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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Now, THIS is the time of year for outdoor meals...
especially in the early mornings...
SOOO much cooler around my cottage.
I made my breakfast......
Mr. Sweet ate a little and then went to WORKOUT..
(he goes 3 days a week to work out in the LIFESTYLE CENTER at the hospital)
ANYway....I made my hungry self breakfast and
had it on the patio....

I've had SO many emails asking if we ever ate CEREAL...

OMGosh, YES...a lot.....a lot of cereal. We both love it and HE likes the kind that gets soggy in FROSTED FLAKES..

I, on the other hand, do NOT want my cereal to get soggy or soft AT ALL..So, I like any kind that is CRUNCHY....The ones I am having this morning are those fruity CHEERIOS...ummm..

I'm using my rooster tablecloth that I got last fall...or maybe last winter...?
My sweet friend, MONA, bought one at the same time...she choose the beautiful RED...
since I have so much red in my dining room, I choose the GOLD.
We both LOVE roosters....and we both LOVE our tablecloths....:-)
Drop by to see her beautiful fall creations...and she just MIGHT show you that
We had a small shower REAL early this morning...
before I was up for the day...still a few white fluffy clouds around...
They USUALLY have a little rain in them....
I baked some of the frozen rolls this morning....
...remember...I am the one that CAN live by bread alone.
It is so my downfall.
We go to a nice restaurant and I fill up on their delicious, hot and buttered bread
before my meal arrives....*sigh
You can see our grass is still a LITTLE green... that fallish leaves I see on it ?
Pots and pans do NOT look good on a table's a beautiful CAST IRON SKILLET..
....especially a skillet full of steamy, hot ROLLS...:))

My ROSE OF SHARON have just about quit blooming...
as you can see, very few flowers left on them....
Boy, have I enjoyed them all summer...
Mr. Sweet said our whole backyard looked like a giant BOUQUET..


These are the dishes I bought NEW (faint and fall over dead) at
WALMART last fall.
I am just using a larger plate from another dish set for my charger...

Had some of that great STRAWBERRY freezer jam....I hope ya'll will try making really is good and so so easy..NO COOKING ! amazing!!

Just as I got inside....another light and short shower...
Ummmm....I'll take any rain I can get....
I am linking with:

Thanks so much to all these pretty ladies, hosting.
Be sure to go by and see some of the great offerings.
**NOTE....since these photos were taken, a silly drunken man broke into
our back yard, smashed my pretty table, threw my chairs all over, totally tore up our little ourdoor pretty table is gone.
Oh, and he broke out the storm window over my kitchen sink....
Never did get inside tho....the police were here in less than 5 minutes and took him to jail.
I never did see the man.
enuf damage to collect from insurance.
We met the intruder today..
A not-yet-twenty student at Texas Tech..
He is sooo sorry and says he will take care of everything.
At this moment, he is cleaning all the glass off our patio...
cleaning all the blood on bricks, house and glass (bless his heart..he cut himself when
he tried to get thru the kitchen window)
It scares us so much that, had he been able to get inside, being as drunk and out of
control as he was, he wouldn't have been one to try to talk to...and Mr. Sweet
might have shot him....or, the policeman told us they would have shot had he resisted arrest.
It scared us so bad.
I would have just died right there with him...I just know it.

He isn't working...but trying to find a job. He will pay for everything as he can..and
I believe he will. I really would like to pay for it all..he has bail bond payment, a $300.00 fine for PUBLIC INTOXICATION and not sure what else......but TAYLOR needs to be
responsible and just maybe he will slow down on the drinking. Plus, he said he WANTS to pay for the window, which will be about a hundred, I think...the thick glass for the patio table will be a lot more....the replacement of the chiminea, probably around $200...the broken fence pickets shouldn't be too much.....and, of course, he doesn't want his family to know of this happening to him, way away from home and all alone. Bless his heart.....

