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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Charm of Home and an award...

I am so sorry for letting this post
slip thru the cracks...
I thought I had already posted it but found it in
my drafts and so...
here 'tis....
The sweet SHERRY of The CHARM OF HOME gave this award to me and
 wanted to know 7 things about me..
                                   O DEAR....

 I always wanted to be a flight attendant when growing up.
Back THEN you couldn't wear glasses and this was BEFORE contacts...
I wore glasses so ...nix on that dream.

 ( BOOBS were NEVAH this big....! )
 I went to Dallas after graduation and enrolled in JOHN POWERS SCHOOL OF MODELING and loved every single minute of it....EXCEPT I was soooo homesick.

A mere 18 and had never been away from home, ya know.

Engaged and wanted to go home, get married and have a baby.
.....which I did..
  I never would have been able to fly DAILY...
I am claustrophobic.
 I didn't even know it until right after we married and Mr. Sweet came in the bedroom where I was making a bed, grabbed a pillow, threw me on the bed and held the pillow over my face.

 OMGosh....I threw him OFF the bed, kicking and screaming,  into a corner and his eyes were the size of saucers.
I just about beat the #%@ out of him and he is STILL apologizing, 50 years later.
 He says, "I'm so sorry I scared you so much"

and I say, "I'm so sorry I beat the *%#@  outa YOU!"

 LITTLE most favorite rock and roll the time...
Several friends and I were lucky enuf to go to one of his concerts...
He came down the aisle of the auditorium on his motorcycle and all of us teenage girls SCREAMED  until we couldn't speak a word for days and days.
Oh my...he DID put on a show.
Is he even still alive ??
During my high school years, my mama forbade me to go out of town...for ANY reason...even for
well, I did it anyway.
It was only 45 miles away but that didn't make a lick of difference to my mama.
 I WENT...
I SAW...
and I'll never forget the great ELVIS PRESLEY.
 I didn't get caught and I didn't tell my mama until I was grown and had 2 kids.

I met the late GREAT  JOHNNY CASH in person.
I swooned all over myself and couldn't utter one single solitary word.
I tried....and SPIT JUST RAN DOWN MY CHIN.....
He had sort of a funny look but then, just smiled and patted my hand.
 I didn't wash that hand for a 120 something days....
I sure do miss Johnny.
and I have never even met MR.T

I ate spaghetti  with a multi- millionaire once
and he CUT his spaghetti...
I have eaten it that way ever since.
I figure if it's good enuf for a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE,
it's good enuf for me...and a whole lot easier....
this was a lot of fun...
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Anonymous said...

I laughed until I cried all the way through this, BJ! So much fun!

The Charm of Home said...

Oh BJ!! This was awesome. What a neat post with so many great things you have experienced. Seeing Elvis would have been worth any trouble you got into! Wow. This was so neat. I am glad you answered the questions. Thanks.

nancy said...

Interesting entry. I couldn't even think of seven things about myself.
Have a good day.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

OMG, I'm still laughing. First time I met Marty Stuart I was just the same. Couldn't say a word my mouth just wouldn't work. Now I know what dumb struck really is. Oh be still my heart! Girl you are so funny. I'm glad that I stopped by.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Shelia said...

Oh, BJness! Now I know why I love you so much - you're a hoot and a little stinker. Maybe a bit like me! :)
What a wonderful funny post! Sneaking out! How funny and mama didn't ever find out!! :)
Little Richard! Yes! He's still alive and as sweet as can be! :) I saw him on some show not too long ago. He still looks pretty good! :) Eyeliner and all!
Oh, everytime I come over I think I'm at another place! I love how everything looks!
be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debby said...

You are so funny. You have had an interesting past, hah. You were such a rebel, only kidding.

Donnie said...

My husband is really getting into these said "she sounds like a hoot!" From Don that is a high compliment. That was so funny and we roared about the claustraphobia part. You sure made my day.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

BJ this is the most creative and funny answer to these awards I have ever seen. Love it and you! What a life gal!

Carol said...

What a funny seven things, LOL! Enjoyed your post :)

Hootin' Anni said...

I loved reading these little tidbits of your life. I've been know....ahem, have sneaked out without parents knowing too. LOLOLOL

But the best part was you kicking the #@!!@? out of your dear man. And he still apologizing...that is a hoot.

