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Thursday, September 25, 2008

FOR THE LOVE OF LOLA ROSE...................


A little Halloween Apron Dress....


would you look at that grin !!
and her name is LOLA ROSE ~

Wow...this is a sight for sore eyes...ummmm, bet they will smell like FRESH AIR and SUNSHINE..

is all about the cutest clothes for baby, along with burp pads, baby wipes...
all sorts of cute things. You will need to go over and see all the sweet things, handmade, for BABY.....
Our ROSIE and her daughter, LOLASMOM, have started this business because
LOLA wanted her mommy to STAY HOME with her...and we all know that



surely not ROSIE !!! tee hee....

So, if you have a baby in your should run over and check out all the cute things being offered at
if you will remember, we are having an addition to OUR family in April and you can bet your sweet life that I will be going over to BABY VAGABOND often !! VERY OFTEN !


I've been tagged by BO to do the 7 THINGS ABOUT ME mema....
I have done this one a couple of times so if I repeat myself, IT'S OK !!
1. I put the first color on my hair when I was a junior in high school because i was already getting a LOT of gray hair !
2. One night, a bunch of us kids were going to the drive-in movie and didn't have enuf money for all of us. Two were going to have to get in the trunk and 'sneak' in without paying. I was one of the ones chosen to get back there....i was scared out of my ever-lovin' mind but, we didn't get caught.
i've never forgotten it, tho, and i never did it again !! i was waaaay too much of a titty-baby !! ha!
3. When I was about 10 or so, a friend and I sang
on the RADIO. The funny thing was that I couldn't carry a tune in a paper bag !
It must have been AWFUL but.....I loved it !!
4. I am soooo claustrophobic !! i keep thinking i will grow out of it but I haven't, so far...
This didn't show up until after I was grown...go figure!!
5. Altho I am NOT afraid of the dark, I don't like dark rooms so I have little tiny nightlights and lamps in each room to LIGHT THE WAY !!
6. I have had the HUGH blessing of watching the birth of FIVE OF MY GRANDCHILDREN !!
7. I have no talents AT ALL...
I mean, it is really pretty pitiful...
I can't draw or paint, can't sew, can't sing, can't really dance,
not the best cook, can't play a musical instrument nor any kind of sports... I can't fish, can't
recite poetry, can't swim very well, can't run a half block, can't do magic,
can't spit a watermelon seed very far.....
I'm pretty much PITIFUL PEARL.....
Hope you have a fabulous day and I hope YOU have MANY talents!!
much love, bj


Baby Vagabond said...

Thank you sweet BJ. How supportive you are my dear friend. Lola, Lolasmom, and MumMum (me) Thank you so much!

As for you having no talents, I've seen your house! You are an artist, for sure. But your biggest talent is knowing how to use all the love in your Texas size heart!

((hugs)) Rosie

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Rosie is amazing and I love her Baby Vagabond business.

I love your list and just have to say....You are talented, BJ!!!

Brown-Eyes said...

Dear BJ...You are so have the talent of reaching complete strangers and making them feel loved (such as moi)! You have the talent of supplying the "love glue" that binds a family together! You have talents that others surely would envy if only they knew you...And your photos of Lola Rose makes me wish I had a baby in my wishes to Baby Vagabond
for a booming the name... ;-) Bo

santamaker said...

You are such a talented lady, what chu talkin' bout Willis?!?.... Look at you talent for blogging! Come on, you got a whole lot of computer illiterate gals now hooked on blogging... always coming up with new and interesting ideas of what to write! Your love of all things french... you can decorate like the best of 'em!
Be good,

Beverly said...

I love Rosie's new store, and wish them success. It is so sweet of you to spread the word.

BJ, this is so funny! I tagged you with the same tag on my post today. I will consider you the fastest responder ever. ;-)

Anita said...

You are wrong about being talentless!! Look at your house - this blog - the way you cheer everyone up every day!

Suzy said...

You are not pitiful, your greatest talent is to be so sweet. That is a huge talent and not many people can say to share that talent. You are sweet, understanding, amusing. Hey your whole home show's your talents - you have much more talents that you even realize. You are truly gifted person, sweet BJ!!!!

With love Suzy

Kathleen Grace said...

gnized sweet Rosies lovely things right away! She really does make the most beautiful things:>) BJ, you do too hae talent! Your decorating sense is amazing and you have the dearest talent of being kind and loving. I am sure you have even more than that if only I could spend some time with you:>) I loved reading your list of interesting things!

Karen said...

Your blog makes me smile and that is a great talent to have. Karen

Smilingsal said...

I don't believe that you are a talentless lady--not with a nice family like you have, and a blog like this. ;-)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Why BJ ! You are one of the best comedienne's I know of ! I love your sense of humor !

Big Toe Mom said...

hey bj, you get to be a great gramma! thats soooo exciting!!!! congrats! they can call you GM. hahaha ( great memaw ) and i'm sorry you feel so blah about your talent. better not let God hear you he might take it back. all these ladies have it right, you are a friend and you go out of your way to help people feel good. not many have that talent. hold your head up high! ( and you have a clean, cute house too) hugs,

Debbie from NJ said...

Oh no sweet BJ, you are mistaken about that talent. Like Brown Eyes said you make everyone feel so comfortable and welcome. You are a loving mother and grandmother. One of the best bloggers, and a great sense of humor to boot!

Best wishes for Baby Vagabond! what a cutie!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh BJ, what a lovely baby! Thank Rosie for sharing that photo...great post hearing about your life!

salmagundi said...

Cute baby stuff!! BTW, how exciting is the fact you are going on a cruise??? There is nothing like travel to put some spice into everyday life. Have fun planning! Sally

lookuptoday said...

