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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I would like to send out a hugh WELCOME to a brand new blogging friend and her new site....
Her name is DONNA at DONNA'S IN THE ATTIC (what a cute blog name, Donna!).
Please go over and introduce yourself and help her to feel at home in this wonderful world of blogging.....

DONNA, we are so glad to have you for a new friend.


This is DAY 2 of the ROOSTER PARADE over at BEVERLY'S
and she has a brand new batch of handsome fellas marching, strutting and.....well.....doing their THING!
Be sure to stop by and say HELLO to all of them!
THESE beautiful French Country tablecloths shown below are.....OILCLOTH
Meaning they can just be wiped off with a wet cloth.

I was totally excited when I found this site and I don't care if it cost
ONE MILLION DOLLARS, I aim to have one of these colorful, beautiful, easy to care for cloths for MY dining table......well, maybe not a MILLION, but ........... :o)

I really love using tablecloths and they aren't hard to wash and iron...just a little time consuming....and my table is LARGE, so if I have to IRON the cloth....I don't like it very much.

Since PLASTIC cloths aren't really my cup of tea....
I am more than sure I would just love one of these!
These pretty ones are COTTON, coated with Scotch Guard.


This is how their ad reads.......

"These oilcloths from PROVENCE are made in cotton with a special treatment on them called scotchguard which makes them waterproof and stain resistant.
They look great, as regular cotton, much better than those plastic tablecloths! Round or rectangle oilcloth available. Round tablecloths looks great on square table too. "
To order or just take a peek at what they offer, go HERE.
They have other FRENCH items, too that are fun fun fun to look at....

My son*in*law is to have knee surgery this morning and I ask for your kind prayers for him.


Cottage Contessa said...

Oh my goodness gracious me sweet Miss BJ, but those oil cloth table cloths are EXQUISITE! Yep, I'm swooning! lol Hey sweetie, don't forget to pick up your awards from yesterdays post on my blog, ok?! Hugs!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Kathleen Grace said...

I will keep your son in law in my prayers, hope everything goes well for him:>) Now I must og visit DOnna and Beverly and see about those oil cloths! Have a great day BJ:>)

Anita said...

I LOVE the tablecloths!! I'm going to check them out now, as well as Donna and Beverly!

Have a fabulous day!

Janet said...


Those cloths are exquisite. They often have them ( treated cotton from France) at Homegoods. E-mail me the size you need and I will keep my eyes peeled for them. They are more in the $20-$30 range.

Your son in law is in my thoughts; hope all goes well.


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi BJ, thanks for the reminder my sweet, when I looked yesterday there was not a rooster in sight, today there are so many mighty fine fellas I am almost overcome.
You and Beverley deserve a medal for your hard work organising this!
Sending good wishes and prayers for your son-in-law, hope his operation goes well.
Big Hugs,
Lucy x

PAT said...

Praying for your son in law, BJ!

Do you remember when oil cloth could be bought from a bolt or roll? I remember having tablecloths made from oil cloth. It was nice, being able to buy the exact amount of "cloth" for the table.

The tablecloths you found are beautiful!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Ooooh la, la is right....what pretty table cloths!. I am in today's parade....what fun....Thank you!

Hoping and praying all goes well with the surgery.

((hugs)) Rosie

Bevelry said...

BJ you are just a sweetheart. Thank you for your open and giving heart to everyone.

Your family is in my prayers.

Suzy said...

Really nice table cloths. I have a nice plastic one with roses but still it looks so ordinary. I like the photo of this rooster - gorgeous!


Donna said...


Thank you so much for the "Welcome"! I have already received several comments on my Blog thanks to you!

This is going to be so much fun!

You have a beautiful site and I look forward to reading each day.

Thank you again for all of your help!

~ Donna ~

CIELO said...

Beautiful tablecloths... so springly...! and thank you BJ for the Rooster Parade.... such fun!


Cathy said...

Thank you for the "head's up on the Donna's new blog and those gorgeous tablecloths. Going to check it all up right now!


daisy cottage said...

I hope your son-in-law is doing great and everything is fine...
Beautiful oil cloths!


Betty said...

Hi BJ,

I pray your son-in-law came through his knee surgery without any problems.

I love the tablecloths. I am needing one for my dining room table. I'll check this site out. Thank you for sharing this.

PEA said...

I hope and pray that your son in law's surgery went well...keep us updated!!

I went to welcome's always such a pleasure to meet new people in this blogging world of ours:-)

I wanted to join the Rooster Parade but would you believe it...I don't have a rooster of any kind in the house! lol So, I'll just enjoy seeing all the entries on Beverly's blog!!

Omigosh, those tablecloths are just gorgeous and to think they just wipe still my heart! I will definitely be checking out that site! xox

Susie Q said...

You are one gorgeous Meemaw for sure.
Your SIL is in my prayers.

Welcome to Donna!

LOVE the tablecloths so much!! Beautiful!


Rue said...

I'm praying for your son-in-laws quick recovery!

Beautiful table cloths :)

Have a great night,
rue :)

Rue said...

Oh and Picket has a blog


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi BJ...this is "Southerndecor" from RMS & I started a blog about 2 weeks ago. I love this much better than RMS, although I still check in from time to time! I kept seeing your name pop up in other's blogs, but couldn't find your blog. Glad I did, I love the tablecloths! What a great find! I don't like the plastic cloths either, but with three males, I can't use fabric ones either on a daily basis... I would be washing ALOT! LOL!

My prayers are with your son-in-law! Hope all went well with his surgery today!

Stop in for a visit, if you get a chance! ~Rhonda :)

Celene said...

Hi BJ! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those tablecloths! Gorgeous. I really like your blog. You seem delightful. I noticed we have similar tastes in movies. I love anything Jimmy Stewart, Pretty Woman and Somewhere in Time. My very favorite movie of all time is Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland. I only have one grandson so far , 13 months, and he's my favorite thing! I'm adding you to my blog roll. Would you please add me to yours? I'll be back often. Thanks and God Bless, Celene

Wendy said...

Hi BJ I pray all went well with your SILs surgery and he heals quickly!! those tablecloths are gorgeous!! thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend to me!! God Bless you my friend!!!~Wendy

Mary Isabella said...

These are so beautiful. I will pray for you son-in-law....Smiles