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Friday, September 23, 2011

Autumn and a GrandGirl's Birthday

♫♪ HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to JESSICA ♪♪♫  9/24/2011

You are such a sweet lady..a wonderful daughter..a sweetie grandgirl...a fabulous wife and an AWESOME mom. I also am sure you will be a famous writer of books, someday...GOOD LUCK with that.:)

We are so proud to call you GRANDDAUGHTER....
Lots of love from your GRANDDAD and MEMAW

We hope your birthday is full of EVERYTHING that you want it to be......♥♥♥ We love you very much!

I found this ADORABLE basket at the THRIFT STORE and just  had to take it on a photo shoot.. the PARK, of course. 
Nothing fancy....nothing elaborate...
I loaded up the back of my SUV with a little FALL.....and off to the park did go....
Now THIS photo would make an awesome SHADOW SHOT for SUNDAY..
See how low our little PARK LAKE is ?
All the brown dirt you see here...water USED to be there.
My little boy, DAVID, used to play at this park a lot...he and a neighbor friend.
Mr. Sweet made David a little Styrofoam boat and put a tiny motor on it.
David would get on one side of the lake...his little friend, Jimmy, would get on the other side.
They would send the boat back and forth....and, YEP, sometimes the boat would not go
just where the boys wanted it to go.
And, the best I remember, every now and then, it would get to the middle and just DIE.
Then, the boys had to wait until the wind blew it back to the bank.
They had a lot of fun, good days here on this little PARK LAKE.

The WATER CYPRUS almost died, due to the drought.
The little park lake is so shallow, I might could just walk across it, from one side to the other.
The white line on the old tree shows the depth of water, once a few years ago.

These poor, struggling trees are just about the ONLY fallish change I could find..
 Yes...I had to bring my OWN FAUX FALL in my thrifted basket.
The leaves on the trees aren't turning yet...
A couple weeks more, maybe, and I can make another trip to this park for lots of COLOR.
 Acorns, pods...pine cones....all from this neighborhood park.
I found a tiny bit of Autumn Color...

"They hid him for three months. But as the baby got older, he cried louder and Jochebed knew that soon Pharoah's soldiers would hear him. They would find the baby and kill him."
"Jochebed wanted to save her baby. It was not safe to keep him in the house anymore. She went to the River Nile and picked some bulrushes. She wove the bulrushes to make a basket. She covered the basket with tar and slime to make it waterproof. Then Jochebed wrapped up her beautiful baby and gave him one last cuddle and kiss. Then she tucked him gently into the basket and crept down to the River with Miriam.
Gently, she lowered the little basket into the river among the bulrushes. Jochebed went home and prayed that God would keep her little baby safe. Miriam stayed hidden in the bulrushes to watch over him."
We have ALWAYS so enjoyed the ducks and geese that live on this lake.
Our kids and then the grands have been feeding them for years.
When the kids were smaller, I never, ever threw away old bread..right into the freezer it would go.
Then, when some of us hiked out to the park (not a BIG hike as the park is only 4 blocks from our house:), we always had bread to toss to the duckies.
This is an adorable AUTUMN TASSEL that I won a couple years ago from our
It is a beautiful piece and it will be showing up several times during all the fun FALLNESS.

Isn't a FOUND FEATHER supposed to bring you GOOD LUCK?
I am pretty sure that's true...

 Again, when all the kids were little, we took many, MANY
Treasure Hunts....and a really good feather was always the
most sought after. Of course, we found a lot around the little lake and, acting like it was just a MIRACLE that we found one there where ALL THE DUCKS WERE, made it three times
as exciting for the little ones. They would keep the feathers until all the feathers fell off...SWEET MEMORIES bringing tears to my eyes.
I am so thankful to be a mother and a grandmother..even a GREAT grandmother.
"Pharoah's daughter came down to the river edge. She had come down to wash and was surprised to see the little basket floating just out of reach. She sent one of her maids in to fetch it and when she opened the lid, the little baby woke up and started to cry. Pharoah's daughter loved the little baby and even though she knew he was an Israelite baby, she decided to keep him."
"Miriam was very frightened. What would happen to her little brother? Then she had an idea. She ran up to the princess. "Shall I fetch a nurse to look after the baby for you?" she asked. She was very happy when the princess said, "Yes, go!"
Miriam ran quickly to fetch Jochebed.
The princess gave the baby to Jochebed.
"Take this little one and raise him for me, and I will pay you for looking after him," she said.
Jochebed took her little baby back home. God had answered their prayers and their little boy was safe. The princess called the baby "Moses" because
Moses means "taken out" and she had taken him out of the river.

God had chosen Moses to be the one who would lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.
God made all these things happen so that Moses was saved.
Jochebed could not save Moses. She had to leave him in the bulrushes.
But with God all things are possible. God arranged everything in a wonderful way and Jochebed was able to keep her baby while he was young and teach him all about God.
I am joining
        THANK YOU, hosts...and thanks to all of you for coming by.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful & moving share, BJ. You truly put together a powerful write.

Your gr-dimples is gorgeous ... Happy birthday to her.

Love the memories rich, alive & full.