I like him a lot...he's a really sweet young man that just doesn't realize yet what
drinking that much can do. He says he didn't start out to get just happened..
I said, "I know....I was 20 once....a long time ago. "
He just smiled really big.....
I really
don't care one stinkin' bit about that ole table...
I just want Taylor to be safer when he drinks again...
and, being nearly 20, I'm pretty sure he WILL drink again..
Drinking...a scary thing to be out.of.control.
and have NO memory of the night before...
bad things come of this most of the time.
I just thank the Lord that Taylor didn't get hurt...or shot...


agypsyangel said...

What a terrible thing that all your stuff is broken. Glad no one was hurt and maybe the young man will pay and straighten up.....Have a good day,

Kathleen said...

Oh boy, that is scary! He should be very thankful he wasn't shot! Aren't his parents responsible for him till he is 21? Or is it 18?
I hope he comes through for you. I have no patience with drunks, So many lives changed forever by their irresponsible actions! My nephew was hit and killed when he was 18.
And I was 20 too, but never destroyed anyone's property or got drunk!
I hope he gets help, because it will happen again, and the next time it may involve others being injured!
Your breakfast outside looks lovely! Enjoy those flowers as long as you can.
And then you can come over here for dinner. We are eating outside too! Bring your sweater.
The wind took my table and umbrella over once. It was cheaper to buy a new table than to get that tempered glass replaced!

Coloradolady said...

Lord, I find myself wanting to write a check for this for him. I would guess he is first year or second, first if I had to guess....what a mess this is.

You are so right, it could have been so much worse. Do you guys live that close to the campus? Was someone putting him up to it like a dare or initiation??

I had to laugh at the part he does not want his family to know....I wonder what my daughter might have done that she did not want us to know about?!?! It happens to all at one point of another! All I can say is poor you and poor kid, I am sure he wishes he'd have stayed home that night!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am glad that only property was destroyed in his drunken state. I am so touched by your generous hearts and care for this obviously hurting young man. To have such a drunken episode at 20, a black out and to inflict such damage is very scary. Letting him pay for it all is important for him to learn responsibility for his actions. I hope he can.

Now your wonderful breakfast table is lovely and I too love cereal!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

BJ your setting was beautiful!
The only thing I can say is I'm thankful that YOU didn't get hurt, unfortunately his behavior will surface again. And yes, he should be held accountable!

Melody said...

OMG! He is certainly lucky it was your house he happened on. Our neighbor way back in the woods had a guy, high and drunk, kick in his front door. Now this was late in the wee hours. He had no idea if the guy was armed, he didn't turn on any lights in the house, but could see the silhoetted guy at the door screaming. He told him to come no futher the police were on the way. The idiot went for the stairs and he shot. Didn't kill him, but he will forever remember.
The idiot tried to sue saying he couldn't do his 'husbandly' duty anymore...they laughed him outta the courthouse.
Your breakfast table was very pretty.
Oh,I had asked a couple of posts back if I could make a copy of your 'Towel Head' clarification at the bottom of you blog. I have several friends and relatives who'd love that clarification.
Also, if ya stop by you'll find yourself on my're great!

Ann said...

Oh my goodness! What a terrible experience. I'm afraid I would have went for a gun to protect myself when he went for the kitchen window. We all make mistakes and I hope that he can really learn from your kindness and understanding. On a lighter note I really love your red sign and lovely breakfast setting.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great table B.J. and wonderful looking rolls and jam. Bread is my weakness, too. You sure are very sweet to be so nice to that young man after what he did. I hope he realizes what drinking can do and I hope he does what he said he will.

Julie Harward said...

I love the crispy kind of cereal too! That looks like a great breakfast to me. Poor can get in so much trouble at this age! They think they know what they are doing but they don't! You have such a big heart..I love you for that! Hoping he gets his act together for good. God bless him.

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Well, 1st your breakfast setting was lovely. ( & I HATE cereal... but that even looked good : )
2nd...SOoo sorry about the trouble that came your way. That young man is one lucky fellow, that nothing more serious happened. I did Youth ministry for a LOT of yrs. & understand from kids how that happens...
Thanks for already forgiving him & showing him some love. He certainly needs to understand the concequences & pay you for the damage & let's hope he learned an early lesson & will never do something that foolish again... & Hey! maybe you can be Grandpa & Grandma to this young guy who is far away from home... I will pray for him.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a shocking story! I'm glad you are so caring and forgiving and I hope this young man turns from the path he is on. Hugs to you and your sweet hubby! Blessings to you both! ♥

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You are one cool, caring, understanding chickie. Everyone needs another chance. Good for you to help this young man. Even your cherrios look yummy!

