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Saturday, April 5, 2008


I would like to pass this award to all or anyone listed on my blog roll ~


I LOVE JARS...........................

...even this old-timey, vintage canning jar that belonged to my momma. I just don't know what to DO with it...or PUT in it ????

What in the world would YOU put in it? Use it for? Remembering now that the mouth on this jar is not even large enuf to put your hand into it...

I love my vintage knives, spoons and forks in this little rose jar.....
I can think of ALL kinds of neat things to put in this looks great with candy in it, too. 'Course ANYTHING looks good with CANDY in it !

These 2 thrift shop jars look pretty cute with pasta of all kinds in them....big mouths on both jars so they are "easy in and easy out".......

This one, minus it's top, works great for pecans or anything that doesn't HAVE to have a lid.....I love it's shape, too. Unusual and it, too, has a hugh mouth.

And, I just know this one was MADE to hold homemade chocolate chip, pecan cookies...which by the way, from the looks of things here, I need to take a

COOKIE MAKING DAY soon!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Hubby is ALWAYS glad to hear about THAT day. There was never a doubt from day one what I would use this great jar for!!

BUT, what in the world can you put in tiny jars like these??? I am afraid they are useless....just for looks....and I don't have room for things I CAN'T USE.

Now, talented TINA at CHERRY HILL COTTAGE uses some of these old jars to hold flowers on her kitchen table but she has a darling, metal holder that holds her jars and THAT is what makes them SO, SO cute.

See, I have NO imagination....she or ya'll can come up with something really neat but I, on the other hand, am ready to take the whole kit and caboodle to GOODWILL, where, in turn, some vintage-loving lady will see them, nearly wet her pants, grab and run to the counter to check out, wondering all the time what kind of IDIOT would get rid of these "PRECIOUS, OLD, CHARACTER-BUILDING JARS THAT CAN BE USED FOR A MILLION THINGS.....WHY, JUST LOOK HERE...SOME OF THEM MUST BE HAND BLOWN. YOU CAN SEE THE BUBBLES IN THE GLASS" !!??!!??!!

I KNOW...I've been there....done that!!! :)

If you can think of something that would look great in these jars to make them usable, let me know, if you would.
ON THE OTHER HAND,......... If me....see them as fairly useless, take a look around the store next time you are at a GOODWILL........ will probably see 'em on a shelf there!

Have fun today!


NnN said...

Oh BJ, I , too, have a jar addicition. It is awful...old, new, doesn't matter. Even when I say to myself...what do you need THAT for, I still cannot resist a small one OR two....the smaller ones hold pennies and other change in the laundry. I've got vitamins in the kitchen ones, nail polish bottles in the bathroom ones, and my LARGE jars have collections in them....cookies cutters, wooden blocks, old clothespins..nothing terribly original, but a reason to hang on to them...where else would I put little cat toys?!!? :)

Beverly said...

I know just what you mean. I am at the point that I need a use to justify things. But, I too love containers. I like the idea of filling the jars with change.

I just passed some similar jars to my son. I wonder what he did with them.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Fabulous old jars...what about making wonderful bath salts for friends & family...tying with a bow & voila...a fresh spring gift? Or have you seen all the amazing button collections throughout the sites? Sorting by color, and filling up these old jars would be terrific containers for creativity!

We also received a "tear" jar for our catch their tears for the fairies to water the flowers...mmm...we will keep thinking!!Have a lovely weekend!

kari & kijsa

Adrienne said...

DON'T TAKE THEM TO THE GOODWILL!!! You will probably wish you hadn't. I have several old jars of various sizes that belonged to my sweetheart's grandmother. I store things like lentils, barley and other pantry things in them. The small ones hold things like the lentils and barley that I only add a bit to soups. In a previous house I had them lined up on my counter. I'm thinking I might do the same again when we get our kitchen remodel finished. IF we ever do! Then I'll have more counter space. ~Adrienne~

Deb said...

Hi BJ, I have a few jars myself though I can't think of a single thing to do with mine either.And even if I did find something to use them for I have no where to put them. I do want to tell you that I forwarded a piture of my rooster to you, and oh, I like the sound of those chocolate chip, pecan cookies. Deb

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Love all the jars, BJ. The tiny jars would look sweet filled with beads or tiny buttons, or how about spices in the kitchen?

