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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



OOO, LA LA....
it's time for a little fun
french country dining......

i am forever in love with the bright colors of COUNTRY FRENCH !
and, of course ADORE the REDS....
so, so many elements can go into the French flair...
it's such an easy style .....
how fun is this ?
whimsy just appeals to my senses so strongly...
it is very hard indeed for me to get too SERIOUS with my table.
i love MIX & MATCH dearly and I love...


THIS precious BUNNY TOWEL was made by our sweet sisters,
and i have sooo enjoyed it. just love it !!

and, have you noticed how much more RELAXED most guests are when the
table is more casual ? i have and i love to make them relaxed and happy
and HUNGRY !
they say that the color RED enhances the appetite...i think it's true !



over at SUSAN'S

be sure to go over and say HELLO to Susan and look at all the luscious table scapes that's being shown....
please be sure to leave a comment on SUSAN'S space, too !
i sure appreciate her time and energy and for making this TABLE SCAPE TUESDAY so special every week.
I wanted to show you a few more


They are colorful, fun and very simple

In fact, ALL of my table scapes are going to be VERY simple....that is just the way we entertain
and there is no use in my getting a lot of dishes that we will never use.
I would rather spend that money on something like....oh, I don't know...

with my entire family, minus 3,
for SEVEN, yes, 7 days.....
there will be FOURTEEN...yes, 14 of us going together and
because every time I think of it, I pee !!!!
more to follow on this cruise subject,.....
bet you KNEW there would be !!! :O)
oooo, i am beyond excited.....
ok...back to TABLE SCAPES !!
Just using solid WHITE plates, RED plates, blue and white plates, different napkins, tablecloths, place mats , glasses and silverware, I can set several different looks that delight my family and.....

OF COURSE, all French inspired themes need ANIMALS !!
found these dinner plates at, yep...a thrift store.
there's the rabbit, a cow, a rooster and a sheep.
Layered on the red plate with silver charger and red silverware, I think they look pretty cool.
I love RED..

i found that little wicker covered wine bottle at goodwill and knew i would enjoy having it..
and, i do!
i can truly fall in love with the STRANGEST things....

i really love these sponge ware plates
No, KADY, my sweet can't have my plates to go with
YOUR sponge ware.
Oh, I am stingy !! of the granddaughters has already put her name on them!!

and, OF COURSE, we need VINO !
altho it's not a FRENCH wine, we love our old stand-by, WILD VINES BLACKBERRY WINE, with anything.

(i had a glass the other day with a PB&J sandwich and it was gooood !!)
i fell in love with the beaded wine bottle necklace.....
still using the RED here...
didn't use any white plates this time but i have another
TABLE SCAPES posting ready, using them....
little red and white checked napkins from walmart...

magnificent Mackenzie-Childs from BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER and family...

i've noticed these pieces go with EVERYTHING !!
could it be because i like them so much ??

dang it...i keep getting my car in all my pictures...
well, i DO love my car, too !!
and there's the LITTLE WHITE BIRDS
from TARGET...
love these so much and they were less than $3.00...
think i'll go get another set...just in case !

I have several more place settings to show you but guess i had better spread them out a little bit.

i just don't have that many dishes and once you've seen them all, i'll have to do something else on TUESDAYS. I need to run now...gotta check out things at SUSAN'S


WOW...we have such a long, long prayer list that we can't forget....

i have to say my prayers in the morning because if i save them to night time, i go to sleep while praying and don't get them finished !


OH.....and remember me saying that we were VERY casual at our cottage?

THIS is what we use a big part of the time around here..and they are out and handy for anyone that gets hungry or thirsty !

and I NEVER, EVER buy solo cups in any color but RED !!



ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Your tablescape looks amazing. I like the bunny rabbit things there sooo~~~ cute! I love to watch Semi Homemade cooking because of all of here beautiful table scapes. I have kind of been out of the loop I didn't even know there was a Tablescape Tuesday it sounds fun.
Take care,
Yes our prayer list is getting longer, it is such a privilege to be able to pray for our blogging buddies

Stacey said...

I love your tablescapes. We are like you and we are pretty casual. I can look at the fancy tables all day long and we do own some of that stuff. But really it's just not us. :)


Beverly said...

BJ, your tablescapes are lovely. I love the color combinations, and adding in the whimsical animals makes it so fun.

I might like that blackberry wine. I wonder if they sell it around here.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi BJ.
Love your tablescape and the little bunny!

santamaker said...

Hopw fresh and frenchie! BJ, I share your love for black and white with red! One of my favorite combos! Sooo cute, girl. I wanna hear all about your cruise... what ship...where are ya going? when?
be good,

Marcela said...