LV said...

Not many people would react the way your did. He is a very fortunate young man in a way. I would trust he learned a lesson out of this and get his act together. Everyone is lucky to come out of this with out anything bur property damage. He needs to pay and be thought a lesson. It might be just the wakeup call he needs.

Theresa said...

ALL of that sweetness in the beginning of the post... my, my how things changed! I am sorry that your property was damaged but I am thankful nobody was hurt or worse! We are entitled to protect our property but that young life was spared! The Mother / Grandmother showed in the way you talked about him! He is lucky he chose your house to hit, I know that sounds strange!

God bless you and protect and heal Taylor so that this never happens again!

Love to you!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

BJ, you have a heart of gold....

I am so glad that you were not hurt.

Carol said...

BJ, I love the fruity cheerios too! I would be glad to eat them without milk!
Your strawberry jam looks luscious.
Taylor was fortunate to happen onto your house. You are good to be a godly example to him. I'm going to believe that he'll remember it and it will be something that will have a wonderful effect on his life.

Marydon said...

Oh BJ, I am so sorry you had to endure this. Hopefully, you will have a good influence on Taylor & he will change his ways. Lucky he is still alive to talk about this.

Your breakfast looks dee-lish. You should have said something & we'd have popped over to join you ... chuckle! Nothing like good company.

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Kathleen Grace said...

I hope and pray that this young man learned something that will end his drinking right now. Don't let him off the hook BJ! Everyone needs to know that their actions have consequences, hard as they may be. He sounds like a mean drunk, and it could have just as easily ended in tragedy and violence against a real human being as against your property. I know you are kind hearted, but the kindest thing you can do is to make him pay the piper and maybe learn something from it.

suzyq said...

BJ, That must have been so scary for you! You are really such a nice person...maybe if he is short of cash then he could spend some hours working in your garden for you. I'm sure he would appreciate how much our homes mean to us then.

ellen b said...

Bless your caring heart. I do hope he learns from this and it is a wake up call for him.

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

What amazing grace you have offered Taylor! I hope I could be that forgiving in that situation. I enjoyed your breakfast table in the backyard, and I'm right there with you in being perfectly willing to live on bread alone. Well, with butter. And maybe homemade jam....

Lillie Mae Acres said...

I seen the posting about the scary night on FB and am so glad ya'll are ok. Now reading this, it's a lot clearer what happened and I'm like you very glad he didn't do worse or get himself killed.
Your pictures are just beautiful and the food so yummy looking on the pretty plates. I'm in FL so although everything is still green, we do have brown leaves blowing everywhere I noticed a lot today. Take care!

Beth said...

BJ, I love your beautiful photos. I am so sorry about the damage, glad you are ok. How frightening! Take care, BJ. I said a prayer tonight for you and Taylor.
blessings and hugs, Beth

CHERI said...

BJ, what a classy lady you are. A lot of people would have sent this young man straight off to jail. Hopefully he will pay for everything and will also learn a valuable lesson. I am so sorry about the loss of your lovely things, but things can be replaced...lives cannot. You and I must be soul-sisters cause I could eat bread and nothing else (well maybe some banana pudding or chocolate cake once in awhile).

Shelia said...

Oh, BJness, you do have the most kind and forgiving heart. I'm thankful the drunken young man didn't get into your house! Hopefully he's learned a lesson and it's good he's cleaning things up.
Now your breakfast looks very good. I love fruity Cherrios!! :)
Be a sweetie,

Sarah said...

BJ, such a beautiful and serene setting. I was fully into that leisure morning with you, smelling the fresh hot rolls, and dreaming of sitting there enjoying it all with you. Then I began to read about the incident. How dreadful. You are kind to be so concerned about this young man. He's fortunate. I hope he gets some help.

