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Monday, February 21, 2011


"A crumpet is a savoury/sweet bread snack made from flour and yeast. It is eaten mainly in the United Kingdom and other nations of the Commonwealth."
I've never even TASTED a crumpet,
much less know how to MAKE them.
I really do want to be a cook when I grow up !
Well, I found a recipe on the net...just google CRUMPETS...
and also found out I needed
not having any and NOT going to buy any and didn't know WHERE to buy them even if I wanted to..
...a little small...but they at least kept the batter in a round shape, more or less...:))
By: Carol Craig  (TAKEN FROM THE NET)
"I save clean water chestnut and pineapple cans so I can make crumpets whenever my family requests them. (You can also use a circle cookie cutter or mason jar rings.)
The recipe makes about a trillion crumpets...
especially when they are this small.
By the time I got the kilzillion tiny crumpets finished,
I was beside myself to have a really pretty
I THOUGHT these looked a little strange and probably not at ALL like they are supposed to look...
but I found the following photo of crumpets on the net....
and mine do look quite like these.
I just need more experience and mainly...
REAL CRUMPET RINGS..or large canned chicken or tuna cans....
Well....anyway, I am happy with the ones I made...
so lets have tea now.
I am joining in with LAURA at DECOR TO ADORE
for HIGH TEA..
How fun this is..
I love to PLAY tea...
"High tea (also known as meat tea is an early evening meal, typically eaten between 5pm and 6pm. It is now largely followed by a later lighter evening meal.
High tea would usually consist of cold meats, eggs or fish, cakes and sandwiches."
I have set two tables,
as is sometimes proper for HIGH TEA.

(Do you like this little golden lantern I found for 50 cents at the thrift?
I first thought I'd spray it Oil Rubbed Bronze...and probably will, later.
but when I got it home...I decided I love the golden color.
Will use it like this until I am ready to do something different.)
It looks pretty on the tea table.
served in another of my mother's crystal bowls... 

Beautiful and highly delicious are these little
You can find these in the freezer section of your grocery store.
My first time to try these and they are very good..
(not as good as that ham dipped in the savory dressing..:))
 NOW that you have your plate full..
let's eat and visit...
we can move into the other room for our
First time, homemade Crumpets..
ooo, I am PROUD...:)
I am also still very proud of my thrifted
tea set...
Why would anyone give this away to ♫♪♪ GOODWILL ♪♫
I don't have tea cups that match my pretty
red and cream tea set that I bought from
♫♫♪ GOODWILL ♪♫♪
for $7.00 for the set...
but I think these CREMEware cups and saucers look really nice with it.
This is the beautiful little lace TEA cloth my sweet, deceased sister-in-law
bought for me several years ago.
I surely would rather have my MARILEE back than this ole tea cloth. :((
The STRAWBERRY FREEZER JAM  tasted really good...
I am going to make MORE of this jam as soon as the strawberries
are large, sweet and juicy again.
I hope YOU will give it a try...
it is SOOO easy and quick and you won't believe how fresh tasting
and full of fruity goodness.
I think I was supposed to split and toast the crumpets.
Well, I'll do it the next time.
OOO....the silverness of it all.
I noted that crumpets were served with something called clotted cream...

"Clotted cream (sometimes called Devonshire cream or Clouted cream) is a thick cream made by indirectly heating unpasteurised cow's milk using steam or a water bath and then leaving it in shallow pans to cool slowly. During this time, the cream content rises to the surface and forms 'clots' or 'clouts', hence its alternative name 'Clouted cream'.
It is produced by many dairy farms in South West England, and is an essential part of a cream tea."
The closest thing I had was sweetened whipped cream
and it tasted FABULOUS with the strawberry jam and slightly irregular crumpets..:))
...see that little butterfly inside the creamer...SWEET !
O, and that pretty silver tray was a gift
from my daughter on a trip to MEXICO...
back when it was safe to GO THERE.
Good grief..what a mess down there....
DRUGS are going to be the ruination of our beautiful country...
but...I digress...
back to an enjoyable tea...
Thanks so much for stopping by for
with so many in my freezer,
next time we will have a
blueberry tea
and THIS time, I WILL split and toast the little crumpets to a golden brown...
with lots and LOTS of buttah.....
and even tho my crumpets are
small AND irregular,
they really are delicious....
especially with all the goodies we can pile on.
I am ALSO linking with
3 OR MORE TUESDAY (3 trillion crumpets)
WHITE WEDNESDAY (cups and dessert plates)
Thank you to all these lovely hosts..and
thanks again to YOU.

