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Friday, February 20, 2009

TODAY is the first FOODIE FRIDAY, hosted by our own beautiful lady, GOLLUM...
Be sure to go over and tell her how sweet she and her tiny doggy, MISTER, are to have this fabulous time with all of us....
and I just know there's going to be some of the best foods in the whole world being put on tables everywhere in BLOGLAND !! GOLLUM has a whole list going on over there so be sure to swing by...leave her some
sweet words,, and a hidy-doo to MISTER.
CASA O'LAY..... (i don't speak Spanish very well...)
"i...yiyiyi..........I AM THE FRITO BANDITO..."
(anyone in the whole world that remembers that ?)

There's many, MANY types of food that we love......
but MEXICAN FOOD is our all time favorite ...........

Now, there's just some things that go naturally with
and one of them .............
MARGARITAS...."i- yi yi yi ....'
This is a pretty good COPY of MEXICAN FOOD
that I fix at home.....a lot...It's TEX-MEX.....

from Fredricksburg, Texas....and it's some of the best around !
That jelly may not sound good to ya, but it IS !!
and the sweet and hot so good poured over a block of CREME CHEESE
for the best cracker spread in the world....

These creme cheese stuffed JALAPENO PEPPERS, wrapped with bacon
belong to THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS and I am here to tell you, right now...
these are the BEST I have ever eaten.
They are sliced, stuffed, wrapped and put in the oven..
her recipe is on her site and her site is on my blogroll....
oh, and this is HER photo, too...shhhhh...... i don't want to get sued! ;o)
life without Queso is like life without the sunshine....
Just melted Velveeta Cheese and Rotel Tomatoes....
just can't be beat...
Oh, and the SALSA makes or breaks MEXICAN FOOD ...
Here's MY recipe....
here's my friend , BARBARA'S, recipe....
another 'best i've ever eaten'.....
3 teaspoons of Jalapeno Peppers (I use pickled slices in a jar but can use fresh)
1 large can of whole tomatoes, mostly drained
Fresh chopped onion...I use about 1/2 of a LARGE onion
1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic (in a jar) or 1-2 cloves of fresh...
2 cups fresh cilantro
1 teaspoon salt
pepper to taste
garlic salt to taste
garlic powder to taste
seasoned salt
CHOP peppers, add tomatoes, with most of the liquid drained off and blend well
Then add onions, garlic, cilantro and spices to taste and blend again.
Adjust seasonings to your taste, if necessary.
Now, if I can pick and choose a dessert to end my Mexican food with,
I always choose PECAN PIE...usually with just a tiny scoop of
i DO love love love FLAN but have never mastered making it..

AND....if I'm not just STUFFED TO THE VERY TIP TOP....

I just MIGHT be persuaded to try the PASSIONATE RITA on this menu..."a sweet and fruity blend..."

I hope you have a fabulous dinner tonight...with all the delicious fare being presented to us today, we are all just starving flat to death here...

Hmmmmm, wonder if I need to make RESERVATIONS at our best Mexican restaurant for tonight!!

XO bj


Happy To Be said...

GM BJ,, its midnight here girl...but I do love mexican food my all time favorite food..we just had taco pie tonight and of oourse rice..Happy Foodie Friday to you girl...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Anonymous said...

My first visit to Foodie Friday and you did it proud. I'll copy the Salsa recipe in my Blogland folder. sounds awesome. I'm going to do this also, but it won't be the bang up job you have done. :)

Love Ya,

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Yummy Mexican Food! I love it. You have succeeded in me craving it for breakfast! Might be a tad early for the Margaritta, though :-)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This all looks delicious!!
Tex Mex was always on the menu when we visited my Texas G'parents.
Mother made pecan candy, she learned to make in Texas. She said these little candies were often on the tables of Mexican Restaurants in Texas. Do you remember anything like this? It was a simple recipe, using caramalized sugar and pecans..can't recall off hand the rest. Very good, a neat sweet treat.

Speaking of Mexican food. The first Christmas after Michelle and Andy were married, his mother and dad flew to ST Louis from California. She brought homemade tamales. Since then, she's sent homemade tamales with the kids or brought them when they come for a visit. Absolutely delicious!! A wonderful Holiday treat for all of us.

My Granddaddy Shorty made the best chili...several restaurants in the Dallas area of the 20' to 40's, would have him make the chili. I make chili like he did. He would make it at home, keeping the recipe secret, then deliver it to the restaurants.

Great post,that "stirred up" happy foodie memories!

Stacey said...

Seriously delicious!! Wow...we love mexican food. What Texan doesn't?

squawmama said...

Holy guacamole girlfriend... Mexican is my favorite too... Especially the margaritas, and the stuffed jalapenos and the enchiladas and the burritos and the oh heck I love it all... Great job done on the Foodie Friday post... I make a great Jalapeno Jelly and My Ralph makes a incredible what we call Firehouse Salsa... we call it that because it is sooooo spicy. Maybe I'll post them some time... Thanks for the fun... Love ya


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love Mexican food! I can't find a really good Mexican restaurant here (or Chinese). There is a restaurant in Naples Florida where I used to live called Flaco's (Flaco, I believe mean tall thin man in Mexican). It is my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

BJ, this is such a great meal! I love Tex-Mex food, but I have never had jalapeno jelly. That sounds wonderful along with everything else you shared with us today. I could just dive headfirst into a bowl of salsa, and that recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing with us. And if you're cooking all this tonight, Mr. Magpie and I will be right over! ;-)

Happy FF!


