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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Valentine Memory..... LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND.........

Well, they aren't really in the SAND...
but they surely are
love letters....

I've blogged about these beautiful letters I keep tied with a RED RIBBON,
between my GREAT AUNT BETTIE, my namesake,
but VALENTINE season seems the time to share them again in a NEW post.

Their love blossomed in the early 1900's
and they shared that love for 53 years.
(o, my....Mr. Sweet and I are into our 52nd...pretty neat, hu?)

Let's untie the pretty ribbon
and take a little peek inside.
I KNOW my Aunt Bettie wouldn't mind one single bit.

She would be laughing sooo hard if she could see us
sticking our noses into her little pile of sweet letters...
She would say, "I'll go fix a pot of tea and some cookies for you to have while you read !"

The penmanship back in those days always just blows my mind.
Where and how did we lose this beautiful art ??


"I am crazy for you,
your sweetheart, Bryson" *sigh

"and I was tickled most to death to hear from you..."

The stack of letters filled to the brim with sweetness,
also contained several olden postcards...
So interesting...
I will pass this romantic treasure on to my children
to pass on to theirs.
I know my grands will love these olden treasures
that is such a part of their history.

I've tied the letters that hold the feelings of two young people so much in love,
back with the RED RIBBON...

Aunt Bettie and Uncle Bryson......I love you both and always will....

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NanaDiana said...

How I love those old letters. They are wonderful reminders of a deep love that was shared by two special people that, apparently, lasted a lifetime. How beautiful is that? xo Diana

Loretta said...

This is so touching Bj! Where has this kind of love gone today? Why, some of them will stay married for just a few hours...53 years for most will never happen! Thanks for sharing a beautiful part of the past! Luv

Blondie's Journal said...

How very sweet, BJ! They would be honored to know you have saved their precious letters!


sissie said...

Hi BJ,
I'm glad that you have kept their love letters over the years. I have a few of my Mom and Dads and they are near and dear to my heart.

Yes, the penmanship is very beautiful and it is a passing art.

Thanks for sharing.


On Crooked Creek said...

Such sweetness going on @ Sweet Nothings! Yes, the penmanship was gorgeous in those letters! Thank you for sharing this sweet treasure...and may you and Mr. Sweet have many, many more sweet years together!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

How beautifully you have kept the memory of their love. Thank you for sharing it with us..


Linda Chapman said...

Beautiful post!!

Sarah said...

BJ, I remember your post on these love letters. I think it's touching that they remain in your family after all these years. It's obvious they are cherished! What do you use to make those great borders? Love this look. ~ sarah

Barbara F. said...

BJ these are so sweet and how kind of you to take such good care of them all these years. I notice that one was written around my birthday. xo

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How sweet is this girl..I'm a huge sucker for romance..Love ya Sis..Hugs and smiles Gloria

sonya said...

How wonderful for you to have these treasures! And that they had that many years together. Thanks for sharing with us, BJ.

Pondside said...

It's wonderful that you have taken your role of custodian of the love letters to heart! They are a family treasure.

jaylen watkins said...

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Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

karma police said...

thank you for sharing, i'm in tears

Debbie said...

BJ, you have a treasure!! I love these. I wish that I had something like that. (The letters, I do have a sweet love of my own. Too bad we don't have something tied in blue or red to prove it to future generations.)

Love Letters in the Sand was/is my parents' "song". I can hear it in my head now.

The French Hutch said...

What a window in time to look back through those letters to the lives of your aunt and uncle. Treasured for so long and knowing you and your grands will be for a long time. What a contrast to my MIL, loosing my FIL last year after 70 years of married bliss. She threw out her letters from him because she said they were private and she didn't want anyone reading them. My husband, her son could not believe she did this! Thanks for sharing such a sweet story, perfect for a Valentine story.

Have a great week.
The French Hutch

Madeline's Album said...

Lovely tribute to the loving couple. I love the way you showed their letters and then tied them back up with the red ribbon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Nezzy said...

Hey darlin' I just wanted to drop in and thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

I try to post every seven to ten days, it's all the busy Ponderosa will allow.

Oh, bestow my heart, I do love old love letters. I have a bag of 'em from Hubs.

God bless and have yourself one beautiful week sweetie!!! :o)

Ralph said...

A true courting period was held and the same true love held fast for 53 years. The caring and importance of a long-distance courting is amazing, the modern person cannot comprehend - unless they read this post!

Kathleen Grace said...

What a sweet treasure! May I suggest that you write what you know about the letters, how they are related to your family and any other information that may be lost as these get handed down through the years? Each generation knows a bit less about them until all the sweet family connection is gone. Then tie it up with the letters so it doesn't get lost!

Liz said...

Beautiful post! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC
Liz @ MCN

Maria @ LSS said...

That's is just lovely!

lina @women's perspectives said...

The red ribbons make them more special...

Jake said...

What a wonderful post. I had my Dad's letters to my mom when he was working in another province. I wish I had read the ones my Mom sent him, but I guess he didn't bring them back.

Sue (Someones Mom) said... sweet. I really do think it is sad all the things we are losing. I love all the new technology. I live on my computer and my iPhone, but we have the love letters we wrote when we were at 2 different colleges...our kids will never have such things.

Patti said...

Such a sweet post, and a glimpse into the past. I love the old love letters!

The penmanship is indeed beautiful.
A lost art, I guess.

What a simpler time and place you have shared with us.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Leah H. said...

That was very sweet! And, you are such a good keeper:)

Visiting for RT 2- hope you can stop by:)

wifetoalineman02 said...

romantic letters wrap with a beautiful red bow :-) visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2, hope that you can return the visit too.

Becolorful said...

Such a sweet and delightful Valentine post. Thanks for sharing in on BeColorful's Motivated Monday.