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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Really Awesome little Table

Hi, Everybody...

 I was offered this great rolling table from the online
and asked to do a review on it.

After Mr. Sweet assembled it, which didn't take long at all,

and with the nice weather, I tweaked this little table to be an

I took it right outside, by the pool, and put my laptop on it....and my FUZZY TACOS icy cold drink.

I really, REALLY like this little table.

Rolling Tilted Over Bed Wood Notebook Laptop Desk Table

is how the LA SHOP describes it.

It's fully adjustable...
2 separate trays....
tilts to any position needed.

I am using the small tray for my drink
but, if I had a mouse with my laptop,
I would turn the table around and use the smaller tray for it.
It can easily be used for left and right handed people.

It's very easy to 
adjust to whatever position you might need at the moment.

Features: (from their website)
  • Splitting tabletops
  • Solid wood tabletop
  • Both tabletops are angle and height adjustable to provide versatile positioning
  • Slide-stopper on both sides of the table to enable both right-hand and left-hand users
  • Smooth tabletops for easy cleaning
  • Round corners keep users from scratching
  • Swivel casters for more mobility
  • Brakes on the casters to stop the table from moving when you want a stable working platform
  • Special designed "T" base
  • Perfect for using over sofa, bed, on floor or elsewhere when using notebook, reading, writing, eating or drawing
  • Minor assembly required
  • Other designs available

I'm going to really enjoy this table...

inside by a cozy fire in the winter

but for now, this beautiful weather will no doubt find me pool-side with a nice cold drink and my laptop.

This is a reddish brown finish and seems to be very durable.

The wheels move smoothly....

Sturdy base and knobs to adjust it.

Oh, yes....I am going to really enjoy the adjustability
of this little table.

It's light weight enuf that I can move it easily....
but has the locking wheels which I like.

Can you imagine a better place to blog than out by the pool...???
Meee, either...:)

and this amazing little table is
going to make it sooo easy to be outside, 
enjoying the outdoors while doing my 
life's work....BLOGGING.


gotta love it.

This table was given to me in exchange for doing a review on it and THE LA SHOP.

All wording and photos 
are my own.

I hope you will go over to their shop and see all the things they have to offer at very reasonable prices.

You just might want to order one of these amazing tables for your own self.  :)


Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

So sorry your not feeling well. Take care of your self.
Like the table very much. My friend has one and she loves it - has it by her chair with her computer on it.

Your in my prayers for a speedy get well.

NanaDiana said...

That is an amazing little table. I am glad that you are enjoying being outside by the pool. Blessings to you- xo Diana

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Cute table - hoping you are felling better soon!!

Vee said...

A very handy table to own. It has got to be more fun to blog poolside than from bed, though I might get interested in that, too.

Miz Helen said...

Hi BJ,
So sorry to hear you are not well, you are now on my prayer list and will be praying for you daily until you recover.

That is an awesome table!
Take care of yourself,
Miz Helen

Anonymous said...

BJ! I'm sorry to hear you're going through health issues right now. You certainly have my prayers. Love you and take care of yourself.
God bless you.

Linda said...

That is a great little table!!! Get comfortable and GET WELL!!!

Audrey said...

Well bj ... that is the perfect blogger table if you use a laptop. Easy to move around and blog anywhere. You will love pool-side blogging.

Praying that everything goes well for you and you are feeling great soon. Take care of yourself.
Love ya.
Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

Sarah said...

What a handy table! Sorry you are still having to deal with a health issue. Keeping you close in my heart and thoughts that you will soon feel better.

Adam said...

not a bad idea for a poolside table

Patty Antle said...

What a neat table. It reminds me of the ones used in conjunction with hospital beds, only much prettier. Nice review, bj. Hope you are better soon!

Bev said...

I am praying that you'll soon be well and back to your 'regularly scheduled programming' here at Sweet Nothings.

Love the table.


Kathleen Grace said...

What a great poolside table for blogging! I couldn't think of a nicer way to spend time luxuriating by the pool as you pursue your career as a product reviewer:>) Hope you're feeling better soon!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Hope your feeling better soon BJ! Looks like a great table that could be used for many things. But how nice for you that you got to review it out by the pool! Take care of yourself and hope to see a post from you soon! Hugs!

Donnie said...

That's a lovely place to recuperate BJ. Hope you're feeling better and I just love that table. I'll be sure to check out their site. Get better.

Madeline's Album said...

What a wonderful table. Hope you are feeling better. My prayers are still with you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

carol l mckenna said...

Be well soon ~ and table review is excellent always with the lovely blue color of the pool showing in your photos ~ thanks, carol ^_^

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sending you hugs and praying for your health. Cute table!

Balisha said...

Get well hugs are on the way...

SmilingSally said...

I'm concerned to read so many wishing you good health. What's happening?

That table would make a nice sick bed tray.

Love your blue pool.

Happy Blue Monday, BJ.

Patty Patterson said...

COOL Table. But can you see your screen outside? I don't use the computer or my Kindle outdoors because I normally can't see the screen. How were you able to?

Theresa said...

OH YES, poolside with that AWESOME table! I think it is perfect for my sweet blogger friend! Have a blessed day, hope health issues are GONE! HUGS!

Unknown said...

BJ want to wish you the best and will offer prayers for whatever you are dealing with healthwise. I do like this table. Would be perfect for watching things on my Kindle which I do a lot of. Thanks for the review. Blessings

nonie everythingsewing said...

Prayers for you. You prayed for me and I thank you my last test said cancer free. I know it was because of prayer.

what a cute little table perfect for using outside.

Hugs Nonie

Sue said...

I am so sorry that you ended up in the hospital. You have had a lot of stress with the house on the market, it doesn't surprise me that your blood pressure was up! I am certainly praying that all turns out well for you.

The table looks nice. What a great review offer for you!

Pat said...

Poolside and blogging, huh???
Does life get any better than that, dear friend???
Prayers coming your way.
The hymn I Know Whom I Have Believed, comes to mind!
Peace and comfort knowing that as a Child of the King. . .you are in His keeping!!!

Irene said...

What a perfect spot to blog, let me get my laptop and I'll join you. Love that cute little table. Keeping you in my prayers.

Stacy said...

I love that table too! That's going to be so cool for you!