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Friday, March 4, 2011


Last week,
I went HUNTING..
I have really been wanting some of these William-Sonoma ramekins, set of 4
Small $18.00
Large $29.00
Not in the Social Security Budget, tho.

Set of  7....$3.00
The "sold as is" here is that there
WAS a set of 8 but one was cracked and thrown away.
They look exactly like WS but no markings on the bottom.
Wonder why it's so important for us to "know where they came from"?
It doesn't make them cook any better, does it ?
Actually, I don't give a flip WHERE they came from as long as they work...
and are CUTE..:))
I do love me some thrifting............don't  you?
1/4 cup thinly sliced country ham, finely chopped  (optional)
  • Scant 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped onion
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
  • 3/4 teaspoon finely chopped garlic
  • 10 oz spinach, coarse stems discarded
  • 8 large eggs
Of course, you can add anything you'd like to your little
ramekin baked eggs.
Line ramekins with greens, then add eggs, top with other ingredients and pour a little cream on top of each one.
Place ramekins on baking sheet and bake in 350 degrees oven
until done enuf to suite your taste.
I haven't tried this recipe yet so if YOU do, let me know.
From Williams-Sonoma
......just using your favorite recipe, add buttered bread crumbs
to the tops (sprinkle with ham or bacon bits, if you want)
Pop them in the oven and
YUM at it's finest.
A cutest cup I've ever seen...
is it the polka dots
The cutest writing...
and how in the world can you beat 
I don't know what this plant LOOKS like a Rose of Sharon but I've never seen such a small Rose plant.
* just found out it is a Hibiscus
It was in the clearance cart
 at the market, along with a lot more.
I bought 5 plants...two of whatever this is,
and 3 more of UNKNOWN orgin.
2 of these.... 
5 brand new, thrifted blooming  plants..
gotta love it !
 I like the little cup, best of all.
Just look at the little red ♥'s on her little mouth..:)

Have a scone, some hot tea and
let's talk about it.

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It is time to announce the winner of the
$45.00 gift code from CSN.
Congratulations to my sweet SUE of  I NEED MOM
I will email your GIFT CODE to your right away and you
can use the $45.00 towards anything your little heart desires.....
Most of their items are FREE SHIPPING .
I hope you will share with us what you choose.

Thanks to all who left comments and hopefully,
the next time,
LOVE, bj


Annesphamily said...

Lucky Sue! I love the polka dotted mugs! They are very cute! I haven't seen you in while. Glad to see you busy as ever over here! HPS and some visit soon. I am always hungry when I leave here! LOL1 Anne

Christie said...

Congrats to the lucky winner of your giveaway bj! Love that polka dot coffee mug and the recipe sounds delish :)

I wanted to pop back over here today and Thank you so much for your comment on my really made my day. I had struggled with a solution for those mirrors for years, honey, seeing how one got cracked at the top when we first got our 16 by 80 mobile happened when the hubby put the wooden trim around the glued on mirrors (glued on by the mobile home manufacturer). I always thought they looked pretty, but not with a crack at the very top and I tried everything to try to conceal it over the years, valances, curtains, floral swags, and my favorite attempt recently vintage hankies lol! Anyway...after at least 12 years plus years of searching for a solution I finally found one lol! with the wood, trim and wooden decorative applique. Hubby added the wood and trim and wooden applique to the top. You could do this with any mirror I do believe. I did do a post a few pages back on my blog and showed how me and the hubby embellished the mirrors at the top with the wood.... here's the link to that post

If that doesn't link you direct, you can copy and paste it in your browser.

Thanks again bj, a compliment like that coming from such a great decorator as yourself...really just made my day... hope you'll stop back over again...
Big hugs,

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Love that mug! It is TOO CUTE! and "Who Cares WHERE your ramkins came from"..."You know WHERE they are going, INTO YOUR OVEN, and that's ALL THAT COUNTS"! Wasn't that a terrific find, Did you "Happy Dance in the isle"??? Your hibiscus can be planted in your yard BJ... It will grow into a BEAUTIFUL Big Bush that you can trim to whatever size you want...
Congratulation to the lucky winner...
Have a wonderful weekend,

Betty said...

Happy Pink Saturday!! I love shopping at the thrift store. No one will ever turn over those little ramekins and look for the maker as long as there's something yummy inside!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Congrats to your winner. The cup was cute it has your signature colors on it black and white...what a good buy you found on the flowers...I like thoses kind of finds. God Bless Trish

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the lucky winner!
Kissees and happy weekend.

Theresa said...

Great finds BJ, love the cute cup! I think about you EVERY time I see polka dots:) The discounted plants are WONDERFUL, can't pass up a bargain like that!

Congrats to Sue! Happy Shopping!

Have a blessed day my friend!

Tracy said...

Congrats to the winner!!!
I also love the mug and I have to admire the polka dots and the pink; a wonderful combination but the saying is the best of all!
You are like my husband; his motto is 'you can never have too many plants' and well, we've just run out of room to put them but that doesn't matter to him. When we see one he 'justifies' why we need it and where it will go...
silly boy!