Hi dear BJ
I haven't visited blogland lately!!!.
But here I am.. I really enjoyed your tablescape!!
I just read that you are going to a cruise. That is amazing!!!
I hope you are having a great week!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

Beautiful BJ! I love the red and checks and all the fun things going on with your table! I LOVE that Mackenzie-Childs set, but we are all about black and white checks aren't we? I could use them everywhere. I love tablesettings so I'll have to hop over to Susans blog and check out the rest.

Devonia said...

Hi BJ, I'm trying so hard to "round up" all my fellow Texan's blogs so I'm thrilled to have found yours. Love the red, love the relaxed generosity ( a Texas trait!) friendly, welcoming spirit of your table and blog. Love Palin/McCain (whoops) that's McCain/Palin this term, isn't it?!?!? *wink* If you don't mind, I'm adding you to my "reasons the paint dries on my brushes" - so I can find my way back.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh BJ you are giving me ideas over here! I love your tablescapes :) And you are so right, family rocks! How awesome, a cruise will be!!!


Judy said...

I had those blue sponge-ware plates with animals a l-o-o-n-g time ago but I loved them! Thanks for the memory of those dishes this morning.....all your tablescapes are so pretty.


Brown-Eyes said...

BJ...I've said before and now I'll say it again, "Your home just "oozes" love!" Reading your blog the way you write is the closest thing to actually being across the table from you... I am excited for you and your family going cruising...oh yeah, we want all the details! ;-) Bo

Southern Lady said...

BJ ... How wonderful for you and your family to be going on a cruise together! I'm so happy for you and know it will be a dream trip for all of you. What wonderful memories you'll have to share for years to come.

I hope you'll tell us more about it soon!



Twice as Nice said...

All your tablescapes are beautiful. Did you make that towel with the bunny? SO CUTE! I must confess the first thing that caught my eye was the bunny towel but the second thing was the WINE!! I was never much of a drinker and last year when my hubby's family from Minnesota came to dinner they brought a bottle of Wild Vines. I didn't want to be rude so I took a tiny bit. Well, I ended up really liking it. I just tried Frutezia Peach flavor by Wild Vines and it is SO tasty. You must try it. I find a glass of wine at night helps me sleep. I'm a worrier so usually at night instead of sleeping I am up worring so this really helps.
Have a great day and keep those tablescapes coming :o)

Lana G! said...

Wonderful tablescapes! So inspiring and I love the bunny items too!

ellen b said...

Hi BJ! I love all your tablescapes with red. All the extra touches are great. I love casual dining as well as fancy at times. What fun. Have a wonderful day.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Good Morning BJ!
Love all of your country French tablescapes....I would enjoy sitting down at your table anytime! The rabbit plates is tooo cute!
p.s. did you get my email last night?

Judy said...

Hey BJ: I'll have to get the formula off the paint can for the bronze....I think it was a custom mix she came up with. If I don't get back to you in a day or two, please e-mail me to remind me (you know, short term memory!)


salmagundi said...

Just beautiful and so welcoming!! I love the red with the black and white. Can hardly wait to see more. Sally

Happy To Be said...

Girl!! even your paper plates and solo red cups looked great.. I so loved the black and white..and of couse being a blue and white girl myself..I loved the blue and your right it will look great with my sponge ware do have my addy don'y you girl?? great job looks wonderful BJ...hugs and smiles Gloria

ceekay said...

Your tablescapes are wonderful. I really love those bunny plates and the black and white tiered plate. Really great!

RetiredAtLast said...

That three tiered server is perfect with the red accent. What a wonderful way to serve either a sweet or savory dip. Whether for fruit, crudites, or chips, it is so versatile. Enjoyed your post.

Flowersnfelines said...

Love all your tablescapes. Your great personality really comes through in everything you do. That cruise sounds awesome, know you all will have a fantastic time. I talk to God at night too and sometimes I fall asleep - I'm sure he understands!

beddow said...

Love your tablescapes, the last one is very similar to the one I use a lot!

Rue said...

Hi BJ :)

Your tablescapes are so much fun. I'll have to get some of that wine for my SIL. She loves flavored wine :)

Big hugs,
ruzzer ;)

Carrie said...

Your suite of tablescapes are very colorful and appealing. The Frecnh-inspired designs are quite chic as well!

Debbie from NJ said...

Hi BJ! I love your tablescape. Loving the red and black. Oh Wow, and a cruise!!!! How exciting! Tell us more!

nikkicrumpet said...

Hah...I'm so glad to be back and get my BJGG fix! Your table looks so warm and inviting and oh so pretty in red! I missed you dear I'm off to see what else you've posted while I was gone.

Smilingsal said...

You are TOOOO much! I adore your sense of humor. The tablescapes would all do so well for a victory party in November. (Did I give you an idea?)

