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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tablescape Blues

I really don't have TABLESCAPE BLUES so much as I have BLUES on the TABLESCAPE....

I have used these blue and white beauties in several posts and will use them MANY more times, I am sure.

Mr. Sweet bought them for me at a flea market for less that $50.00 for the set, service for 8.
Altho they are no longer in production, I have been able to find a few pieces on Ebay and the Replacement place.
I would really like to add more serving dishes to the set...sure would be great to pass along to one of the granddaughters at some point.

The beautiful silver tray that I am using as a charger at this setting was given to me by BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER. She brought it to me from one of her trips to Mexico.
The flatware is by ONIDEA but I have had it so long, I don't remember the pattern name.
The stemware is from GOODWILL.

The large and small tureens came from GOODWILL and I could not believe that anyone would give them away.
They are in excellent condition and the markings on the bottom: a crown with LILY above it, W. ADAMS & SON, England and semi-porcelain.
The large one cost $4.95 and the small was $3.95. AMAZING !! I was thrilled to pieces that the blues of the tureens matched so well with my dishes.

Almost everyone on the planet knows that these little white, ceramic, salt and pepper birds flew here from TARGET. Some might remember that mine are named BONNIE and CLYDE....:>) What I have really enjoyed about having these little cuties is the fact that they look fabulous with ANY type table setting.

These glass sugar and creamer belonged to my mom...She bought them in the 40's in Dallas. I don't know anything about glass so I don't know if these are pressed or cut glass...??

PLEASE...take an after-dinner mint....
O, WAIT...We haven't even had supper....uh...dinner yet, have we ? ;o)

Please visit SUSAN at BETWEEN NAPS ON THE PORCH and be sure to leave her a comment. See all the other beautiful tables being offered for your viewing. You will just love them all.


ellen b said...

Bj! Your blues are speaking to my heart. Love every piece you have. Beautiful!! I will have a mint even before dinner :0)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous, BJ!! I love that blue and whie!

Justine said...

Oh BJ, how beautiful! I love the tureen the best, and how pretty the silver looks against the blue and white.

Justine :o )

Dixie said...

BJ.. I just love your blue and white... it's my fav color combo in dinnerware... and you set that table perfectly! I love it!

Kathleen said...

I love your blue and white..just so pretty! And some one had to be NUTS to get rid of those tureens! They are gorgeous..
BEE you tiful table, Miss BJ!

Theresa said...

Beautiful blues and love the white bird salt and pepper shakers:) Love it all!

Unknown said...

Your blue and white china is beautiful, BJ! I love the touch of the mint! What an incredible find on the beautiful tureens! They were waiting just for you, you lucky ducky! Your table is lovely and so elegant!


blushing rose said...

Hmmmm! Dessert before dinner sounds good to me ... chuckle!

Love your diner settings ... very elegant. TTFN ~ MArydon

Connie from Beverly Hills California said...

Your tablescape is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it. Connie

From the Old InkWell said...

BJ, Love your blues!!

Jackie said...

BJ, you share the neatest things with all of us.

God bless.

Jadehollow said...

BJ.. I love all the blue & white.. and that silver charger oh my it's stunning! BEAUTIFUL!

Adrienne said...

What gorgeous dishes and serving pieces! Mr. Sweet Nothings has such good taste. And I love the pieces that belonged to your mother - that makes it so special!

susan said...

I never tire of blue and white! If you read my post, you can see that I might have given the soup tureens away :)

squawmama said...

Hi BJ, I really love the blue & white tablescape... And your tureens what a great deal... I should go to the goodwill and check it out. Have a wonderful day my friend!


Miss Janice said...

This blue china is classic and timeless. All your pieces are simply lovely! Love your "Tablescape Blues!"

Beverly said...

Good morning, dear BJ.

Your table is lovely, and I love the stories that go along with the things you cherish.

I believe your cream and sugar are cut glass.

Barbara said...

BJ, Beautifu..gorgeous. The blue dishes are wonderful and I enjoyed the comments about where each piece came from. I was waiting for dinner and then you offerd me a mint, so I guess I wasn't invited...I am sure you really meant to invite me.

Purple hugs,

jeanne said...

Morning BJ, I have been up since 5:00 am and have done nothing except visit my poor neglected blogging friends. I came over to see if you posted your blogger meeting yet. Nope, not yet! Smiling. The curiosity killed the cat didn't it?

I AM loving your tablescape this morning. Gorgeous dishes. The creamer and sugar is so sweet from your mom. We do love our mother's treasures don't we. To tell pressed glass from cut glass is not so easy. This is a hint. If the glass feels smooth it is probably pressed. If the cuts feel sharp it is cut glass.

Love ya, Jeanne

Kathleen Grace said...

