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Saturday, September 20, 2008


the PINK balloons, sent up with prayers....

our prayers for a safe and quick recovery for the

the SILENT AUCTION to raise money for the NIELSONS is still going on. So many lovely ladies donated so many lovely things. You are sure to find something you will just have to have. And, of course, it is for a very worthy cause.




oh, YES...i do love PINK, just as all of you out there...
especially our sweet
our hostess for another fabulous
I am thinking that the folks who live in the houses below might like
PINK, even better than BEVERLY !!
what?? is it possible ??

the most precious little house and just look at that vintage bike !
i want it !!

is this a fairy tale come true or what !!
so awesome, i don't even hve words for it.....
you can tell there's lots of LOVE living here by all the precious hearts !!!
reminds me a little of HANSEL nd GRETEL ...does it you?
and, it a REAL house or computer enhanced?
regardless, it sure is a PINK HONEY !!

now, ladies,.....this one is a wee bit on the
UGLY side to my mind...NOT a wee bit but a ....
(excuse me if this is YOUR house!! i really didn't mean that it is UGLY........uh....just kiddin'...oh,dear) ....
it's a shade of PINK, and it IS interesting, so it made it to the final cut of this posting! :O)

ok..i see that it is 2 houses...2 UGLY houses !

ahhh, this is just fabulous !
so romantic.....
france ?
probably new orleans !!
if so...wonder if it's still there?

not sure what this is but it is so dang CUTE !!
their sign says, books, videos...
and i love their little picnic table outside.
cuteness all over the place !

look at those little precious balconies up there....
and the little aqua awnings...
where in the world would this be ??
DREAM LAND, maybe !

OK...THIS is waaaay awesome...
a PINK bridge to a lot of PINK houses...
how cute is that !!
just think....
an ENTIRE bridge painted such a luscious shade of PINK !
soooo cool

check it out....their little picket fence is even PINK...

what can one say about THIS one other than if , all at once, i inherited it,
i would faint and fall over dead !!!


Debbie from NJ said...
Oh BJ, these houses are so cute! My favorite is the pink and white one with the gingerbread! That is actually located in Cape May NJ, and I had the pleasure of going inside it about 6-7 yrs ago! It was the most beautiful fu fu store with the prettiest victorian things! Fu Fu hats with feathers, and gorgeous pictures, and pretties for the bedroom. On the side of the house was a lovely flower garden and we took a picture of our daughter. I have it in my photo grouping, and it is the prettiest! thanks for posting all of thes pretty houses!

Debbie....POSTING these pretty house was MY PLEASURE...

My thanks to you, you lucky girl for getting to see this beauty in person, for sharing this

IN THE PINK information with us...I so appreciate it!

now this PINK BEAUTY has GOT to be one that SOMEONE had a LOT OF FUN with !
bet they love it dearly..
it is a show stopper, for sure!!
don't you know whoever lives here has the most sunny disposition in the world.
i would LOVE to meet her !!
so much fun !

this biggy looks a little faded on the PINK parts but maybe that is because the
rest of the houses on the page are pretty PINK-PINK !! faded and a bit COLD....

UMMMMM, this looks, to me, like maybe an aging movie star lives here
in all the PINK splendor....
with a fabulous, winding stairway and a hugh, marble topped round table
topped with a HUGH crystal vase just overflowing with PINK roses in the entry...
and, OF COURSE, the most magnificent chandelier hanging above.....

the butler meets you at the door and directs you to
THE PARLOR (guess what color !! :o)
all done up in fanciness in the most delicious shades of PINK WONDER.....
"Would you like one lump or two?" when the maid serves your delicious tea,
out of the most beautiful ROSE CHINTZ tea pot and dainty cups.
And, of course, tiny little dainty finger sandwiches and the delicious little


how wonderful to live in a PINK WORLD...
swing by to see all of the other PINKNESS going on over at
you will be tickled PINK that you did !!

blessings and love, bj
prayers today for the NIELSONS and all the GULF COAST residents , DEENA and, of course, those on YOUR prayer list ~


Smilingsal said...

LOL, well I'm tickled PINK and glad I stopped in to see you first thing. lol Nice way to start the day!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Good morning BJ, My prayers go to the Neilson's daily. I never visited her blog and feel like I missed out after reading it latley. I pray for Deena as well. That is so sweet of you to remind us about our blogging friends in need of prayer. I am so thankful that I have this group of blogging friends it's people like you that make my day.
I love the pink houses, I sure wish I could go out of my box and do something crazy like that pink picket fence, it's just to cute~~~~
Have a wonderful day

Beverly said...

Good morning and Happy Pink Saturday, BJ. I am glad I stopped by bright and early because I didn't know you were posting pink today. I just opened my post to add your link.

I do think the owners of some of those houses like pink more than I do. I love the house with all of the beautiful gingerbread.

