see you are back. Prayers continue! Christy :-) <><

Suzy said...

They are really nice. I like you home so much.

Hugs, Suzy

Suzy said...

I had to stop by again and just to tell you how wonderful you are. Thanks for your kind words, I am really proud and happy that I can call you my sweet friend.

Love and kisses!

Donna said...

Beautiful clocks BJ! I love old clocks and I especially love to hear the chimes.
Happy you're back and hope you're doing well.

Back Through Time said...

Those are some really pretty clocks! So glad you are feeling better and I hope you heal quickly!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your clocks are wonderful. And the corn patties look sooooo good.

Mary said...


Your clocks are lovely. I like antique and vintage clocks. My gingerbread clock, which was very similar to one Grandma had was stolen in the 80s and I've never had a chance to replace it.

Thanks for sharing. Be sure to drop over to my blog and enter my giveaway.

Love and blessings,

Anita said...

My Grandparents had a wall clock that had hands and roman numerals identical to your floor clock... I can still hear the specific way it "ticked" when the house was very quiet... a ticking clock like that is very soothing to me, because it reminds me of their house. :)
Your mother's clock is so beautiful!

Betty said...

Hi BJ,

I really enjoyed seeing all your pretty clocks. I wish I had a picture of my Grandfather's clock (my real grandfather). I would send you a picture, but I gave it to my youngest niece. She wanted it, and I thought it would remain in the family longer by her being the youngest.

I hope you are feeling better.

Nan said...

I love your clocks, especially the black floor clock. I think clocks are lovely even if they don't work. I have a couple of those.

Anonymous said...

My Dad was in Germany during the 1950's and he brought home a beautiful cuckoo clock. The hand carving is just amazing. It still hangs in their living room and I love knowing that it's there. Thanks for visiting me BJ, and I'm so grateful that you are feeling better. You're such a dear, kind heart and we are all better for having shared our homes and thoughts with you! Ksarra

Marcela said...

Hello my dear BJ
Oh I really like your clocks !!!
What a wonderful home you have!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

You have some awsome clocks. I will take the corn cakes too.

Sunnispace said...

I love clocks too! Have you ever seen those parts in movies where the main characters are in a clock shop and they all chime at the same time? So neat!! And yours are beautiful!

Jackie said...

BJ, I just love your Mothers clock. It looks just awesome, I wish I could see what the key looks like.

Cottage Contessa said...

Hi BJ sweetie, I hope you're feeling really well today? You know what, I have a little clock obsession too. I have at least one in every room, even in the bathroom, and one out on the deck of our pool too! I hate to be late for anything, so I always have a clock close by! lol Crazy huh?!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Jo and JD said...

I find something soothing in the sound of a clock chiming. Beautiful clocks.

Livin' With Me said...

Those clocks are just beautiful. I think my 15 month old will be like you and enjoy clocks. Everytime we see or hear a clock she gets excited and says "clock" over and over again.

Donna Kay said...

BJ - so glad you are doing well. I love your clocks. I have a Howard Miller that my dad bought for my mom the year I graduated from high school - I think it may be close to an antique now!!
I have to start my day out with a visit to your house - BTW - I don't like my food touching either!!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

All of your clocks are so pretty I just broke one of mine.

Its a good thing that we don't live close because I would be shopping all the time. I LOVE CLOCKS also I just bought a new one I will post it this week sometime.

beddow said...

I love your clocks. I shared with you the story about my son wanting a mantle clock when he was in Kindergarten, well I promised him one for graduation from college at that time. He remembered that!! Any ways he has it upstairs and I admit it has such a lovely chime that I will find myself just pausing to listen. Have a good day, my friend.

Adrienne said...

Your clocks are gorgeous. I don't know which one I like the best! My father collected clocks and they are such treasures. Mom still has them displayed in several rooms of her little cottage home. I have one he bought for his mother when he was young but it needs to go to the shop and be cleaned so it will work right. Maybe soon. Thanks for sharing yours with us. ~Adrienne~

Tammy said...

I love clocks...what am I saying I adore clocks! And yours are fabulous!!