Our basket should be full tomorrow ... pink.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Salmagundi said...

I love your basket; and, of course, the story of Moses. I've been rereading Genesis and Exodus the last couple of weeks! We're headed to Bandera and Round Top tomorrow, so will think of you as we travel those long Texas highways. Sally

Brenda Pruitt said...

Great pics, BJ! We're not seeing fall here yet.

Barbara F. said...

Great photos, BJ, I just love that you packed up your stuff for a photo shoot in the park, great idea, and the Bible story interwoven, just beautiful! Happy birthday to you grand girl, you are truly blessed. xo, said...

Great post! Love the cute basket too. The park looks like a wonderful place to go and visit. I would love a place like that to go to with the kids. Can't wait to see your basket in action.

Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughter! I hope it is as wonderful as her grandma!

NanaDiana said...

I love how you wove the story of Moses through your writing-that was always one of my favorite stories! Your granddaughter is lovely...and I know how proud you are of her and all your children!

Happy Friday to you- xo Diana

Cindy Adkins said...

Your granddaughter is lovely - she has such beautiful eyes! Very nice Autumn photos!

Lounging with a Latte said...

You have some lovely memories. I hope that lake fills up once again. That's a very sweet basket, room for lots of things when picnicing!

Susan said...

What a lovely basket!!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

That basket DOES remind me of the one that Moses might have been in! It is such a shame that the water is so low and the trees are in danger! My favorite quote is, "God has a plan, and the plan is good"! XO, Pinky

Vee said...

Oh I love those Moses baskets and always wanted one for my little ones. What a nice way to share about so many things. You sure know how to weave a story. Hope that you get some more rain to help replenish what has been lost. Gentle, gentle, nighttime rains.

LV said...

A wonderful post of a basket filled with great memories.

Unknown said...

Lovely granddaughter. Then I saw the basket and thought what a great little bassinet it would make for a great-grandbaby and then I saw the Bible verse. As always, absolutely perfect. HPS!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Lovely post. The basket and tassel are wonderful. Fall is definitely here in Ohio. Chilly and falling leaves already. Have a great weekend!

On Crooked Creek said...

Before I could get to the story...I thought how much that looks like the biblical version of the basket in the story of Moses. What a blessing you are in my life and the lives of others! Welcome Fall 2011!

~ LJ said...

That park is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I played there as a child, cried there as a college student, and dated my now-husband there as an adult. It breaks my heart to see the trees and lake. I pray that we get some water so our beloved park will be restored!!! <3

Ricki Treleaven said...

Happy Birthday! Your granddaughter is so *cute* I love stories about Moses. I studied the Pentateuch about 7 -8 years ago, and I still remember a lot about the life of Moses.

Have a great weekend! :D

Ricki Jill

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi bj

Hope you get some of our rain very soon..we have had too much.

I bought a rush basket for my daughter-in-law to use for my second grandson when he was born. It came in handy as she could put him to sleep in it in any room.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love Of Quilts said...

What a beautiful post bj you have made me cry...I can see your granddaughter being a writer she must take after her memaw. Trish

Sweet Tea said...

I loved this post on so many levels. What a sweet read and all inspired by your new "basket" find.

Happy Birthday to your lovely Granddaughter!

forgetmenot said...

What a lovely post your basket inspired. Many sweet memories to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Wonderful post. Mickie :)

Pondside said...

Beautiful photos, words and a beloved story - another perfect post - thank you!

Rettabug said...


What a delight walk down memory lane & to the park with you, BJ! I love it when you meander through your memories & take us along with you.

Great find on that cool basket...I know you'll put it to many good uses.


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet and gorgeous Granddaughter! Love the basket and the pictures are lovely! I am sorry about the drought and the trees and lake! I pray that you all will get caught up with the rain and that the lakes will fill back up! Have a blessed weekend dear BJ, HUGS!

Lorie said...

Beautiful BJ! Thank you for sharing. (And I used to have a basket just like that when I was younger to carry my dolls in. I loved it!)

Rita said...

Love that pretty basket. Happy Birthday to your sweet grand daughter. Happy weekend to you and your family.

Abramyan Avenue said...

Absolutely LOVE the post! It has to be my favorite so far. We too are in such a drought here. Even our drought resistant plants are dying!! When I was little my mother used to take us to a little duck pond and we would picnic there and feed the ducks. It's some of my favorite memories!!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
oh, any my header was done by Babbling Brooke..she's on my sidebar. She is AMAZING!! It's all custom and she listens to exactly what you like and want and send samples over til it's exactly what you want. And her prices are beyond amazing! I sent her picture of a piece of scrapbook paper as the inspiration and my whole custom blog make over, including my button was around $35. You will LOVE her if you ever use her!

Ralph said...

I had never considered the basket akin to baby Moses - yet, its simple lines and function made the simple thing a lifesaving vehicle...a nice connection!

We hope for a lot of snow on Texas panhandle this winter. I often prefer a snowy winter not fir its normal inconveniences - but full reservoirs after the winter snows have melted.

Happily, the ducks still have enough water to paddle in!

Hootin Anni said...