You know I love all your gorgeous dishes BJ! Those tureens are amazing, the things people give away!

Sandi McBride said...

Now you do set a classy table, my friend! I love it!

Mari @ Once Upon a Plate said...

What a pretty table you've set ~ I love the story behind the pieces!

Blue and white is a favorite of mine, too. Those tureens are gorgeous, too. xo~m.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Oh what beautiful blue and white!!!
Your table is always!!!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh BJ,
Your table is simply lovely! Love the blue and white! Love the little birdies too. Thanks for sharing today.


Lady Katherine said...

You had me with the blues! My favorite! I just love your set of dishes! I thought the soup tureens were of the same pattern! How beautiful they look together! The precut glass, I have seen in one of my books, do not know the name, but will look it up if you want. I love your the silver with it! Just divine!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Dearheart...

Ohhh myyy...what a gorgeous table, my friend!!! I love your beautiful blue & white dishes...the pattern is really pretty! Can't believe that you got an entire set for 8 for less than $50...that was a steal-of-a-deal!!! They really look pretty on the silver charger too!!!

Ohhh my...what a blessing to find those beautiful blue & white covered serving bowls...I'm with you, can't believe that someone let those go!!! But all to your advantage! Hehe! You know...I would have thought they were the same pattern as your dishes...until you said something! They really go well together!!! Your mama's sugar and creamer are sooo pretty! I don't know enough about crystal to tell the difference between cut and pressed crystal either. Hmmm...I'm going to have to research that!!!

Well Darlin...sure enjoyed this fabulous tablescape in blue! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us today!!!

Have a wonderfully sweet day, my friend!
Love ya,

xinex said...

HI BJ! I cannot beolieve oyu got thos tureens from GW. They are the first ones that caught my eye, so very pretty! I love all your blue and white dishes, in fact, everything on the table are so pretty and so nicely put together...Christine

Denise Marie said...

BJ, you outdid yourself!!

My fav is the covered serving pieces...good luck finding more. I'm excited for you to get all of that for $50!! When Sweetie gets it for us it is that much more special. xox!

Bill said...

Hi BJ,
Just beautiful! I loved everything about this one. The tureens were an amazing find ... congratulations!

If your mom's creamer and sugar were new in the 1940's, they're probably American pressed glass, very high quality, designed to emulate cut glass and hand finished (fire polished) to remove mold marks. I think they're so pretty. I'll bet they sparkle like diamonds when the light hits them! Don't display them in direct sunlight if you can help it ... the color of old glass can change. Remember when people were talking about "sun purple?" Some dealers would put elegant glass pieces on the roof to cause it to change color faster. It's irreversible if it happens. I guess it's OK if people like pale purple glass, but I'd rather mine stayed clear.

Oops, sorry ... didn't mean to be so long-winded! Hope your weekend goes well.

bye for now,

Brenda Pruitt said...

I positively ADORE those plates! So lucky he grabbed those! If I'd been there I'd have fought over them probably!

SmilingSally said...

I have 3 words for your tablescape:

1. A

2. Maze

3. Zing

Tea in Texas said...

You are so lucky to be in the blues. Your husband got a great deal and you can really enjoy a treasure. I can't understand why they would not want the tureens, but it was great for you. I enjoyed your tablescape and a Texas greeting from one Texan to another.

Sharlotte said...

Love the blue. Everything is so pretty. I can't believe you found those pieces at a thrift store! What a great find!

Anonymous said...

BJ!!! These pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with your tablesetting! said...

BJ.....I, too, love blue and white anything...particularly china! Your tablescape is just beautiful. I particularly love the way you mixed sentimental pieces with great buys...the best way to decorate! I've missed stopping by to see you.

Carol said...

So pretty!! Thanks for your visit the other day! Hugs Grams

Unknown said...

BJ! You know I love the blue and white... ALWAYS! Those tureens were pretty much a steal! :) Such a pretty table.


Eileen said...

The blue and white is so pretty! You are lucky to have things stay in the family, I love treasures like that!
Beautiful job!
All the best,

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

I love your blue & white dishes. And great find on the tureens.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Your blues are just gorgeous!

Thanks for the mint!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

What a pretty pattern! I haven't seen that before. Goregeous tablescape!


Life on the Edge said...

I just love blues in tablescapes! That is just the most beautiful set of dishes. I agree with you on the soup tureens, who would give those away! Wow! You got a tremendous bargain. I am still visiting my local Goodwill frequently and hoping to score a tureen someday, but just haven't found any.

I love the stemware too. Isn't it great what you can find at GW?


Rhondi said...

My goodness. I didn't know it had been so long since I stopped by! Your table set with blue is beautiful. Of cousre I would say that :) You got a very good deal on the china!
hugs, Rhondi