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Monday, March 3, 2008



I love the look on the little dog's face......

OOOOO, what a pitiful, little yellow flower....trying so hard to be pretty in that dry, hard dirt. We need moisture out here in West Texas soooooo bad. See the little green shoots wanting to grow? I need to rake, spade and water this little flower bed and see if I can help it along at all. I am not much of a gardener...out here, it takes so much time and effort to make our flowers pretty but if I keep the flower garden small, and try to plant in a protected area, away from the hot, dry winds, I may can have a few pretty plants. Just like every year, I will sure give it a try........
Our temp. here in West Texas was just over 80 degrees on Saturday...this Monday morning, it is SNOWING !! BOOO HOOOOO


A thrifting we will go......

Now, to the NORMAL person, this little wicker suitcase wouldn't look like a treasure at all...but, I just LOVE it to pieces!! It reminds me of Holly Hobby running away and using this romantic little suitcase to carry all her cute clothes in. Less than $4.00, it just had to come home with me from the thrift store.

I am going to fill it to the brim with all my pretty magazines and just enjoy the heck out of it !!!

AND...if I just slide it underneath my big coffee table, it will be out of the way and still look pretty neat !

See the LARGE platter in the middle? It is also a thrift store find....Ironstone, from ENGLAND !! Now, tell me if you can...why would anyone send such a beautiful, English platter to a thrift store to be sold for mere pennies? I will never understand it but I sure am happy to take it off their hands! :)

I use it every chance I get...I love USING my dishes as well as displaying them.

This platter has a slight white on white wheat pattern around the edges......


After posting my dining room the other day, several ladies emailed, asking me to show the shelves a little better. Sweet Hubby made them, drilling a hole thru the wooden brackets, allowing a large wooden dowel to be used as a curtain rod.

We then used a wooden ball on the ends of the dowels to finish off the "look"...

I have enjoyed the shelves over the windows...just more space to put thrifted treasures.....those shelves are FULL, though, so I am going to quit going to garage sales and thrift shops for awhile......well, that is right after I make the rounds tomorrow with Beautiful Daughter......hmmm, maybe she still has a tiny bit of room left for some new "finds"!!!!! Well, gosh, I can't just QUIT going...what if I miss out on THE find of the month????

Try to find one day this week to go will LOVE it!! And..GOOD LUCK!!


Anita said...

I so love your house!!

I have two lidded baskets under my coffee table holding my magazine stash... lol

I might have to steal that shelf idea for my new house! (No, no word yet, but we're still thinking positive!)

Thank you so much for always sharing you home! The cyber-style hospitality!! ;)

Have a fabulous day!

Kathleen Grace said...

I am cracking up laughing, you are going to quit thrifting?! Now BJ, if you are anything like me, you know you love your treasure hunts. Plese don't give them up! Maybe it's just time to do what Phyllis odes and have a flea market day each week? By the way, that wicker suitcase looks great under the coffee table, and what a neat idea for storage!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Your wicker suitcase is perfect! What a pretty storage item. Your room to so bright and cheery. I have always loved shelves over windows and yours looks spectacular! ((hugs)) Rosie

Amelia said...

I love to go thriftin' too. Give me a twenty dollar bill and I had rather have several things from the thrift store as one thing from bed bath and beyond. Another way of looking at brings us pleasure and contentment...cheaper than medicine or a shrink doctor!

You have a knack for placing things to make them look interesting.

Your weather is about like ours. Real warm a couple of days ago and now snow and sleet.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi BJ! Love your lil basket! I had one almost just like it but white and I parted with it before we I miss it!
Love your pretty it!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
The cartoon is so cute. I love the look on the dog's face as well. Oh my, I so love your basket. Your magazines will fit perfectly in there. It will fit right perfectly under your coffee table as well. Oh my again, LOL, I love the shelves above your windows. In our other house, my Dad made me some to go above the windows in my kitchen and living room and the girls bedroom. I also had some over the doors that went into each room as well. He also built me a Mantle and I do miss all of those things. My Mom and Sister went to the other house a while back and took down all of the shelves above the windows and doors and took them to my Mom's house. I don't know if my Landlord will let me put them up in the house we will be moving into or not. I may have to ask him about it tho. I do love how you have the curtain rods run thru the ends of the shelves tho. You have a very creative and talented hubby. Our weather is going to be changing here today as well. It got up to 73 degrees here yesterday and it is raining this morning. We may get alot of rain because we are now under a Flood Warning. Then tonight and in the morning we may get a dusting of Snow. I sure hope so. LOL. I would love to have it. I hope you will take some pictures of your Snow for me. Oh how I wish we had some thrift stores here. I guess it's a good thing we don't because I would be broke all the time. LOL. Don't give up your thrifting. Who knows what you may find someday. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Debbie from NJ said...

Good Morning BJ!

Love that basket! What a great find. I think I have one just like that in my basement. I will have to go and get it. I love thrifting too! Love the shelves that your hubby made. Have a great day! I don't have a blog, but wish I did. Hopefully one day.

Adrienne said...

What great treasures you found. I have a wicker suitcase like you bought. I've had mine since I was in Jr. High School when my grandma gave it to me. Of course that makes it very special. I love that platter. I don't know why anyone would give it away. ~Adrienne~

Jackie said...

I just love your house. It looks so cozy and loved. Just the way a home should look.

Wow, 80 degrees, now that is sure warm weather.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi BJ,

Love your suitcase find and that platter is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! I love when you share pictures of your cozy home :)


Mississippi Songbird said...

I am drawn to poicnic baskets, and that wicker suitcase looks just like one to
You got a bargain.. I bought a cute huge hat box the other day. I'll have to take a picture of it. I paid $4 for it.. I'm going to put pictures and little treasures in it..I ust love going to those antique shops. You never know what you'll find.. Hope you have a good week.. I'll stop back again. I've added you to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Love your finds. The basket is a great idea.
Your hubby did good on the shelves. My sis is having dad do this in her diningroom to display her collection. Yours is beautiful. I will have to show her.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi BJ!
Love, love, love the basket suitcase! I have a basket (not a suitcase) under my coffee table with magazines...yours is much better!!

Quit thrifting? What?? No...say it ain't so!

beddow said...

Your window shelves are awesome. Love the wicker basket idea. You have such an eye for these kind of things.


Stephanie said...

I always love coming to your blog,I get the best ideas here! Thanks for sharing such pretties!!
Thrifting is one of my experties, you can never quit thrifting!

Miss Jean said...

BJ: Thanks for stopping by my garden! I love your blog and will visit often. I have you linked.

Love, Love, Love your kitchen!!!

Marcela said...

Your house is beautiful!!!
How can you find so many wonderful things?
I send you a kiss..


Hi BJ, Just found you! Love your blog. I had a good giggle at some of your older posts. I've added you to my favourites, come & visit when you can.
Coll :-} (From Australia)

Sue said...

Your house is so cute and comfy looking. Just love your shelves over your windows, such great display areas.