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Thursday, July 30, 2009


is our gracious host for this fun and delicious day.....
Go by for some delicious photos, foods, recipes and a long
list of others waiting to welcome you to their cottage.
THANK YOU for coming by Sweet Nothings today....

Two of my life-long friends, ALICE and MARTHA,
spent the day with me and we had a nice lunch
and !
As my dining table seats 10/12 people and there were only THREE...
I made my centerpiece at the end of the long table..
very simple, indeed....
The fare consisted of sandwiches on Hogie buns...
chicken salad with
pecans, grapes and cranberries...
potato salad and a few more cranberries, scattered over a crisp lettuce leaf, on the side...
*just a can of WHITE chicken
a handful of pecans
a handful of grapes
a handful of dried cranberries or fresh, if in season
salt, pepper to taste
Helmans mayo (never, EVER use Miracle Whip !! ) no sir-ree !!
(well, unless you really LOVE it and then it's ok .."O)

Everyone that dines at SWEET NOTHINGS COTTAGE
has homemade dessert.... (ok..well...some of the time..:)
and since I have all these fresh pecans........

Pecan pie with coffee ice creme....
Now, this was SWEET.... !!!!
but not nearly as sweet as these two...
O..I do love my friends.....

When you can, call a couple of your best ever friends and have lunch, go shopping,
talk, laugh, share...and love each other.
You'll be SO glad you did !


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Lunch and girlfriends - a great combination! I love your cork collection displayed in such cute ways ;)


Joyce said...

Pie and ice cream go hand in hand with old friends :)

Unknown said...

Amen on the real mayo sista! Looks super yummy!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I will just assume that my invitation was lost in the mail;)!!!

What a wonderful way to spend the of MY favorites!!! Your lunch looks divine!!! I haven't had pecan pie since Thanksgiving!!! I feel a craving coming on!!!

Wonderful post!!!


Kathleen said...

PECAN Pie! Well, I declare! I am NUTS over it! :)
What a great afternoon...lunch looks delicious..I wonder why your friend is holding on to her pocketbook so tightly..???
Is there something about you we don't know,LOL..( maybe she has it filled with pecans?)
Be sure to come visit me tomorrow, I didn't post yet..But I have something just for you!
Have a great weekend!

Tara said...

Woman. why oh why do you do this to me! Show me all this delicious food I have no hope of eating through the computer screen! I love a good chicken salad too. Meals at your house always look so yummy. Thanks for the EYE candy!

Theresa said...

What a pleasant lunch with those two sweet friends! I am gonna sit on that swing one of these days:) Love to all and have a blessed day!

Kathleen Grace said...

BJ, your food always sets my mouth to watering!A day with friends sounds just perfect:>)

Stacey said...

Looks delicious and I bet y'all had so much fun. :) Have a great weekend.

BTW, it's Hellman's only for us. :)

Beverly said...

You are a wonderful hostess. Everything looks so pretty - and delicious.

You and your friends are very blessed to have each other.

Justine said...

Well now, I know this is a Foodie Friday post, but I still want to know what you bought while you were with your two adorable friends!

Love chicken salad, but not if it's got FRUIT in it for goodness sakes. I like mine with chopped onion and celery. You know, like a NORMAL person does. LOL

Justine :o )

Barb said...

Hi BJ....your food looks so good. I love, love, love pecan pie and yours is too yummy.

Your pictures are wonderful, sweet inspiring! Your friends are too cute!



SmilingSally said...

I would love that chicken salad with cranberries, and your homemade pecan pie wouldn't last a second!

I would take time out of gulping to enjoy the company of your nice friends.

The Desperate Cook said...

I love that chicken salad, I make one very similar. You have made me want to go out and make some now....YUM!!

Salmagundi said...

That sandwich looks so good, then topped with pecan pie - I would be in heaven. Can I be one of your girlfriends and pop over for lunch? Sally

Unknown said...

I want to be one of your long-time friends, too:) I hope you will join me at for Crock Pot Wednesdays. The details for that and the Mister Linky are already posted. The first giveaway item has been announced and you can expect the additional ones over the next few days. The date of the first event is August 5. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to catch up with you again BJ. You always make me smile. Today you make me hungry...

jeanne said...

Hello BJ, How wonderful to serve a beautiful lunch to your dear friends. One of life's blessings are dear friends. It looked delicious and I will try chicken salad with the fruit. It sounds yummy. I love Miracle Whip!!! Blame it on my mom. Don't we always use the same brands our mom's used. Like Hunts Ketchup and Scotts toilet paper etc.

Your center piece at the end of the table is a great idea. I love the wine corks. Now I know what to do with the bag of corks I have saved.

Oh happy foodie day.


Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Looks very yummy! I love chicken salad and pecan pie! Yummy!
God bless,

Shellbelle said...

Oh, I have a little canister on my counter that matches the sunflower plate in your picture. I found it at a garage sale several years ago and just love it.

I'm with you on the mayo vs. Miracle Whip, used to make my dad so mad. lol. The sandwich and the pie both look yummy.

Life on the Edge said...

That chicken salad and pecan pie look incredibly delicious! Thanks for sharing how to make the chicken salad. I will have to try that someday.

There's nothing better than time spent with good friends (except time spent with family). How blessed you are to have them in your life!