Such a fun post. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for reminding everyone of the much needed prayers.

Kathleen Grace said...

Good morning Bj! I dont know if I would want to live in some of these pink houses, cute as they are, they do seem just a little unreal. I would sure visit them though! I wondered if that second one was real too! If it is, what do you think the neighbors think lioving next to that fairy tale home?

Baby Vagabond said...

Morning BJ! Am I in time for a cup of coffee?

Just love your pink post. I would set that first little pink cottage in the woods behind our house as a special place for Lola, Lolasmom, and MumMum (me) to play. Can you imagine what fun stories you could imagine there ;-0

((hugs)) Rosie

Sweetie said...

Good Morning, BJ. I love your pinks. My favorite house is the one with all of the gingerbread trim. Your post is really clever. You really have some great ideas and wonderful posts. I could spend hours perusing them. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

ellen b said...

These are great BJ! I did houses this week too. It's always fun to come upon a pink house. have a great weekend.

Miss Rhea said...

Great Post !! I think the pink and white Gingerbread one was made just for me. lol !! :)

Happy Pink Saturday !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, love all those pink houses! Reminds me of the John Melloncamp song when he sings, "pretty pink houses for you and me." Thanks for the fun post to start off my day!

suesueb said...

wonderful pink houses but that bridge is really something else!! have a happy pink week.

Cori G. said...

I LOVE ALL YOUR PINK HOUSES! Some of them look like they're from one of those old turn of the century Baptist convention camps. Whew that took a while. The town is somewhere in New Jersey and they have a Chinese lantern festival each year. Do you know the name of the little town. So much pink loveliness here that I hate to leave, but I must.
Have a wonderful pink weekend my friend.
XO Cori

Charlotte said...

I have never seen so many pretty pink houses or so many not so pretty pink houses. Many years ago we were living in the church parsonage and it needed to be painted. They let us pick the color since we lived there. Since pink was my favorite color we decided on that. Big mistake. It looked like Pepto Bismol. It didn't stay that way too long, it was repainted. I'll have to look and see if I have a picture when it was pink. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful pink pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them - even the not so pretty ones.


Happy Pink Saturday!

OMG!!! You stole the show!
Those shocking PINK Allstars and tiara are mine!

~ Gabriela ~

"Magnolia" said...

Morning, BJ!

LOVE all the "Little Pink Houses for you and me" that you've shared today. (John Mellencamp would be proud! LOL)

My DD's favorite color used to be pink...ah, the good 'ole days. Now it's BLACK! Ugh...

Neabear said...

Interesting pink houses and a pink bridge too! Where are all these houses? I need to take a closer look around my area and see what is pink around here. Happy Saturday!

g said...

wow, what a tour! Wouldn't it be fun if all these houses were in the same neighborhood!

thanks for posting about the Nielson's.

Debbie from NJ said...

Oh BJ, these houses are so cute! My favorite is the pink and white one with the gingerbread! That is actually located in Cape May NJ, and I had the pleasure of going inside it about 6-7 yrs ago! It was the most beautiful fu fu store with the prettiest victorian things! Fu Fu hats with feathers, and gorgeous pictures, and pretties for the bedroom. On the side of the house was a lovely flower garden and we took a picture of our daughter. I have it in my photo grouping, and it is the prettiest! thanks for posting all of thes pretty houses!

PA Fiber Artist said...

Your blog should win the BEST BLOG IN AMERICA AWARD!!!

Happy Pink Saturday.

Blessings and to and Go McCain and Palin!


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I am missing Texas and loved living for a very short time in Lubbock. Love the photo of Buddy Holly statue.Loved the pink houses... thanks for sharing.

Virginia said...

You outdid yourself today. All the pictures are wonderful and the houses are charming . Like fairytale land.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

bj said...

oh, thank you, debbie of new jersy..
i am going to add your sweet note on to my posting!
So many thanks,
love, bj

Brown-Eyes said...

Hi BJ...You have the most playful spirit and write the BEST blog...whatever the topic of the day... Coming by your place is always a barrel of fun! ;-) Bo

Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

BJ, those are some amazing pink houses. I love the fairytale one and the one that you need to inherit the best! Thanks for sharing those! :-) Susan
P.S. I love the way you write!!!

Grandma Faith said...

What A Blast! A Pink Tour of Homes! You sure found some "winners." Thanks for all the fun. Now, you know, I'm going to be looking around for pink houses. I bet I never find a pink bridge. Take care.

vintagewindow said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh' love those pink houses. I'm not sure I could talk Phil into buying a pink house, but I'm sure gonna try! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed the meloncamp tune!! Kris

Anonymous said...

I can't get Stephanie and Christian off my mind. Their story is almost unbelievable. It is so wonderful to see so many people reach out to someone they don't even know. I love your pics of our next president.


Katie said...