Cabin and Cottage said...

Pretty, pretty tablecloth! Love breakfast outside!

Debby said...

Such beautiful pictures. I like Frosted Flakes as well.
So sorry about what happened. Wow, it is scary thinking of why he was trying to get in the house and what might have happened. YOu are so kind to this poor kid. I sure hope he can get it together. You must have been scared to death. I would saya that this kid was very lucky to have met you.

Debbie said...

I was about to tell you how much I loved your breakfast table, especially with that tray on the side and the fruity cheerios in the bowl. Then... I read about the damage. Sigh...

I hope that you get restitution, and I hope that the young man really learns his lesson and gains some good old fashioned common sense.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh my -- everything was looking so pretty and wonderful and then the ending to your post -- how awful and traumatic! I can't even imagine this. I hope that he's learned a lesson here and gets the help he obviously needs. I hope he looks back one day are realizes how very lucky he was.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

First, I'm just so glad that you and your husband didn't get hurt. I think you are being very generous in your kind words to the young man. After raising one that got a bit wild around that age, I would only say (and I don't want to sound negative) don't trust too much. With your big heart he might take advantage. I only say that because I lived it. Thankfully, mine eventually grew up (almost).

Your table looks great and I just knew there would be something more yummy than cereal show up on your table!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh BJ, you are so kind-hearted. After seeing that beautiful, peaceful scene in your back yard, I was so shocked to read about the drunk. How scary that must have been! I would have found it difficult to be so forgiving and to even be concerned about him. You are a sweetheart, and he is lucky it was your backyard and not mine! Your caring attitude may do more to straighten him out than anything the legal system could do to him.
By the way, I LOVE that rooster tablecloth (hope it wasn't destroyed!) laurie

shannon i olson said...

ok. I don't know ya but I love ya! love the little sheet head box at the bottom.
I like my cereal crunchy too, very little milk!
also, thanks for the update on your burglar, I have been wondering since seeing your Facebook post what happened. Amazing how much wisdom we gain the further from 20 we get...and yet how we long to go back???!

Dayle said...

What a lovely, lovely table with too many Simple Pleasures to count! I'm just sorry it ended the way it did, but you apparently have a heart of gold. Bless you, and thanks for linking up to Simple Pleasures. Hope to see you often.

Mimi said...

I love your breakfasts...especially when you serve warm biscuits with jelly!
So sorry you were this young man's victim...he not only needs a job, he needs help before he actually harms a person.

Ms.Daisy said...

Whoa Nellie,
Going from the relaxing breakfast on the patio to the mayhem of someone smashing and breaking and trying to break into your house through your kitchen window! I am so sorry you had to go through that and I hope that young man gets the help he needs.
Your table looked lovely and I was getting hungry looking at those lovely rolls and freezer jam! I would love the recipe for it sometime.


xinex said...

You sure can make any table pretty, BJ, even with cereal. Your photos are beautiful and your breakfast looks very presentable and yummy...Christine

Chic Creations said...

OMGoodness what a story! That is so terrible. I am so glad no one was seriously hurt. Hopefully the poor boy will get his life in order. Drinking is a bad thing. . . So glad you and the Mr are ok. God bless you.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I'm in love with that tablecloth! What darling roosters & hens! Isn't it amazing how much better cereal tastes in a pretty bowl on a tablecloth? Gotta love it!

Big hugs,SHerry

Carol at Serendipity said...


What a scary experience. You are being very kind.

I enjoyed your table and drooled over the rolls and jam!


Terri said...


What a dramatic twist to the end of your post! I hope Taylor is ok and that you will be able to guide him to a better life with your generosity. Amen to you sister!

I am glad you got to have a few photos... did you get to eat your cereal?

Sherry said...

OMGosh! BJ what a story about your young man. I am so sorry that happened. Thank goodness none of you were hurt! What a wonderful attitude you have about it. College kids are still just kids. Scary isn't it. Love your table and your Walmart dishes. I bought those same dishes. I really liked them. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Karen said...