Deb said...

You are a comedian, through and through. I read this at 8am while having my first cuppa and laughed until one of my cats came in the room and stared at me with a tilted head thinking I had lost it, I guess. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a fun post, BJ!
Have a happy Monday!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

BEeeeeej! You and I have a BIG thing in common!!! I, too, saw the GREAT Elvis Presley, TWICE!!! 1972 and 1975. What a performer. He had it all, the voice, the looks and the CHARISMAAAAAAAA. I will never forget it, as long as I live. I miss him :(
Love ya,

Debbie said...

In all honestly, this is my favorite "7 Things About Me" post that I've ever read. You had me giggling from start to finish.

This was just great, and you are indeed a versatile blogger!!

SmilingSally said...

BJ, you are a riot!

1. Her "BOOBS were NEVAH this big" either; she had surgery and uses pads!

2. Little Richard is still alive and singing.

3. You met ELVIS...WOW!

4. I cut my spaghetti, and Johnny, the Italian, tolerates me anyway.

Happy Blue Monday!

Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

This is so funny! Just wonder now, how much is true??lol I am sharing part of my 100th blog giveaway today so hope you can come by! Blessings Debbie

Kim, USA said...

I am laughing out loud here. I enjoy your post, I took another look with that "booby" thing hahahaha!!
BM-At the store

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Oh Honey it's always so great getting to know more about one of my favrite ladies in blogland ever...Girl Little Richard is still alive I just seen him at Hot August nights and he still moves but slow and forgets all the words to his own songs now ha ha!! also just seen Chuck Berry in Vegas in April and he tried to do the Duck walk...not much Duck left in him ha ha!! It still was great to see all the oldies but goodies...senn Elvis in 57 girl and I just knew I was going to marry him ha ha!! Big dreams for a small teenager right!!
Hope you have a GREAT week my Dear BJ.... love ya girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Robin said...

LOL. I confess, I cut my spaghetti with a fork too.

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Rita said...

I can't belive you saw Elvis; he was and still is my no 1 Singer; what a voice.
My mom wouldn't even let me watch him on TV; this was in the early 50s. My brother would let me go to his place and let me watch and go crazy. If she could see what's on TV now.....

Gina said...

Loved your post and reading about you :) You share the same birthday with my daughter although she will just be 20 this New Year's Eve... We're from Texas also and I enjoy antique shops, flea markets, garage sales and finding "treasures" for my own home and my photography studio!

Mary said...

Wow, you saw Elvis Presley?! That is so cool!!! And you had me in stitches with your list here, BJ. Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

Ralph said...

Versatility is what makes a blogger great - pick a subject, especially foods full of rubies. and post away! The picture doesn’t say it all, the written word enhances the subject of the day. Cool!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You are something else! I wish I had been your best friend ALL these years! What fun you've had...and still have! Hugs! ♥

Sarah said...

BJ, you are a hoot! I always enjoy your sense of humor. Love the idea of sneaking out to see Elvis. What a great story! ~ Sarah

Kelly Mac said...

Too cute! I might have been speechless for Johnny Cash too, definitely if it'd been Willie Nelson. Don't know why, he's always my favorite. That's funny about your husband. After pretending to suffocate you, he needed the beat down. =)

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So cooool a look here, on your blog! Gray and white and red! Cool!

How do you spell g r a y? Guess it's usually G r e y. But I prefer
G R A Y. :-)

Think Little Richard was still alive, a couple of years ago. Saw him on some 4th of July show, from Washington DC, maybe?

You saw Elvis, for real?????????? I only saw him on tv. *Introduced* to him and his music, by my "bad boy" boyfriend. >,-) Gorgeous boy, with a ducktail [hair, remember?] Wore pegged pants, up north here, when Yankees didn't Know-From pegged pants. -grin-

Memories........... -big grin-

Life on the Edge said...

This was so much fun! You really were a fun loving gal, and I know you still are! Loved the story about who you opened a can of whoop-a$$ on Mr. Sweet! lol

By the way, that flight attendant probably didn't really have bosoms that big either. Must have been a push up bra...or surgery, lol.

Life on the Edge

Annesphamily said...

You were an strong willed girl weren't you? Love the stories. Anne

Susie Q said...

What a hoot you are sweetie...I loved reading it and learning more about you! You have the best sense of humor!!