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Monday, June 7, 2010

..."will ya take a dollar for that ?


I love white ironstone and am constantly looking at thrift stores for more pieces to add to my small collection..
The little polka dot, wooden cat was a thrift store find a few years back.
It actually is a bit TACKY..... but....


it's about as much fun as anything I can think of !

That vent above...found at a store going out of it for a couple dollars and love the way it looks over the doesn't vent ONE thing...just COOL lookin' !!

The french looking vase came with another smaller one...GOODWILL...$2.00 for both...the best I remember.

and the REALLY COOL...the COOLEST...antique (not vintage..much older) RED sign hanging between my breakfast room and the living room..I won this on ebay...not another single soul bid on it and I won it for less than 5 bucks...the postage, of course, was a tad more but even was a fantastic buy...maybe the best buy of my whole entire lifetime.

The really great red pillow came in a pair...GOODWILL...$1.00 for both., the best I remember.
Those precious little vintage CLASSIC books were found at a garage sale years ago by my sweet and sorely missed mama... (that adorable little boy..the one with the most disgusted look on his soft, little first GOLDEN BOY...20 years old in July...bwaaaaa...

O, so sweet and handsome.
I was so delighted and happy when I discovered this cute little red MARY POPPINS book at a thrift store library one day about 5 years ago..25 cents for this little delightful edition of such a classic...

I fell in love with this giant, red basket the minute I saw it at Goodwill... it's big and it's RED..what's not to love ??
and the pretty bar set, plus brass tray at a garage sale just around the corner from my house...
This little handmade vintage chair is so cute in person. It must have been made for a short, little tiny person like SHEILA because it is lower than a normal chair (not that I'm calling you NOT NORMAL, dear little tiny SHEILA...tee heee) I do love the wood of this little chair...and it does a great job of holding some of my books..
SHEILA, can you love a little wooden chair ?? bet your SPLINTERS IN THE FANNY, you can !!

BEAUTIFUL BESS...thrifted for $4.00, the best I remember...and not a thing had to be done to her...

The vintage shutters I use on either side of my Franklin stove came from a garage sale years and years ago...there were 2 sets and I thought they might fit BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER'S new windows...$15.00 for both sets so I grabbed them. They, OF COURSE, did NOT fit but, boy, have I enjoyed using them as decorators all these years....

**Cute sunflower in a cute pot...garage sale
Black lamp with cool shade...thrift store...$20.00 and well worth it. The shade is a really quality one..I love it..

O, and the wicker wine basket...thrifted, OF COURSE !!

Little blue picnic basket..bought a few years back at a garage sale...can't even remember the low price...already a perfect shade of blue....
Little tarnished BRASS candle holder..25 cents..I sprayed it black, hung in just the right spot for just the right look in my kitchen...somehow, I just liked the shape of this little delight.
Little white-washed basket with roses, needing nary a thing done to it...75 cents...including silk just the right shade.

OK...just talked myself into going thrifting VERY soon...

WHO KNOWS...maybe those leather bound books I've been lookin' for are just awaiting my visit !!!!!

"...will ya take a dollar for that?"
"Sea cruise, sea cruise, baby........"

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