I enjoyed looking this morning. I hope you can be that person to help the young man realize that he is responsible for his actions no matter what state he is in, and make a difference in his life.
Back to your beautiful setting. I loved the tablecloths. I can just imagine how the Rose of Sharon looked in full blooms. Those blooms are sweet memories for me, from childhood. Never could break me one off. :)Karen

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Photos #10, 11, 12. I have that cute little cup! :-)

On your weird-o break-up-our-happy home INTRUDER......... Oh for Pete's sakes, BJ! Get real! I just wish we *Yankees* up here, had a shotgun! To use in such a situation!

Do not, not, not be sorry for or coddle this delinquent! He did not HAVE to drink that much! He did not!

We all were 20, but did we [husbands and wives] ever go out on a wrecking, house breaking rampage? Did you? Did I? Did Mr. Sweet? Did 'Uncle A.'? Did our sons?????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Crap on today's youth, who keep being assured, that they are OK, no matter. And that they are still "just kids" or whatever you think.

What if your son had done that, to some older folks??????? TERRORIZED old folks! What if your SON had? Would you feel SORRY for him? Would you tell him sweetly, that we were "all 20 once"???????

Yes, I am exasperated. Please excuse my exasperation. But I doubt any other Comment will have any common sense here. And I just have to try to put some in.

Soooooooooooooo GLAD you were not hurt, more than being TERRORIZED, that is.

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Gorgeous breakfast al fresco!! I am loving your rooster tablecloth and I agree, cast iron skillets so go!! They hold beauty that cannot be compared :)


Cass @ That Old House said...

Well, holy smokes.

BJ, your table is gorgeous, but I think you need to send that tablecloth up north to NJ where it will be safe from intruders!

As for your scary tale -- that is terrifying. That young man might have gotten behind the wheel of a car, might have done so many things -- thank goodness it was only property damage (I don't count his injuries; self inflicted!).

Basically, he's an idiot. Many of us had our "moments" in college or in our youth, but to do this? I knew a lot of hard drinkers in college, but I don't know anyone who did something like this.

I hope this guy has learned his lesson, but if you peeked into his background you might find a history of screwing up, and then being apologetic and being forgiven. Certainly you will forgive him and try and understand, but still -- hold him to his promise for restitution, and get hold of his parents if that's the only way to do it.

This boy's gotta take his LUMPS.

You're a good soul, and you set a nifty table!

Rita said...

You know what?
You are an angel; sriting such a beautiful post afer this.
{Gotta make that strawberry jam}
What an awful experience the 2 of you went through....Do you find as we age that these things really scare the daylights out of us?

We raised 4 boys so it was not all roses at our place when they were teenagers. I thank the Lord everyday that they finally grew up and saw the light.
Take good care,

sarah said...

I'm with soggy cereal and those buns look the best. About that guy breaking in...I think he should be very happy he ended up at your place. Someone else wouldn't be so nice.

Bill said...

Hi BJ,

I think this post speaks of life in general. When things seem calm and nice and normal, something comes along and blindsides us. Glad it wasn't worse, very glad you and Mr. Sweet are OK (even glad Taylor's semi-OK). I'm just very sorry your private sanctuary was violated. As others have said, you're a wonderful, caring Christian woman to allow the troubled young man back onto your property and to give him a chance to try to make amends. Maybe you're the angel he needs in his life to get back on track. I hope so ....


Cindy said...

BJ, what a scary story, but in the end I am so glad that everyone is okay. Things can be replaced, people can't. My thinking is that God has a purpose for the two of you connecting. Wonder what purpose it is? :)

Your breakfast area is so lovely, and your pictures were stunning.

As for me, I like all types of cereal. :) But seeing yours made me want some of those. :)

Hope your having a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

I had gotten so hungry looking at this beautiful breakfast tablescape,until I read on down about the drunkn'student,OMGoodness what a mess!...hope all is well now!

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness! That is scary! I hope that he makes things right. You do have such a lovely table to share with us. I love eating outsdie. I can't wait until it cools off a little.

Sweetladyelaine said...

It is scary but I think God sent you a young man to mentor! It sounds to me you have a job to do! Let him see God in you and all will be well. Love you sister, and I will pray for you all. By the way I like honey nut cheerios!