So sorry this is such a LONG post with so many photos..
I have a hard time deleting any of my photos..*sigh


Bonnie said...

Lovely, BJ. Enjoying your new look, very pretty!

Linda said...

Tea and Crumpets!! Perfect! When I took my daughter to London for her 21st birthday, we had High Tea at a very nice Tea Room there. I have made crumpets, too, and LOVE the strawberry freezer jam!! Delicious!! I made clotted cream as well and found I do NOT care for it. I thought perhaps I didn't make it right but when I tasted it in London it was just like what I made.

You have such beautiful blog posts! I love every one of them!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Beautiful teas BJ! I always love putting together all the little treats for tea. Just nibbles of different flavors. Are crumpets like english muffins?

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Let's see where do I begin. I love the red and cream tea set. The cups did look very nice with it. I am greatly impressed with your crumpets. It never occured to me that you could make them.
Your strawberry freezer jam looks delicious. I make it every year. It is so good!

I love your pretty lace tablecloth. Oh yes, the clotted cream doesn't sound too good, so I think your choice of sweetened whipped cream is even better.

Happy tea partying!

Salmagundi said...

I had tea and crumpets in England - yours look perfect! Congrats on being a finalist in Donna's Copycat challenge. I'm betting on you to win!! Sally

Vee said...

I made some crumpets for an English class I was teaching away back in 2003. They were tasty, but kind of bland. They definitely required butter and jams. What did you think of yours? Will you make them again? Ohhh, I love your tea pot and creamer, and sugar bowl. No, I would definitely NOT be giving it to Goodwill.

Ralph said...

I have never enjoyed a crumpet, either. So with my Earl Gray, I'd like a crumpet warm, served with REAL butter only! Perhaps a strawberry jam, maybe. The blandness of said crumpets means that anything will go with them. Lovely food and presentation!

Deanna said...

I know...I shouldn't have done it but I did take two of those sinfully delicious crumpets!! I know you will forgive me!

Deanna :D

On Crooked Creek said...

Oh what a lovely tea! I adore your sharing of your first attempt to make crumpets! ( I always thought that they were more like a muffin!) I try to learn something new everyday. . .crumpets it was today! HA!
Every little detail. . . beginning with your gorgeous header on your blog and every crystal bowl, silver, tea set, table linen, cups and saucers, cake stand. . .so elegantly exquisite! I did so enjoy my visit today. Thank you, dear friend, for the invitation!
P.S. I'm sending you a recipe (soon) for Devonshire Cream from Tea Time Magazine. Easy and so delicious! Pretty pink. I just wanted to lie my face in the bowl and lap it like a cat. . .I did restrain myself! HA!

Olive said...

B.J., you really have a fun cooking spirit and these look lovely. When I worked at a terribly busy hosptal as a RN and somebody asked what we were doing I would always reply "We are having tea and crumpets!" hugs♥O

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Those crumpets look great to me even without the proper rings. Beautiful setting and the other food looks quite yummy.

Unknown said...

Your tea and crumpets look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

yummy. love everything about this b.j. never been to a high tea & now want crumpets! love your blog.

Shug said...

I love your tablescape BJ....
So pretty and so looks great and so do the crumpets. I have never had a crumpet, but anything served with strawberries and cream have to be great!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi BJ: I love that tea set. It was probably someone child that gave it away. I love to find treasures like that. Love how wonderful you table looks. Blessings, Martha

Wanda Lee said...

Hey there BJ,

When I 'clicked the link' your fab post showed up for me..,So pretty and super yummy looking!

Thanks for sharing with TTTT and also TTFT!

Cheers, WL!

my cup of tea said...

Oh my this is so lovely! Your tea-party looks delicious!
Thanks for sharing!
Happy Tea-day!

Terri said...

Oh you are so brave making homemade crumpets! They look delicious to me and I would love them with tea.
Your white tea cups are very pretty with their embossed flowers.
Thank you so much for sharing with us.

gengen said...

They are just beautiful stuffs. Happy 2nd time around Tuesday.. Mine is ready too.

