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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello from New Mexico

Hi, ya'll
Hope you are all doing good.
We are doing sooo good.

Having a great time in the mountains...the hottest has been in the low 80's....

It rained and HAILED this morning and the cleanest smelling air in the world.

Both mornings, we've had breakfast on the deck and this deck is an awesome place to blog from.  :))

I have only limited internet service so am hoping it stays on long enuf to post this. :)
MR.SWEET has been the chef and don'tchaknow I am LOVIN' it.
We are on our way to a pond to do a little fishing and
I KNOW I will probably be showing you a HUGE fish tomorrow.

I am keeping comments closed so my computer at home won't fill up with email.
Take care....see ya later.