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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"The Last Hurrah of Summer" or "I Have A Fetish"

*turning beet red, kicking dirt clod and ....grinnin'

I KNOW that I am running the risk of being RUN OUT OF DODGE
by daring to post YET ANOTHER POTTING POST.
 I'm so sorry if you are getting sick of seeing my potting bench fetish....
in my back yard
but I am having too much fun with it not to share photos.
Wintertime will be here before we know it and I'll have to
fall in love with something else..........fireplaces, maybe ??

(WELL, I already DO love my Franklin fact, if I had
to choose between FRANKLIN and MR. SWEET,
Mr. Sweet says he would get NERVOUS.

I have this metal 3 shelf piece that I wanted to use BESIDE

It was BLACK, tho, and not looking very good out there among the bright colored flowers and
everything else.... I reached for my trusty can of

one of my favorite GREENS..

especially great for outside furniture.

 ok.....THIS color was working MUCH better.
After all, LEAVES are supposed to be GREEN.....not BLACK. 
The shelf just gave me a little more working room....
storage space for extra pots and plants.

  I bought this little $15.00 dude several years ago at Dollar General and I would LOVE to have another for a space in my yard.
I have a GREAT spot, IN THE SHADE, for another potting area...well, maybe just a CUTE area.
Of COURSE, they haven't had the shelves  in stock for 2 years so I doubt I will find one now.
I do, however, have an olden metal, 3 shelf unit that I can paint and use.
....a project for NEXT spring.
 Yep...I love the extra space it gives me...
Now, I just need to buy some flag stone or old bricks and make a
nice little "floor" for all this "purdy" stuff. :)

I'm already trying to figure out something cute for it all during
Now, what in the world would a person do with a potting station for it to look GOOD during the winter....

I can't even imagine......

bet some of you bloggers will know, tho.
Maybe some little pots of evergreens of some sort...?

 Cuteness to hang my gloves from....
I'm thinkin' EVERYone should have
at least ONE
 PINK FLAMINGO in their yard. :)
This was a few weeks is a LITTLE cooler now..
around the 90's somewhere.
Let's take a break amd...
OK, I will TRY not to show any more POTTING BENCHES for awhile..
Well, now, if I DO get around to building that brick or flagstone floor for it all,
I will just HAVE to show you....:)
as hot as it has been, I may have to wait until FALL to do it, tho.
It sounds like a great FALL PROJECT to me.

I hope you all have a POTTING BENCH kind of day....
*We had a most delightful rain on the 24th, about a half inch.
Yay for every single inch ! 
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Beth said...

I like your potting benches!

Nonnie said...

These are happy pics! Nothing wrong in having a potting bench fetish every now and again! Beautiful flowers.

Leslie said...

Its a great obsession! !! I am going to miss summer!!!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Love the color Oregano.. they never keep it in stock here and thats one of my fav outdoor colors.

Your yard and flowers sure are lookin mighty pretty, especially with no more rain than Ya'll have had.

I had my eye on a old table I was gonna use as a potty bench but a lady grabbed it before I could at a yard sale.. It'll be warm here for several more months and I love to plant mums.

I gotta get back to paintin. enjoy all your pretty outdoor decor.

Theresa said...

You just keep making me want a red one:) I love being outside and working in the dirt! Have a blessed evening dear BJ, HUGS!

Jo May said...

bj I could putter,pot,primp here for hours.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love your potting bench and all the little touches you have added. I agree everyone should have a flamingo in their yard! Cute, Cute, Cute!! hugs, Linda

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I like the idea of pots of evergreens, and you could add tiny little fairy lights!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your backyard is SO colorful and full of whimsy! I would really enjoy spending my time out there. Love your idea of using evergreens on the shelf...maybe some stockings? :)


Madeline's Album said...

Your yard looks so pretty. I like the idea of greenry and some lights for the winter time maybe you can add some poinsettias to give it a Christmas look. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh my gosh, I love that little red barn (birdhouse?) by your potting bench! You have turned that area into such a sweet and charming spot!

NanaDiana said...

Oh-It looks so nice, bj. It is so much better painted green than black. Your flowers and yard look lush and beautiful- xo Diana

Patty Patterson said...

So pretty! I especially like the thermometer. I'm going to miss those 100 degree temperatures soon. I am so not ready for fall.

Gina said...

I would have a potting bench fetish too, if I had such a pretty one as yours. Your yard & flowers look beautiful!

Jackie said...

Wow, BJ. I love how that potting area looks. You did an awesome job.

kitty said...

I love seeing your potting bench and all the rest of your pretty yard, BJ!

Love Of Quilts said...

I use to have this little shelf. I would like to run up on another one. I like the way you are using your.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Listen, I will never, ever get tired of your potting bench in the back yard. I LOVE it when you paint stuff. It's just been so horribly hot here that the paint would dry before it ever hit anything. :( ..make the posts..and then you just have to go and publish! YOU SO SMART! :):)

Teresa said...

Oh no. Keep bringing them.

You're entitled to brag as you work wonders in those spaces bringing magic... and fairies.

I'm not (or I wasn't) a color brave. I tended for the neutrals but after so many inspirational posts I've seen trying my hand with color and I'm already dreaming of painting a garden bench in a bj's Red ;)...

Thank you for sharing! (need to go and find a flamingo. You're right there too.)

Sandy said...

Please, show all the potting bences
you like.. your space is just
wonderful.. great shots!

The French Hutch said...

bj, I always enjoy your potting bench posts! I think your color looks great and did I mention how great the red house with the tin roof looks there, love that too. I like your idea of evergreens in pretty pots there for winter. You'll be able to dress it for the holidays and your bench will look awesome. Wish I could sit there and join you for a glass of tea………Happy Labor Day weekend!

The French Hutch

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Lovely post ~ and love your potting benches ~ prays for your friend who is going through chemo ~ Great photos! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I dare say, NO ONE is tired of seeing your charming potting areas, BJ! Beauty is NEVER boring! ;)

Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday tonight.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Beverly said...

That little flamingo would make me smile every day. Just like you make me smile every day.♥

Gabby said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about that nasty word verification on my blog. As soon as I saw your comment, I got rid of it. Your potting area is so cute! I laughed at your comment about it being cooler in the 90's.

Jan Davis said...

BJ, I never tire of your posts about potting benches. In fact, I love to read about your outdoor adventures...please don't ever stop posting about them. Our weather has also "cooled down" to the 90s, but with the hurricane stirring up things on the gulf coast, we're having a lot of strong winds. But that is such a small thing to endure compared to what the residents of New Orleans and outlying areas are experiencing. Don't you ever worry about being run out of Dodge. That ain't gonna happen! LOL

On Crooked Creek said...

Your Oregano looks amazing on your viney shelf!!! Dear friend, you can show me your potting shed, bench, shelf...any ol' time!!! Never tire of hearing from you and "Mr.. Sweet" and what the two of you are up to!!!

Audrey said...

hi bj ... the shelf looks great in you garden area and I love the new color. The barn bird house is so neat out there. I find a favorite color and seem to paint everything that color. I am loving greens this year.Love your blogs about potting areas so keep them coming.
Audrey Z.
Timeless Treasures

LV said...

I just do it the hard way. Nothing fancy or nice as your plant work shop. You have it all together for your plants.

Light and Voices said...

Summer is almost over and we are saying "it went by way to fast" here. Interesting post.
Joyce M

Rebecca said...

Great ideas! I'm hoping that we'll get a taste of your rain tomorrow in Missouri... It's been a terrible dry (rainless) summer.