Hi BJ, Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a warm welcome.Your blog is great. I am going to spend some time today and explore it. May i put you on my blog list? Dee

Flowersnfelines said...

You are truly a gifted person - your blog and house reflect that. And, that nightlight thing, you are not alone. I have nightlights everywhere.

Linda's Blue Gate said...

What a wonderful post you did for our little Lola..... Lola sure has us all wrapped around her tiny finger....
Talent isn't just about making things.... you have the talent and gift of giving to others which is really is something most people are clueless in doing...

jeanne said...

Wow, BJ you were up early. Me too but I went back to sleep. I love your Lola plug. I hope she has success too. There is one thing I have to disagree with, you absolutely have talent. Decorating is a talent girl and you have got that from your head to your toes. You have the most lovely home and the tooth fairy didn't do it. lol

Love you my friend, Jeanne

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Not talented? Pooh! What about your lovely home? That's a talent. What about writing? What about your great personality? All talents. And didn't I read in one of your posts that you crochet?
Lola is a cutie pie.

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Can't spit a watermelon seed eh.... hummmm pretty pityfull ...LOL!!!
We all love you anyway!!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Such sweet little dresses - little Lola is even sweeter! All very precious & what a wonderful little baby business! Love your Autumn header - very pretty!


CIELO said...

I loved reading about your youth's scapades and your life.... how fun, and interesting!

Have a lovely evening, sweet lady!


nikkicrumpet said...

You are such a big dopey dork...what is this nonsense about having no talent. For crying out loud woman...have you looked around your house lately??? And I've seen the yummy stuff you make. Crap I gain weight every time you cook! And everyone is spread love and the warm fuzzies everywhere you go! NOW THAT'S TALENT! I just didn't know you were a sneaky movie stealing woman! lol

Susie Q said...

You?? Talentless?? I beg to differ Miss Bj!!
You are a talented decorator, artist, blogger, mom, grandmom. You have the talent for making us feel at home and that us TRULY a talent. Not every one has it.


PEA said...

With my first grandbaby on the way, I've definitely become fascinated with anything to do with babies! lol All the best of luck on their new venture, I will have to go check out their store:-)

Loved reading the meme and learning more about you, I don't like dark rooms so always have a little nightlight on! You have talent my dear BJ...look at this blog!!! xoxo

beddow said...

I will check the site out...I do have a great niece.
You are talented BJ. You also have such a special gift with people.

Betty said...

Lola Rose is a precious little baby girl. I know her parents are very proud of her.

I enjoyed reading your meme and getting to know you a little better. I don't know, B.J., what talents you don't have, but I think you are a very talented lady. The pictures you have shown us through your blog of your home shows you have a talent for decorating cause it always looks beautiful.

Also, you have a very professional looking blog, and I'm sure you did all that by yourself. To me, that is a hugh talent and one I have not mastered yet. I'm working on it though.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

BJ, Lola is be-U=tiful! What a little precious girl. Love her clothes, too! Rosie is so talented!


judy said...

Sooooo wrong! You certainly do have talent....just take a look at your blog! Girl, THAT is quite a talent, there.

You have the best talent of all.....a mother who loves her family and WANTS to take a vacation with the whole gang! The talent there is LOVE.

I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great way of expressing yourself.

FUN! :)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Baby Vagabond has the cutest things! I know Rosie and her daughter will do great!

And yes you can do something! You are one of the best people I know that can spread sunshine like there's no tomorrow!

Dj said...

Thank you BJ for checking out my blog. I love your page and will be coming back to see you. Have a great day!

dana said...

WOW, how lucky any sweet little babe would be to receive a wonderful item from Baby Vagabond!! Oh, that little Lola Rose is just beautiful! I think she's so happy because her mama is so creative and figured out a way to put that talent to use so she could be a SAHM!!!

What do you mean you have no talents? I think you have a talent so many folks don't---loving and caring for others is what I would put at the top of your "talent list". I certainly don't know you "in person", but I can tell by your writings that you are a deeply caring gal.

Secondly, your wonderful sense of humor--I think that is a gift, but so are many other talents, so I'm saying that's another of your talents.

Third, you have a talent for telling it like it is--sharing your beliefs and not backing off from them! So many us don't have a clue as to how to do that well.

Fourth, any body that can interject such descriptive terms as "titty baby" in their post---well, heck, that IS a great talent! (I about choked on that one--I haven't heard that in years and I forgot how much I LOVE it!)

You're a lovely person and a joy to "visit"! Keep it up! Dana

Anonymous said...

Dear Bj:
I have kept up with you thru your blog and want you to know I have missed your occasional e-mails. I congratulate you on your upcoming cruise. IT will be wonderful even more>>>FAMILY AND MAKING MEMORIES. What else could a good ole Texas girl need???
I am still in chemo (1 year) after relapse and making it OK, that Dr. has granted me a 1 month reprieve from chemo. When you leave 10-12 on your cruise, I will be flying in to JFK, NY Airport from 16 day land/cruise trip to Greece and Turkey. Dr. said I needed it and I certainly didn't disagree. Going with high school (cheerleader) friends who have all reconnected in recent years. 23 in all. we will have a ball. Hope I can keep up as stamina is still dragging. I know you must be doing better healthwise and I am SOOOOOO glad. You just can't keep a good girl down.
My departure is 7:15 am today 9-26..must be at airport by 5:15. Too excited to go to bed.
My love and best wishes.
Annie in LR

Janera said...

EXCUSE me???? No talents?????

You must be kidding. Let's see. Cooking, decorating, and, oh, yes, the most important of all -- loving and making others feel loved.

I believe God's word calls this hospitality. Girl, you got it goin' on.