Lucky you--go buy those Depends!

Debbie @ said...

Oh I love love love your tablesetting. It looks so great, and I love that red. wow it really pops. You did a marvelous job. This is so fun isn't it!

jeanne said...

Bj your tablescapes are so much fun and very French country. I love your red very much as well. It would be pure pleasure to come to your home for a meal. I want to join the fun with the tablescapes next Tuesday. Be looking for me.


Sweetie said...

Your tablescape is FABULOUS. Each one is amazing. You have such unique ideas and your posts appear to be so well planned. Lucky you - a cruise with your family. Please share some details with your blogger friends.

Charlotte said...

Hi BJ. I've never been too much into red, but your red tablescapes are so pretty I think I could learn to love it. Red was my Dad's favorite color. Mother said the only time he said anything about anything she wore was if it was red. Mother loved red too, I think mostly because my Dad liked it so much. She said one time when she was very old that her favorite color was blue. I couldn't believe it. I had always thought it was red. Me, I love pink. I guess you could call that a very light shade of red. I said all of that to say, I liked your post.

Counting Your Blessings said...

"Buy Depends"!! That's too funny. Everything is sooo gorgeous. Blessings... Polly

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love your tablesetting, BJ and I am so in love with the bunny plates!

We don't have real china or silverware, but I do have lots of dishes. It's fun to mix them up. We always dine casual. That dinner scene in Something's Gotta Give is our idea of a great evening.

Virginia said...

I like visiting you , specially on Tuesday, when you displayed
all those beautiful tablescapes. So simple yet so beautiful and your Mackenzie Childs pieces are gorgeous. I love anything MC, she is one of my favorites.
Many Blessings, Virginia

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi BJ,
Me again :-)....sorry about your email problem! I sent you another email with a couple of suggestions. In case you don't receive it basically I said, I don't mind waiting...or you could send the address in the mail with the card.....or call me at my home. I left my number on the last email I just sent...let me know if you received it...

PEA said...

I just love all your tablescapes, how delightful it all looks!! As you know, I love red in a kitchen so I, too, have a lot of red in my dishes and such. lol I would love to be able to come eat at your place...even if it's just the paper plates! hehe xoxo

P.S. BJ, can you please send me your address? I bought a little something for you at the thrift shop and want to send it to you. It said "BUY ME, BJ WOULD LOVE ME" when I walked by it! lol My email addy is

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your tablescape is so pretty, cozy, and welcoming! Love the rabbit towel and little white birds! Your cruise sounds exciting! They are so much fun in a large group! :) ~RHonda

decorator101 said...

Oh this was just loads of fun.... I loved the way you mixed and matched..and naturally I have a fondness for I'm quite partial to the bunny towel and plate..then there was the cute little bunny sitting by the wine bottle....thanks so much for your kind comments on my tablescape over at Susan's betweennapsontheporch...they truly meant alot...hugs ~lynne~ aka decorator101 over at RMS

decorator101 said...

Oh this was just loads of fun.... I loved the way you mixed and matched..and naturally I have a fondness for I'm quite partial to the bunny towel and plate..then there was the cute little bunny sitting by the wine bottle....thanks so much for your kind comments on my tablescape over at Susan's betweennapsontheporch...they truly meant alot...hugs ~lynne~ aka decorator101 over at RMS

Katie said...

Hi BJ! What fabulous energy here, LOVE your creative ways with the tablescapes! Thanks for your visit to my apetalapart.blogspot blog - you asked about ordering the Tea Roses, just go to the bottom of the post on the Roses and there is an email link there! My posts here go thru my main blog of course and there is a link on there to get to apetalapart.

Hope to see you again and thanks again for the wonderful pictures here!

Meggie said...

Wonderful tablescapes, Bj! Have fun on your cruise!

imjacobsmom said...

Now this is more my style! I'll sit at the bunny placesetting! ~ Robyn

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Ooh, I love your red, white, and blue theme! This would all go well in my kitchen, especially the spongeware plate, lol! How did you know I would want to sneak over and "borrow" it from you?

Also love the Mackenzie Childs. Beautiful stuff!

When I was going to school full time and working and raising the boys, I used paper plates and plastic cups too! Now that I have a dishwasher, we have gone back to the real stuff. What did we ever do without the paper plates and cups?


Mary said...


I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful tablescapes. I don't usually do formal, we are very laid back. Guests seem to feel more at ease.


Nancy said...

BJ, these are fantastic!!!! I love the white towel with the bunny! Nancy

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said... all your tablescapes! Love all your french country great for July 4th, too! :-) Bunny plates are adorable. And a awesome! Family definitely ROCKS!

Melissa said...

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