Sarah said...

High Tea in West Texas ~ I do like the sound of that! Absolutely lovely, BJ. Your tea set, the beautifully set table, and all that delicious tea food ~ yum! ;-)
~ Sarah

Love Of Quilts said...

It is hard to believe someone would give this lovely tea set away...most likely they had passed and they're son gave it away. I have a hard time even thinking a daughter would give it away. You got lucky. Trish

suzyq said...

Hey BJ, I did a little chuckle when I saw you had made some crumpets!!! I have never made them -we just buy them at the supermarket here- but yours looked pretty much like the real thing. We don't split them - just toast them like in the picture and spread with butter and honey or golden syrup. Enjoy!!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I have to say that I've never had crumpets that I remember. Yum, strawberry freezer jam! :)

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Just discovered your blog - its very good. That jam looks delicious!

eileeninmd said...

Great post! I wish I could taste your tea and crumpets. They look yummy with the strawberry jam.

Hootin Anni said...

Okay now....I'm gonna be knocking at your door anytime soon!!! I do hope you have some crumpets left. Oh and the teapot table "To die for" gorgeous.

NESTING HERON at paradise ponds in today's post.

Anonymous said...

Your tea table is gorgeous! As always BJ, the food you prepared looks wonderful.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Everything is just gorgeous. Love the crumpets. I've never had one, but yours look delicious. Your treats also look so yummy. Gorgeous teaset and such a lovely cloth. Beautifully done. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh don't you just love that word "Crumpets"? "Tea and Crumpets" is pretty sweet too.

Mmmmm, to me, they look like English Muffins. Do they taste anything like them?


High Street Cottage said...

What a beautiful post! And your crumpets look exactly how they should look, at least from what I've seen. Everything turned out just beautiful! xoxo tami

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hi BJ.
thank you so much for your visit and the sweet comment.
You made me smile so much with your today's post: a trillion crumpets! Oh dear, I can imagine this work to finish them all. But they look so yummy and I can imagine how they taste with tea and strawberries and Clotted Cream. You have made so many wonderful yummy treats. And your table with the golden lantern is so nice, also. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you so much for inviting me.
Best greetings, Johanna

Rita said...

What a lovely post to brighten a cold wintery day!
Congratulations! You made crumpets. what a perfect tea you organized. It all looks you are and expert; wish I was closer. Great photos my friend.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Wow! I wasn't hungry when I first visited, now look what you've done. Everything looks so yummy, even your beautiful tea sets. I've never tried crumpets either, but they sure look good. Thanks for waking up my appetite.

Julie Harward said...

I love your little teapot with the red on it..and I never knew what crumpets were till now..they look very tastey! ;D

Unknown said...

Love all of the reds, and I think your crumpets came out great!!! With a little lemon curd I bet they would be yummy! :) Sandy

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for Grandparents and Caregivers said...

That was so interesting! In all the years I've read various fiction books and nonfiction books about England, and heard of tea and crumpets, I never thought to wonder what they were. I was quite intrigued to read this and discover so much about them. I've been helping my granddaughter study her world history, including about England. It will be fun to share this with her. And what delightful and lovely tea cups and teapots. A fun visit for Rednesday. Thank you :)

★Carol★ said...

I've never had crumpets either. Or high tea. After this post, I want to have both! You always manage to make me hungry with your posts. Those spinach and cheese puffs are especially making my mouth water!
Happy REDnesday,

Brenda Pruitt said...

Love your cute tea set! And your cooking just delights me.

paperbutterfly said...

I am not sorry your post is long. Great post with great recipe for crumpets. I have never made my own.
Great photography and a tea fit for royalty.
Thank you for sharing this special post with us. looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Your crumpets are charming (as is your story behind them). What a lovely tea setting! Thank you for inviting us!

Jeanne said...

A beautiful tea and crumpet post bj. You are a darling the way you try new things. I think you did great. Jar lids are the perfect idea. It all looks too delicious and I am going to get a snack right now. Mmmmmm, darn no crumpets.
Hugs, Jeanne

Jocelyn said...

Everything looks so delicious. I want to join you for tea :-)


Unknown said...

Hi B J,
Your food looks wonderful as usual!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the dishes...the off white with raised designs...those dishes were my first!

The pattern is Antiqua by Vernonware.