Sheila :-)

Marcela said...

Hi dear BJ
I'm back from my vacations!
I love mexican food...Delicious!!!

Lots of kisses to you and have a great day :)

Anonymous said...

We love Mexican food and all of this looks wonderful. I think I may have to have have some Mexican cuisine for dinner. Yum!

I posted for Foodie Friday, too.

xinex said...

Mmmmm yummy! I am in Mexican heaven. I love spicy food! Thnaks, BJ!...Christine

Gollum said...

Oh, BJ, ever since you said you were joining the Potluck, I have been waiting to see what you posted. This was absolutely FABULOUS! Woman, you can cook! I haven't seen a pecan pie like that in years...and I am going to try the jalapeno jelly over cream cheese tonight!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh my hubby would eat Mexican food every day if he could and he would love that salsa!

Happy Friday sweet BJ :)


Amy said...

I am so hungry after reading your post! The stuffed peppers look unbelievably yummy. I had never thought to end a Mexican meal with a pecan pie, but that is a great idea! I think I will be going out for Mexican food tonight too! Amy :)

mbkatc230 said...

Yum, yum and more yum! Mexican food is one of our favorite things to eat, oh heck who am I kidding, we just love to eat! But everything here looks great and I am definitely going to check out the bacon wrapped jalapenos. I love jalapeno jelly, people think I'm nuts until they try it and then they are hooked! Thanks for sharing. Kathy

Cyndy said...

Fridays are always breakfast burrito days here at work. Now after reading your post, I'm ready for mexican food!

Have you tried Fredricksburg Farms tomatillo sauce? It's great, too. I eat it on everything! Kind of like chow chow.

Thanks for the salsa recipe, too. My son has been trying to copy Abuelo's hot sauce ( a mexican food place here) and I'll give this one to him to try.

You did a super good post on your Foodie Friday!

Helen said...

Hi there! I'm with you when it comes to the Mexican feast .... ole, ole!

Smilingsal said...

I like Mexican food, but I'd rather have that pie!

Shelia said...

Num a num! BJness! Mexican food is one of my favorites. Every thing looks so good too! I don't drink alcohol, but if you'll have me a diet Dr. Pepper - I'll be right there.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

ann said...

Now you talkin.I've been looking for some Jalepeno jelly.I 've been so hungry for it.And you are so right ,on a cracker with cream chesse?yumm yumm.And those bacon wrapped,oh mercy.You have made me so hungry.
I didn't realize you were a Texan.Please come pick up your Proud Texan button.It's in my side bar.And PLease pass it an to all the Texans you know...ann

sue said...

It looks good BJ but I can't eat Mexican! I'll have pie and a drink tho!! xo

CC said...

Hi, BJ, sorry you couldn't see the pictures. Please do try again. Blogger was giving me this problem, most of yesterday. It took me 6 hours to comment on everybody's blogs!

Can you share the recipe of what looks like enchiladas? I'd love to have another yummy recipe in my book!


~♥~ Monica S said...

I could definately eat at your house today :-)

Last night when I came here.. everything was GONE!! You had an empty blog.. all I saw was your sidebar!


Jennifer said...

Goodness BJ all that food looks so good. I got hungry in the middle of reading your posting! I tell you anyone is lucky to have dinner at your house!


nikkicrumpet said...

I miss good Mexican food. We had the best Mexican places in Utah...and there is NOTHING here in New wonder why Northerners are so darn grumpy!!!

Raggedy Girl said...

Yummy Mexican food...I loved looking at it all. Gosh I hope bloggy types don't have lawyers because I am always swiping...I mean borrowing fun stuff from blogs, e-mails, Google sites, etc. I would share anything so I think we should all feel the same way.

Have a great weekend from
Roberta Anne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH MY! I love Mexican food and your post just reminded me of how much! Looks wonderful. The only Mexican food I make are enchalada's and Taco's, both no brainers! HOW I would love to learn how to make Tamales! Being born and raised so close to the border here in California, you would think I would have learned by now, but nope! Looks just wonderful, bj! :)

Blondie's Journal said...


The food & recipes sre great, but the entertainment was spectacular!!

You have certainly put me in the mood for mexican tonight! By the way, I always frow cilantro in my garden so I'll be throwing handfuls of it in that salsa recipe of yours this summer!

Thanks and have a great weekend!!


Tootsie said...

this all looks fantastic! this is a great post!

beddow said...

Hey BJ! Just popped in to say Hi. I read your blog but lately haven't been able to leave comments for some reason. Operator error probably!


Kathleen said...

That's some fiesta!!
The pie is calling my name!!

Susan said...

It's been a long day... perfect for mexican food and margaritas!

Happy Foodie Friday!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Ok, you got me salivating! Love Mex. food, and all of this looks delicious! I also LOVE pecan pie, so you have really made me hungry. Thanks a lot! I'll have to go to the pantry and find a snack, which I do NOT need! laurie

Deanna said...

Oh girl, you have my mouth watering! What a pleasure it is to visit you...I always have such a great time here!

BTW....LOL...I remember the Frito Bandito! We used to have the Frito Bandito pencil erasers!

Deanna :D

Anonymous said...

We usually have pizza or burritos on Fridays. . .Love all the neat food ideas, thanks, Have a great weekend:)

Foley said...

WOW!! Some great recipes.. love pepper jelly over cream cheese for a cracker dip.. and the Pecan Pie, looks delicious!!

Kathleen Grace said...

I LOVE Mexican food! Those stuffed jalepenos with bacon are calling my name!