Vee said...

Congrats to Sue! That polka dot cup has me grinning. There are just a few friends who qualify in such a special way. Cute! You find the best deals. We're noticing that the prices are way up and that there aren't as many treasures just now. I think people may be saving their goodies for yard sales.

I enjoyed seeing your header post below, too. Mine are all saved in a folder. Usually, I think that I'm going right downhill with my creativity, but you just leap from one high spot to the next. Each one is definitely YOU! I'm sure that I could pass the quiz (even without the titles).

Lynn said...

Congrats to Sue, happy shopping! Have fun with your new ramekins BJ, and yep, it has to be the polka dots! Happy Weekend:@)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Congrats Sue! I have never had baked eggs before! Something new to try.

Love your polka dots cups. They would be fun to wake up to each day.

Annie Louise said...

Great finds. Love the coffee mug, so cheery looking and how lucky to find the plants on clearance. Way to go!! Thanks for sharing,

Sue said...

Thank you! What a way to start the weekend! We have a big kitchen project we are starting and my guess is that I will use my win to help with that. I'll keep you posted!

I love your mug. I would have thought of you if I'd seen perfect for you. Recipe sounds great too!

Hope your weekend is as nice as you just made mine!

Anonymous said...

I love shopping at thrift stores, too! The Williams-Sonoma egg recipe you posted sounds delicious, too!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I Adore that the polka dots...but especially love the saying...that is soooo true!!

Blondie's Journal said...

The ramekins are perfect no matter where they came from. All mine came from just have to want them bad enough! I like making little tarts in mine but I have to try the egg recipe!

Love all your new blooms. Don't they make each day happy?! And that mug makes me smile, too. That's what good friends are for, all your secrets!!

Hurray for Sue!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

You found some really cute stuff. I love that mug!! Oh I hope you cook in the ramekins and let me know how it goes. I'm am a bargain hunter for sure and like you labels are just that! Great plants also. hugs, Linda

On Crooked Creek said...

What a cute post! You ladies and your goodwill finds, I declare! Ours is just the pits lately. Guess that helps my pocketbook! HA! Have a wonderful weekend. Stop in for a piece of cranberry orange bread and some tea when you have a free minute. . .and bring those darling cups! I'll leave the backdoor open!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi BJ,
Congrats to Sue!
I love all of your finds and everytime I come here to see you, I leave hungry. I'm dieting too and everything looks good enough to eat, if you know what I mean! LOL!

Thanks for such a cute post.


Kathleen said...

I don't care where it comes from, if I like it!
I just bought something from $ Tree and when I removed the label it said Crate and Barrel on some and Le Gourmet Chef on the others. So one co. makes for all of them, and you pay more for the name!

Congrats to Sue!

Jeanne said...

Hi bj, Congrats to Sue. I bet she is doing the happy dance. I love your cute mug too. I also like the "you know too much" friend quote. Goof find finding the ramekins. You are one terrific thrifter. Everything you cook makes me drool girl.
When I saw the flower I guessed it was a hibiscus. Very pretty. Bill just brought some pansy plants home for my pots by the back door. The cold weather doesn't hurt them. He is a keeper.

Happy PS.
Hugs, Jeanne

Jeanne said...

OOPS! Good find. I hate mistakes. smile.
Jeanne, again

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

All so cute. My faves were the cute polka dotted mugs AND the sweet signs of spring getting closer. I'll have to tell my senior mom as she can't wait to get back to gardening. Thank you for a lovely visit!

Unknown said...

Dear BJ,
What a wonderful hit on the Sonoma ramekins..that is one good buy!
Glad I peeked in on you..makes me want to get out there and see what I can find!
Have a good weekend,

Donna said...

What a great deal on those cute ramekins! My mouth was watering just reading the recipe for the baked eggs, yum!! And I think that is a Rose of Sharon. We have several in our yard, that bloom in late spring. I just love them! It has been snowing here today, I am so ready for winter to be over with! Have a great night!!

S. Etole said...

What a beautiful flower ... a nice touch of spring anticipation.

Gabriela Delworth - Instructional Designer said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love this mug and the message!
Great for a gift to a special friend.

~ Gabriela ~

Sarah said...

Congratulations to Sue, and congratulations to you on finding these great buys. We use ramekins for all sorts of things, not just baking. ;-)
~ Sarah

Kathleen Grace said...

I have some of those ramekins and I use them for absolutely everything! They are so handy!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What a find those ramekins were BJ! You lucky lady! That mug is sooo cute! Your flowers are beautiful, and I'm so glad it's time to buy flowers! Thanks for linking up. laurie

The Tablescaper said...

What great finds! the baked eggs look great.Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, sweet friend.

What a wonderful buy you got on your ramekins. I just purchased some last week. I found mine at Ross, and while they were a good buy, it was not as good as yours.

You know you always get me with polka-dots and pink.♥

Lisa said...

What cute little scones. Thanks for linking these up to Sweets for a Saturday.