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Monday, April 7, 2008


Beautiful Daughter and most of her family went to Dallas for a hugh motorcycle race....her littlest daughter HATES motorcycle races........too dirty....too loud....

Soooo.....guess who got to share her time all weekend..... blessed MEMAW.......

.......that's who!!

The park close to my house is always a MUST, if the weather permits......

Today was windy, to say the least but not TOO windy to PLAY......NEVER too windy to PLAY.....

And, not to windy to fish, either.....

These two young men were catching fish every time they threw their line into the water.

Needless to say, the next time we visit the park, we'll be bringing along our

fishin' rods !!

(I am pretty sure she was wondering WHY I didn't have our rods in the back of my car, just for such emergencies!!!)

Tiny granddaughter is a pretty good photographer, too!

She took this of the old trees around the lake....they haven't turned green fact, I am wondering, looking at these pictures, if they are dead!?!!

All the Red Bud trees are blooming and casting a purple hue to some of my pictures.

(Well, actually, now I am wondering if I had some sort of filter going on while we were snapping pics..??)

We took sand toys and toys draw other kids like a magnet....

It didn't take long until she had a little sand-digging friend......:)

She's 6 now and you know what happens to TEETH around 6 years old....

They start "dropping like flies" and I just had to get a close-up of this!!

We had a good time at the park...didn't get to stay near long enuf because MOM and DAD, BROTHER and SISTER got home, called us and they were so anxious to see their baby, we had to cut the park trip short and......GO HOME ~


Please remember to keep checking BEVERLY's site for the beginning installment of the


sta rting, possibly, THIS morning!

She is requesting that all submissions be in by TUESDAY, 8th
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EXTRA ! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT..................
All about the ROOSTER PARADE, that is............
has posted the FIRST installment of it this morning and, boy, are there some mighty fine looking rooster strutting their stuff over there!!!
Please go over and take a look at this first batch of mighty birds...and tell BEVERLY what a fabulous job she is doing, managing all these feathered friends.........


Anita said...

What a fun day! Your photos are all wonderful... and her photos are great too! I'm glad you had such fun...

The Barber Bunch said...

I jumped over from Rue's.

Just wanted to say Hi!

Nice Blog! Great Pics!


Amelia said...

Making such wonderful memories!

She certainly is a cutie (takes after her grandmother in the looks dept).

Amelia in Oklahoma

Kathleen Grace said...

What a precious little granddaughter! I remember when my girls were that age, oh how dear that age is! I am sure that she will rememeber the times that you have shared with her with so much love when she grows up:>)

the feathered nest said...

Sounds like a fun day for you both! Love the picture of her smile. When my daughter started to lose her teeth all we could get from her was a kind of smirk - she never opened her mouth to smile!


Anonymous said...

You are such a FUN grandma, thats what I try to be with my girls. Have a Blessed week.

Brad & Kijsa said...

Such a fun day!! we loved seeing the beginnings of the rooster!!! Have a wonderful day!

kari & kijsa

Beverly said...

I know what a special time that was for both of you. I spent two days last week with my little grand one. It was full of wonderful memories and hugs.

Thanks for pointing everyone over to the parade. I just don't know what I am going to do with all these feathers.

Donna Kay said...

What a beautiful day at the park - I will soon have one of those - a grandbaby that is!! very exciting.
I don't have one rooster in my house - and didn't realize it until the parade started - oh, this just will not do!!
You have been such an inspiration to me - I check your blog everyday - but I'm not so good at commenting - but I will get better!!
thanks BJ

Anonymous said...

BJ, it's 4crazykids from RMS I thought I saw some pictures of your house the other day on someone else's blog but didn't know that you had your own! I live in the DFW area of Texas! Just thought I'd say hi to my favorite rooster lady!

CIELO said...

How fun! Lucky you that can have your sweet ones close.... what a blessing! and YOU, my dear, look amazing! so full of life! Keep it that way!

Blessings to you and yours


Anonymous said...

Love the trip with your sweet little one.Pictures are great.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

What a SWEET Memaw you are & what a fun day that must have been! The simplest things make the happiest memories & there's nothing more fun than the park!
Thanks for visiting my rooster & I would be thrilled to have Butterscotch enter the rooster parade if he's not too late!


Linda said...

What a fun day for you both, lots of great pictures and memories too. Your little granddaughter is sure cute and I love her smile showing her missing tooth. Hugs, Linda

Linda said...

What a fun day for you both, lots of great pictures and memories too. Your little granddaughter is sure cute and I love her smile showing her missing tooth. Hugs, Linda

Sharon said...

What a great day with your grandaughter! Looks like such fun!You make me excited to be a grandma myself! I actually can't wait. You are a wonderful Memaw!

:0) Sharon

Rue said...

What a beautiful day to spend with your grandaughter :) She's just precious! You are so beautiful Bj, inside and out.

By the way, did I tell you I gave you an award? I didn't know if I did or if you saw it there because I've posted twice since then.

Rue :)

Judy said...

BJ: I love spending time with my little grandbabies. Just tonight we ate out with our little twins Taylor and Jackson...we can't get enough of them.
I enjoyed participating in the rooster parade and it was so sweet of Beverly to say such nice things about my roosters.

Take care my friend!