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Friday, July 20, 2012

ME AND THE FISH or, for my Teacher Friends, THE FISH AND I

We started our day with CINNAMON rolls, cooked on the grill and
may I just say.....
I had no idea this could be done....they cooked perfectly and then I frosted them
with the ORANGE ICING we love.
These, along with a pan full of TURKEY BACON, fresh, sweet PLUMS
and my ever-present cup of DUNKIN DONUTS coffee,
started our vacation day off with a GREAT START.
First, we tried fishing at a little stocked pond about 14 miles from our fishing cabin.
I didn't catch a single fish there but it COULD have been because I was so interested in
taking photos of these amazing REFLECTIONS in the water.
That little adorable family actually POSED for my picture of them...they were so sweet.

I didn't find too many wild flowers but what I did find were beautiful. They are so vivid in color.....
while Mr. Sweet fished, I took pictures.
Blogging does that to a perfectly innocent person.....we take pictures of EVERYthing. :)
Then, we headed back  to the pond by our cabin and..... 
I FINALLY caught that big one I was after....
15" Rainbow....

Mr. Sweet caught more fish than I did...
but I am bragging to say 
MINE was the biggest of the catch. :)
(As you can  see, it didn't take a cute hairstyle to land a fish...mine sure is weird here...!)

Some  people have lucky fishing caps...
some have lucky fishing shirts....

I am CERTAIN mine is a 
This is the cutest little rustic shed built on the pond, to get out of the frequent rain showers.
The rain usually doesn't last long but it's neat to be able to "run for cover" while it rains.
The bottom pic. is of a board on this little shed.
The carved hearts and the names are almost weathered away but I wanted to rip it off and
bring it home with me. It is just so sweet.....
I wonder about the lovers, where they are, WHO they are and if they are
still THIS much in love.
I sure do hope so !!
Love, hugs and kisses, bj
COMMENTS CLOSED 'TIL THE END OF VACATION.....which is drawing near:)) XOXO