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Friday, April 4, 2008


Gypsy Rose Lee (also known as Rose Louise Hovick and Louise Hovick) (born February 9, 1911 April 26, 1970) was an American actress, burlesque entertainer, and writer whose 1957 memoir, which included a scathing portrait of her domineering mother, was made into the stage musical and film Gypsy.

SHE was a very classy lady and her acts were always "clean" with no nudity at all....

THE movie of her life came out during the 60's and if I saw it once, I saw it 20 times....
It was a FABULOUS movie with Natalie Wood, one of my all-time favorite actors.

These tickets are for GYPSY, the play, that BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER and I went to and did we ever enjoy it....every single minute of it !!

IF ever you get the chance, and you enjoy plays, be sure to see this one....

I can PROMISE that you will love it, too!

Very entertaining, indeed.



Don't forget to send me your pictures of your favorite rooster to add to our ROOSTER PARADE for next week ~
hugs, bj


Beverly said...

Good morning, BJ. Gypsy sounds quite entertaining. I have never seen the play or the movie, but I will seek out the movie based on your recommendation.

Thanks for posting the rooster reminder. The rooster pictures we have thus far received are quite charming.

PAT said...

I've seen the movie many times, too, BJ! I'd love to see the play! I always enjoyed seeing Gypsy Rose Lee when she would appear on the afternoon talk shows, during the 60's. Merv Griffin's show comes to mind. Do you remember seeing her on these shows? June Havoc was her sister, I believe. She changed the original name around. It seems like she (June) was married to someone famous.. name has slipped my mind!

Still no sun today...I may just go ahead and snap a couple shots of a rooster or two, just to see how they turn out. If they do, I'll send one to you!


NnN said...

Since my name is Rosie...I've always noticed that quite a few tv and film barmaids and ladies of the shall I say... colorful occupations, are named Rosie, but they always have a heart of gold! :) Luckily, the plucky heroine of Titanic was named Rose, so I am seeing a turn around!! :)

bj said... cute you are!
And, guess what....I dearly LOVE the name ROSE. I tried in vain to get Beautiful Daughter to name her last daughter ROSE.(and, I had just seen TITANIC and was totally in love with THAT ROSE.)
Pls. stop by to see me again!
hugs, bj

Shelia said...

I BJ! I agree, what a great movie. Loved Natilie Wood and how sad she died in the water when she was so deathly afraid of it! Be a sweetie. Shelia

Betty said...

Good afternoon, BJ.

I love live plays and will definitely go to see this one if I get an opportunity.

Going now to hunt down my rooster to send to you.

Back Through Time said...

I haven't seen the movie but it sounds great, will have to go to see if I can find it at blockbusteronline. Glad you had a great time with your daughter!
Happy Friday!

...... Kristina ...... said...

Hi Sweet BJ,
This is one of my all time favorite movies,wasn't Nathalie the prettiest girl? i just love her.
Me and my sisters would parade up and down the room at home shouting "hello boys my names gypsy what yours" and then bursting in to song " and if your real good i'll make you feel good i'm very versatile" lol can you imagine the three of us acting all sexy at such young ages..father wasn't amused but mum would hush him up as she loved watching us lol.
Hope everything is good in your corner of the world.
Love and a hug Kristina XxX said...

Hi B.J. Karen brought the computer over last night and got it going again!! I sure hope it stays fixed!!! I have missed you!! Love and Hugs Grams

Susie Q said...

What fun!! I hope you have a wonderful time..heck. I KNOW you will!!!


Tara said...


I remember watching that movie as a kid, loved it!


Jackie said...

Good evening BJ. I saw Gypsy many years ago, but I may just have to look for it again.

God bless.

Mary Isabella said...

I saw the one in the 1960's . I thought it was very good. Have a beautiful weekend....Mary