Happy Birthday sweet Jessica!!

And Bj....your photos are stupendous. That basket really 'softens' the surroundings!!!

My Link: Backyard Shadow

Have a terrific weekend.

Darleen ~ Places In The Home said...

The "weave" of love, family, memories, and the blessings of God throughout your post is beautiful! Your posts are my internet devotion of sorts each morning when I see one delivered in my inbox. What a wonderful network of inspiration blogging brings!

Happy Birthday wishes to your beautiful granddaughter.

Best regards,
Darleen ~ Places In The Home

Cassie said...

Loved this post! Visiting from SSS. Your ShadowShots are swell and loved the retelling of Moses' story as well as your son's boat tale. Happy SSS!

Patti said...

Good morning, BJ ~ I love how you wove the story of Moses into this post.

And taking a basket out for a photo shoot really made me smile.

I have a feeling there's never a dull moment at your house. You have a great imagination and fun style of writing!

Hope you get some rain there. We've had so much. Yesterday was just miserable with all of it! And now it's humid. :(

Happy Second Day of Autumn! I'm looking forward to the fall foliage. Nothing yet here in southern Connecticut. But soon!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I was going to suggest filling the basket (but NOT with shadows!) and giving it to Jessica for her birthday.


Shadow bold and shadow bright,
Shadow with me day and night,
Shadow taller than a tree,
Tell me what you think of me!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Desert shadows here and here

Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

Now that basket was a great find! oh ....I love the ducks too.
Great post today BJ.
Happy Pink Saturday..xo Tami

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

So enjoyed all your sweet and lovely family memories! AND all the autumn color. We have fall going on here too and my grandchildren and I are reveling in it :) Happy Pink Saturday.

LindyLouMac said...

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. Loved your Moses basket photo shoot. We had one just like this that we used when our eldest daughter was born.

Hollace said...

I am curious about the Moses story. (I am familiar with it from the Bible, but this is unique.) I see you have quotation marks around it and I wonder what book or children's Bible it is from. It is just excellent story telling and application. I know it's not just straight Biblical text because of some of the applications. I really heard it when you said "Jochebed could not save her son...but God could." Encouraging.

TexWisGirl said...

your granddaughter is a beauty. :)

and i like your moses basket! :)

pinkkandy said...

Happy pinkness...Happy Autumn....I am so excited for Fall, I know you are too !!It just makes me want to cozy up...enjoy your week-end!
God Bless You

robin. said...

love the shadows created by the basket. this was a lovely post indeed!!

janis said...

What a lovely post! I immediately thought a Mosses Basket! So glad you added the Bible story♥

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful post and photos.
Happy birthday to your granddaughter. I wish her all the best.

Regards and best wishes to you, too

jeanne said...

BJ, your post is wonderful. Happy birthday to your very pretty granddaughter. We are so blessed to have a beautiful family to love and best of all they love us back.

That basket was not only a great thrifty find, it inspired the beautiful story of Moses in the bulrushes. Your lake IS very low. I hope this fall brings lots of badly needed rain. The basket told an awesome story to share. You are the best blogger.

I laughed when I read your comment. You are right about me. I sometimes wonder if Cheri' wonders where her real home is. Smile.
I met Beverly when she was a newlywed and 18 years old. I worked with her mom and she came to FL for a visit. She then moved to Florida and we became close friends from the beginning. Even though we moved about every five year because of Bill's job, we never lost touch. I was in my early thirties at the time.

Love you bunches,

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post!
Such great memories you have, and a lovely family to enjoy.
Your photos are beautiful as always.

Jennifer Hojnacki said...

Hi, bj, and thank you so much for posting the Hadley Pottery giveaway from Savvy Southern Style to your blog as well. All of us at Hadley appreciate you helping to spread the word about our small but wonderful brand. Thanks to the giveaway, I am now following YOUR blog and am looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you and your readers. Thanks again!

Jennifer Hojnacki (Director of Marketing, Hadley Pottery,

Sheree said...

Love that story! We can so relate in our lives even in todays world!! You are such an awesome grandma! : )
Here in East Texas it is so sad to drive over the rivers and see nothing but dirt :(
Have a great week BJ!

Sarah said...

Bj, you Moses basket brought big smiles and a sweet memory. A close friend had a baby girl many years ago. April was carried home in a Moses basket just like this one, though hers was complete with gingham pillow and ribbons. I'll never forget seeing that sweet baby girl riding in that basket. ;-)

Kathleen said...

Happy Bday to your sweet gdau!When out last gchild was born, son's firm sent a Moses basket filled with beautiful things. I must ask what dil did with the basket. It was so pretty!

That makes me sad to see those poor trees! I wish you rain!
No Fall here, yet, not till the end of Oct will we get any color!

Speaking of trees, a tree from the property in back of us came crashing gown last night. Not the whole tree, but a huge branch, right on to the hood of dh's truck! This will set us back many dollars! :(

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful basket and exactly the kind where you might not be all that surprised if you saw a baby sleeeping inside. Gorgeous!

The Tablescaper said...

What a beautiful basket. And as always your photos are amazing.So happy to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

- The Tablescaper