I sold all of it years ago.

Dumb wasn't I? LOL

Thanks for linking with 2nd Time Around!

clavs said...

Those are yummy foods you got there, makes me hungry?Lol!...
Your newest follower,

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Good for you, making crumpets! They look delicious especially with the whipped cream and jam! Love that tea set for $7 - terrific deal!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh BJ.. you made me hungry! love crumpets! and what a better companion with tea! awesome! thanks for sharing! hope there is still leftovers coz am coming again! teehee!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet lady...

Ohhh have certainly outdone yourself with this fabulous Tea and Crumpet spread, my friend! Everything looks sooo beautiful! Ohhh...I love your red and cream tea's gorgeous! Wow...what a great deal you got on it! It really does look lovely with your tea cups! I love that pretty dish pattern! Ohhh BJ, when I seen your tea table...I just really is gorgeous! The table linens...fabulous!

Well my dear, you always put on the best "eatin'" spread ever! Hehe! You know, I have always heard of tea and crumpets but never tasted them as well. What do they taste like? I think yours turned out fabulous and bet they were amazing with your homemade jam and cream! Mmmm! Ohh...and I'm going to see if I can find the spinach and cheese rolls next time I shop...they DO look scrumptious!

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tea-scape with was FABULOUS!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design your new golden lantern too!

Lynn said...

A very pretty setting BJ! Congrats on the crumpets, I haven't tried to make them myself. Had to chuckle, "small and irregular"... kinda sounds like me:@)

Martha said...

Your crumpets look amazing -- I've eaten lots of crumpets but never made any -- but I have made the Devonshire cream!

A beautiful table as well and what a lovely tea set!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

BJ, I have not had crumpets in years! Now I want to make them. They are really the British version of English Muffins. Wouln't they be good for breadfast? And just think you could probably get rid of the zillions of them in a few years! So funny!

You set a delightful High Tea table. I love the pretty lace tea cloth. What a treasure.

Thank you for all your wonderful insight, recipes and decor. I love it all.

Donnie said...

You made a wonderful high tea. I love crumpets but have never made any. You are really resourceful. Those photos are beautiful.

xinex said...

You created a gorgeous tea table, BJ! And the crumpets look wonderful. I have never had them so I am not sure what they taste like but they sure look delish. Love your tea set...Christine

Ann said...

What a fabulous tea party!!! Everything looks just perfect.:o) I've never had a crumpet...what did they taste like??
I loved this post so much. Thank you for sharing it.
The Tattered Tassel

Ann said...

I'm sorry I thought I was a follower but after checking I guess I'm not...but I am now!!
Again, thanks for such a wonderful posting. I really enjoyed it!
The Tattered Tassel

Decor To Adore said...

Oh my I am overcome with the beauty and detail that you put into your tea.

I CANNOT get over that you made crumpets! They look SO good.

I adore the story of your sweet tablscloth. My eyes teared up.

My heart is going pitter pat over your china. It is truly lovely and from Goodwill? Too good.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating in the tea.

Magali @ The Little White House said...

I love crumpets! Yours look perfect to me and very yummy... I don't have the proper ring either, but I believe it's better so that way, guests know it's homemade and not superlarket bought!!!
I love your table.

genie said...

Your table and china are lovely, and I think ou did a fine job with your crumpets. Tea and crumpets are just the best. Loved having them while in the British Isles.A fun and interesting post. Thanks so much.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a wonderful tea, BJ! I love your pretty teapot set! Your crumpets look just fine and I think you're a genius to use the canning rings to make them in! Everything looks delish and I would love to join you!


Terri Steffes said...

I am here via Laura's although I love to visit you, too! Gorgeous. Your blog is lovely.

Jessa said...

Very pretty! Such a fun post, I am always amazed at what people give to the goodwill. Looks like you have put them to good use! Everything looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi BJness! Oh, I have so enjoyed myself at your beautiful tea party! I've never had a crumpet much less made some. You're amazing! Everything looks so pretty and I adore the red transferware tea set! I'd arm wrestle you for it! :)
So many pretties and there you go with another new header!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Phyllis said...

I am so impressed by your tea table and all the work you put into it. The tea set is truly lovely and I am happy that you found this treasure. It needed "just the right home" to be appreciated and I see that you do. It can now live "happily ever after" in your home.