Southern Lady said...

Oh, my goodness, BJ ... what a scary story. I hope Taylor learned a valuable lesson, but I think he needs to pay for everything. Maybe it will "sober" him up enough to remember the next time he picks up a drink just how fortunate he was that you and Mr. Sweet were so understanding.

What a shame that he smashed your beautiful table and broke all that other stuff ... your breakfast tablescape was truly lovely.

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi bj, You must be the sweetest lady in the world to be able to so quickly find a positive side of this boy--I know we are supposed to forgive and forget, but you must have been terrified! I hope this boy learns his lesson before he hurts someone. Your table was charming. I love cereal too, and cheerios are sounding kind of yummy to me right now! Linda

Anonymous said...

What a scary thing to have happen! I don't think that just because you do something wrong it makes you a bad person. However, because he doesn't want his parents to know about this, I definitely would hold his feet to the fire. If he doesn't pay, I would notify his parents so they can keep an eye on him. I remember being his age, away from home at college. I wouldn't have wanted my daddy to know either! You are doing him a favor by making him pay and telling him if you hear of him getting drunk like this again, you'll have no choice but to notify his family. You have a kind, soft heart but don't let this young man snow you. We are all sorry when we are caught!

Entertaining Women said...

Wow! You've had quite an odd experience with Taylor; you have given us a testimony of compassion. You have a kind heart, and I know that forgiveness is the way to go...but forgiveness and pardon are two different things. I'm glad that he is working to earn pardon. My sister is the chaplain at the student chapel for Texas Tech kids right across the street from St. Paul's of the Plains. I wish that there was a way for Taylor to find his way to her. She is wonderful with college kids. Her name is Pat Russell. She lives in Ransom Canyon. That said, I would have come for breakfast in your back yard and still been there for dinner. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Betty said...

BJ you do have a heart the size of Texas. I am thankful that you are both safe and yes that this man didn't get himself killed. I pray God will use this experience to change this young man. Yes, we have all made mistakes but you are right he must be held responsible for them.

Annesphamily said...

What a sad story but what a remarkable person you are to stand by this young man. Young people today get so caught up in the web of destruction. Look at the junk on tv. Look at the borken families and the the fact that many do not have any family to turn to. I will pray for him. Thanks for sharing and I am glad no one got hurt. Anne

Adrienne said...

Maybe you and Mr. Sweet will be a positive influence in young Taylor's life. This could be a turning point and I'm so glad he plans to be responsible and take care of what he did!

Please stop by and share the joy of the big changes in my life.

Entertaining Women said...

I have some more information for you on my sister, Pat's, ministry. Canterbury Campus Ministry, 2407 16th St., Lubbock 79401; 806-765-0037; Sun. 6 pm - Dinner/ Mon-Tue 1:00 Office/ Wed. 3:00 pm Office; 6:00 pm Dinner; 6:30 pm Movie/ Sun 5:00 The Cross; 6:30 pm Dinner. Note: Pat provides dinner for kids who come to the chapel on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. I know that there are no accidents for God's children. I would not believe that this was the young man's first experience with drinking...not with that reaction....maybe his first time to have that reaction, but I'd guess it's been building. God bless you for reaching out to him. If you meet my sister, you'll love her. She is so neat! Come visit anytime. Cherry Kay

Texas Tea Party said...

Dear Kim! First, your breakfast table is absolutely beautiful. I love the tablecloth with the roosters and the lovely china. Second, this is so sad for you for it breaks your heart. I so hope this is a wake up for this young man and he will show his better side by paying for his irresponsible act. I hope you have a peaceful week!

Life on the Edge said...

Wow, just read about the destruction and the story on this young man. Having worked for 4 years as a drug and alcohol counselor, and for over 2 years before that at an inpatient facility for women with addictions, I have to say that I hope a part of his sentence is to seek some dependency counseling! It could get so much worse. I really hope he does follow through with paying for the damages...he really needs to be accountable if he is to work on turning his life around.

That being said, your table and breakfast was so colorful and yummy! I like cereal too in the morning.

Life on the Edge

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.