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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I love those sweet potatoes..
To grow....
or to eat...:))
I've always wanted to have a big, lush, full 
but mine never seem to do very well.
Mr. Sweet's mom always had the prettiest ones hanging in her
kitchen window..
She could grown ANYthing, tho.
are one of our favorite things to eat.
To tell you the truth,tho...
I've never cut fries from a fresh potato..
I just buy those frozen bags and

Take a look at this luscious thing I  had for dinner...
Baked and topped with
Simple and fast as can be and SUCH
an added goodness to your sweet potato.
Per potato:
1 TBS. Butter
A couple or three tablespoons of Brown Sugar 
(depends on how sweet you want the topping)
Crushed Pineapple 
(tonight I had about 8 pieces of chunk pineapple left from a fruit salad I made
the first of the week..Just mashed the chunks with a fork and added them,
with the juice.)
A dash of Cinnamon
A dash of Nutmeg
A dash of Vanilla
Pecans would be delicious, scattered over the top.
Just add all ingredients in a small saucepan or skillet and
cook until it's a little thick and caramelized around the edges of the skillet.
Split baked potato into, mashing with a fork..
Pour the topping over the sweet potato and
Thanks, ladies, for hosting.
I hope that all of YOU will go by and check out the great ideas offered at these parties.
 Clouds gathering, some fluffy white...
some getting darker..
only a few sprinkles so far..
NO RAIN in the 10 day forcast.


Linda said...

Sounds and LOOKS delicious! I have a couple of sweet potatoes in my bin. I know what WE are having for dinner tomorrow night! Thanks for the great ideas! said...

I love sweet potatoes! I think that we eat them more than white. The kids love them boiled and mashed with butter, brown sugar and maple flavoring. Yum! I have never tried to grow a vine though. I may have to now!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about everything else after the sweet potato , yummmo!

Julie Harward said...

I really love them too bj...I would pick them over a baked potato any day and I love baked potatoes! :D

Shug said...

I pretty crazy about sweet potatoes...This is what I call gooood foood....Just add a little butter and some cinnamon and have yourself one great meal...

I love the sweet potatoe plants, but can't seem to keep the bugs away..

Vee said...

Hmmmm...looks yummy. I think I can almost smell it. I have grown sweet potatoe vines from a sweet potato. Are the decorative ones the same thing? I don't want no sweet potatoes in my mama's bike basket.

Sue said...

I wish I could do a rain dance for you. We finally got ours to stop...just sorry it didn't head your way.

I've never put pineapple on my sweet potatoes. I do put butter, cinnamon and sugar on them. Yummy!

La said...

I love sweet potatoes. Have you had sweet potato chips? AWESOME! I will definitely be giving this a try.

Incidentally, I am stunned by the verdict, too. In fact I was nauseous all afternoon. I have my proch light on tonight for Caylee.

Sending you hugs. La

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love sweet potatoes and I have made the fries from scratch and I have bought those frozen ones, too. Yum!

Ricki Treleaven said...

BJ, I love sweet potato fries! Flip Burger here in Birmingham makes them and they have chocolate salt on them!!! :D

Gayla said...

Looks delicious!!!

Pondside said...

I love that sweet potato vine!
We like to eat sweet potatoes, cut into pieces and roasted. Yummy!

Sarah said...

Oh, this girl loves sweet potatoes baked or fried. ;-)

Renée said...

I enjoy this super food all by it's self, but with your delicious toppings, it becomes a dessert! Thanks BJ for sharing a yummy idea and my potato vine is doing so well. It must like Idaho, cause I don't do anything special to it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love sweet potatoes, mmm...!

Have a nice day:)

Kathleen Grace said...

When I was a kid I absolutley hated sweet potatoes. Of course, all I had were the mushy canned type with marshmallows on top. Blech! Now, they are one of our favorite things. When the girls were little we started slicing them thin and tossing them with either rosemary and olive oil, or olive oil and Garam Masala, which is a sweet spice blend from India. I baked them til they were browned and tender and oh my goodness! Heaven! We also love them baked with butter and a little brown sugar:>)

The French Hutch said...

I love sweet potato vines bj, they look pretty anywhere. I love to bake sweet potatoes too, yum and so good for you.

The French Hutch

Theresa said...

Yummy, I have been buying the sweet potato fries frozen also! Love them! My Mama always loved baked sweet potato covered in melted butter! I can still see her sitting eating JUST that as a meal:) Love your gorgeous pictures! Have a most blessed day dear BJ, HUGS!

Beth said...

I really like sweet potatoes too. I like sweet potato fries and have tried the same brand you showed in your post. I've also made them from scratch. Baked sweet potatoes with butter, salt and pepper are good too as are mashed sweet potatoes (made just like mashed potatoes). My son always adds marshmallows and brown sugar to his; well, not the fries but the others! Praying you get rain. I bought 5 little sweet potato vines and planted them in an old wash tub. It's full now of chartreuse beauty!
xoxox, Beth

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

It looks so yummy! My kids just love sweet potatoes..will give it a try for sure:) Thanks for sharing!
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh golly yes! I remember growing potatoes! Suppose it's old fashioned now, but I do, do, do remember it! :-)

A sweet and old fashioned memory! Thank you!


xinex said...

I love sweet potatoes, BJ and thanks for this new idea on how to serve them. Love pineapple too, yummy! Can't wait till I get off my strict diet and eat normal again....Christine

TheIronYou said...

Great post!!! Congrats.
I recently wrote an article on the health benefits of sweet potatoes: check it out
Mike @TheIronYou

NanaDiana said...

Oh-How I love a sweet potato! Sometimes I eat them with just salt, pepper, butter and nutmeg-YUMMMO~ xo Diana

Rita's Recipes said...

I had baked sweet potatoes with our dinner tonight and bought an extra one to put in a glass jar.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I LOVE sweet potatoes au naturel! They're one of my favorite foods. You know, BJ, I think my Yankee would rather live with YOU. He doesn't care for the "barks and twigs" that he claims I make him eat. lol

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Rita said...

Love that sweet potato vine, but I've never cooked much with sweet potato. Thank you for sharing all this great information.

abeachcottage said...

Looks very tasty. Thanks for adding your link to BC Good Life Wednesdays and sharing.