Wow are those some nifty houses! Happy Pink Saturday!

ROXY said...

Love the pink Converse!! I am dying for a pair just like those:) Thanks for visiting:) Happy Pink Saturday:)

Mary said...


I loved all the pink houses, but the one your friend was in is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Hickam said...

Great wonderful pink houses! Loved everyone of them(even the not quite so sweet ones). Happy Pink Saturday.

Stephanie said...

Wow...where did you find all those pink houses. Some of them were pretty crazy! I enjoyed the "Pink House Tour".

Happy Pink Saturday!


Susan (Moonlight and Magnolias on RMS) said...

Hey BJ...forgot to say earlier...Jim Shore does make a "Mother/Daughter's a link to one of them:

Anonymous said...

great photos, pretty pink houses; love the bridge!

jeanne said...

Bj, you amaze me with these pink houses etc. I just can't believe some of the pink cuteness of it all. LOL.
some of them are stunning and some of them are a fairy tale. A fun post today girl. My prayers continue for all who are in need of help from our Lord.

I am getting stronger each day. Thank you for your concern BJ.

Love and hugs, Jeanne

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Oh my gosh.. I never seen so many pink houses at one post!.. I love all the houses! seriously they are pretty!.. and with pink bridge.. I need a pink car to go with!... hehehehe happy pink saturday! I love your post today!..

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Bj and Happy Pink Saturday! I love all the pink houses especially the lacy Victorian one!
Hugs, Maryjane

Betty said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of all the pretty pink houses. I have seen some of these houses, but I can't remember where I saw them. I know it was one of our trips with a tour company.

Anne Fannie said...

Hello BJ, love all the pink houses and buildings you posted today! I have to agree, the owners simple love PINK too!
Love, Ann

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I just love all these pink houses, even the "ugly" ones! These are great! I would not paint a house pink, but applaud those who do.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey BJ, Awesome pink post and a belated Happy Pink Saturday to you. Did you see that over 3100.00 was raised for the Nie auction? Isn't that wonderful? ~ Lynn

Suzy said...

Lovely and so pink, I like it. I hope you are fine, long time no see.

Wish you a great day. Love Suzy

Anonymous said...

For some reason the link I sent Susan is not working. Try this one instead.

Glenda said...

BTW, meant to say I really enjoyed your post. Hope the new link works for you, it did for me.

Jackie said...

Those Pink houses are just so cute!

God bless.

Sweetie said...

Hi BJ, I just wanted to let you know that I posted the "Super Commenter's Award." Thanks.

bj said...

WILD ROSE COTTAGE SUZY...for some unknown reason, when I go to your space, I lose all the wording. I refresh, wordings come back but dissapear right away. I am sure I am doing something wrong but...what?
Hope you see this!
love, bj

Nancy said...

Hi BJ, I didn't get to do pink sat this week...but I am still taking a peek at everyone's pink! I love all the pinkness you have shared with us. I love that pink and white house with all the gingerbread! I am praying for the Neilson's too! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Nancy

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I've never seen so much pink goodness in one spot! And that sweet girl Sarah Palin over there anything she can't do?

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Pinky pink houses.... how fun ....
Thanks BJ.... about our sweet Lola... you are a jewel...

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi BJ!
Well these people are just plum crazy about pink!! What adorable houses, they look like cotton candy, good enough to eat! (always looking for something sweet, that's me)
I hope and pray for the Neilson's recovery. Sometimes that is the most valuable thing we can do is PRAY, from our hearts. God bless that family!
Stop by, I'm having my 100th post giveaway!!
Hugs, Sherry

Patricia said...

Your pink houses are a feast for the eyes. I would like to have just one. Hope you have a wonderful new week. Great post.

Liz said...

Hi BJ,
Thanks for stopping by my little blog. Love those pinks! Somehow Saturday always sneaks up on me. I would like participate one of these weeks!


Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I Love all those Pink homes....they are Fabulous....what fun....I would love to see the inside of all of them....great Pink Post....
Mo :-)

Susie Q said...

What fun BJ! I loved seeing all these beauties! Th eone that did not look real...I DO believe that is Minne Mouse's house in Disney Land! Isn't it precious! I love it.

I always love your posts and this was another delight!


Joanne Kennedy said...

I love your post! I did one on pink houses not to long ago also. I think we may have used some of the same houses.

I love pink houses. I would love to have one myself.

I think that bridge is way cool! I wonder who picked out the color for that... I bet it wasn't a guy! LOL


nikkicrumpet said...

LOOOOVED the pink house tour...there were sure some beauties in there...and I even liked the one you thought was ugly!

Nerissa said...

I've been sick & am playing catch up from Pink Saturday. Thanks for stopping by. Your pictures of buildings & structures are incredible. I can't pick one, although the pink bridge is pretty cool.
Thanks for sharing.