Midlife Mom said...

Some vintage marbles or buttons look good in the old jars. I like different heights for flowers clumped together and really small jars with tiny flowers in my bathrooms. Cracked corn, dried peas and other seeds look good in them too! Have fun! I e-mailed you some pictures of roosters.

Linda said...

Hi BJ, I love vintage jars. Besides food they do look sweet with flowers, as you mentioned. I also use them for little candles, buttons, sewing notions, colored sugars, matches, shells and beach glass, little doggie treats, pens and pencils, make-up brushes,little soaps, bath salts,and orts from sewing. Most of the time I'll tie a little jute, ribbon or homespun material around the neck for a bit of whinsy.....well, that's about it for me.Have fun and I hope you got a few ideas Hugs, Linda

Kathleen Grace said...

I have a bunch of the old green jars, I love the color but have a hard time knowing what to do with them too. I have seen them lined up on the top of peoples cupboards and they are very pretty, or sometimes I put tea light candles in them and use them outdoors for parties. I have even hung them from the trees with candles inside by twisting wire around the top and making a little bale to hang them by:>)

Helen said...

I put buttons in my old jars .... and what is it about them anyway? They take me back to the good old days, I guess. Take care, BJ!

Anonymous said...


I would love to be in your rooster can I email you??

Kathy :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Hi BJ! Love your jars! The old ones have such character. I only have a few nice ones and right now they are just stored. I think I will see if I can put a glass votive in them and light some candles this summer on the porch. :-) Rosie

Anonymous said...

I cant add any thing new, I use them in the kitchen, or out on my deck with candles in them, Also in the bath with sea salt or little soaps etc... I think giving them away filled with bath salts or candy is a great gift idea.

Betty said...

Hi BJ,

First of all, thank you for passing the award on to me. I will put it on my sidebar and post about it later.

To me those old canning jars looks great with nothing in them. It's nice to show them off as an antique. However, since you want to be able to put something in those, how about any kind of small candies, such as M & M's? Or anything small for that matter, it's just that M & M's would be colorful.

Hope you are having a good weekend.


CIELO said...

Good evening, BJ... lovely jars...I love to decorate with jar too; different colors, shapes, makes such pretty statements...

Have a great night


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

I'm with you, I have jars all over the place! One holds fake speckled eggs, one holds cookies, cookie cutters, Hershey kisses, cotton balls, bath salts, coffee, sugar, powdered creamer, tea bags, and lets see...oh yes, one in my room for vintage doo dads like buttons, broken jewelery bits. Oh goodness there are more jars around here than I realized!


Anita said...

I should post a picture of the jars I got at the same auction I bought my hoosier cabinet at! One of the was full of old fashioned clothes pegs... the other with old spools of grey and black thread...

I had quite a few before the storm, but managed to 'salvage' only some... just gives me a good reason to collect more, don't you think?? :)

Love this post... Hope your weekend is going fabulous!!

Rue said...

Oh sweetie! To tell you the truth, I have no idea what to do with most things in my house, but then one day something will hit me and bang an idea is born! LOL These ladies have some terrific ideas, so I think you should try them :)

Have a great night!!
rue :)

Mary Isabella said...

I have some jars like the one in the first picture. they belong to my husband Mother...Have a beautiful Sunday

Nan said...

Love those jars. You could put votive candles in those little ones.
I am especially fond of the blue jars.

Jackie said...

BJ I love your jars. I wish I had more of them myself.

God bless.

Wendy said...

Hi BJ thanks so much for the award I am so happy to get another one!!! I also love jars!! I use them for spices and baking things. Also wanted to say how sorry I am to hear about your loss. Have a great night my friend!~Wendy

Mary said...


I just love all of your jars. I have some too, but that green one is a collector's item. They are hard to find in good condition.

Enjoyed visiting with you tonight. I'd missed several posts and was glad to play catch-up.


becky said...

BJ...i too am a collector of jars. One of my favorite things to do with all sizes of canning jars is to pour in some sand (half way up or less) add a colorful votive and tie a coordinating ribbon around the neck of the jar. These look beautiful when grouped and lit!

Classics and Country said...

I love what you have done with all your jars! How creative.