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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sweet MARY at LITTLE RED HOUSE showed us some of her pretty vintage linens and reminded me that I have a FEW...from my precious little AUNT FRANKIE......

She made the most beautiful cloths, scarves and pillow cases and I am so very glad to have a few of them...................

I should have enough to give to my grandchildren for keepsakes...........

Even more remarkable is the fact that AUNT FRANKIE only had one finger and a thumb on one hand and 3 fingers and a thumb on the other !

Every time I find myself saying, "Oh, I can't do THAT !".......

I think of my AUNT FRANKIE and at least give it a TRY.

She was remarkable and always did everything she wanted to and never gave in to her handicap. I admired and loved her very much.....

Aren't they lovely !!

I never liked SLEEPING on embroidered pillow cases ....they always left a mark on my face....

But, I sure am glad I saved these and didn't give them away......

She always used such pretty colors............

This scarf has always just amazed me......I think it is so pretty and the depth perception is very interesting...almost like a painting.
I have ALWAYS wanted to display it....just never have known HOW.

I wonder if it would be pretty in a frame? The only thing wrong with that is that it has this lovely pattern on BOTH ends....Hmmmmm

If you think of how it would be pretty, please let me know. It's way too pretty to keep in a drawer !!
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Terri and Bob said...

Those linens are beautiful! How lucky you are to have them!

PAT said...

I love embroidery! I used to do it quite a bit.

Yours are amazingly beautiful. Not only for the work, but for the story behind them!

Have a wonderful weekend, BJ!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

My, these are very pretty! I've always admired those that don't let there handicaps stop them from creativity!

Have a great day! ☼

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I love embroidered linens! That one with the front door is amazing.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Morning BJ,

I love all your pretty linens.....particularly amazed by your Aunt!

I would drape the scarf over a small table or dresser.....just put some coasters there so no one gets a coffee ring on it!!

((hugs)) Rosie

Anonymous said...

The linen is lovely. I remember my mom doing that,but have no idea what she did with them.I used to love finding all her iron on patterns and looking them.

sea mystery said...

Our Mom, who passed away last year, used to embroider, candlewick, and crochet. I have most of the pieces she did and the embroidered pieces are my favorite. They are so delicate and I treasure them. Thanks for giving us a look at yours.
Carolyn xxoo

Rue said...

Those are so beautiful Bj :) How about framing the last one with glass on both sides and then you could hang it either way?

Have a great night!
rue :)

Country Liv . . . said...

BJ, (I had an aunt named Barbara Jean and I called her BJ) have you thought about using the scarf as a window swag? It would be beautiful with some shear lace panels or even alone on a Kitchen or Bathroom window? I never liked sleeping on the embroidered pillowcases either and I did give most of them away! Duh, yes, I'm a dummy!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi BJ , I love your linens.I have some my grandmother stitched & I wouldn't take anything for them .

And Bj Thank you so much for the kind words you left me on my blog,I could feel your sweet spirit radiating through your comments. I hope you come back to visit me often . And everyone else is invited to come on over too :0)

Susie said...

Happy Saturday BJ,
These linens are beautiful! Your Aunt Frankie is a wonderful example of to all of us!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi BJ!
What lovely treasures you have from your aunt! Her embroidery is beautiful and she is an inspiration to all of us! The scarf embroidered on both ends could be hung over a short curtain rod to display it. I have a quilt rack that I layer my favorite doilies and laces on.
Hugs, Sherry

Anita said...

These remind me so much of all the ones my grandma had... I don't have any of them, unfortunately...:(

Donna said...


They are all beautiful! I have a few also, and I love them. I have seen pillows made from them and other items and I always think they are so pretty.

But, when it actually comes down to cutting one up, I just can't do it.

Oh well, I think they are pretty just folded on a shelf or hanging on a quilt rack.

~ Donna

Ruthie said...

such beautiful linens. What a wonderful collection you have. I love looking at the wonderful pix on your blog!

Beverly said...

Well, you might think this is a bit nutty, but I went to a friend's home many years ago, and she had vintage linens everywhere. Of course I had to visit her charming restroom, and she had an old dresser scarf folded and placed on top of her toilet tank. I scooped up her idea, and ran home to do the same thing. Honestly, it never would have occurred to me to put something so pretty of my toilet tank lid, but it definitely prettied up my bathroom. And, everyone that uses the "facility" comments on it.

zetor said...

Your linen is beautiful.

Rhondi said...

Those linens are very pretty and how special for you to have them. Thanks for the reminder that limitations don't have to hold us back.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi BJ,
I just came over from Kathy's Cottage. I work a lot with vintage linens so I was thrilled to see yours on your post. A great way to display linens is to display them layered over modern towels. I have some ideas listed on my blog that I just posted today. You can do what I did and just pin or fold the runner so that the bottom doesn't show. I've also done what Beverly said about using doilies and runners on the T-tank. It really does look great.
Patricia :o)