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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Do any of you watch this fabulous weekly show on television? I just love it....

It is so entertaining and some great dancing talent......I love it when celebrities dance with professional dancing partners. It's just fun to watch someone that's never REALLY danced learn all the fabulous moves....and learn them WELL. I've enjoyed them all but none like two of the celebrities that danced last night.

MARLEE MATLIN, as most of you must know, is totally deaf and yet, last night, she danced as if she could hear every single note and beat of the music. It was so awesome, I cried. And, thanked God that she is such a determined young lady. She said herself that "life is so short, I want to take advantage of every challenge that comes my way". Isn't that the most amazing thing? I was so totally impressed with her desire, ability and just loving every minute of it, I cried.
Remember, too, that she is a very talented actress...winning an Academy Award.

And, then along came QUEEN PRICILLA.
Not enuf that she was married to the KING....not enuf that she is breathtakingly beautiful. ....not enuf that, at age 62 (yes, SIXTY-TWO), the oldest woman to have ever danced on DANCING WITH THE STARS, danced with her professional dancing partner and matched him, step for step.....every step of the way. MAGNIFICENT!
They received high scores and will be back to compete in the next go-around.
I'll be there to watch! YOU CAN BET ON IT.

If you've never watched this fun, dancing show, I think you would really like it....a lot. There's different competitions and in one, young professional dancing men teach their MOMS to dance and young professional dancing women teach their DADS. It is really funny to watch them in their practice sessions and then totally awesome to see them dance together on the night of competition.

Watch it if you get a chance!

hugs, bj


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Dancing with the Stars!! Unfortunatly I was working at my fun new party sales job last night so I didn't get to see it at all...but I'm hoping to catch the next one! I was pulling for Marie Osmond last time because she's my exact age (she's 3 days older than me!) and she inspired me so much. I can't wait to see how these two fabulous ladies fair! Thanks for sharing!

Rue said...

I watch too!! I have last night's show recorded so I'm glad you didn't give too much away ;)

I can't wait for you to take the challenge!

hugs back,
Rue :)

PAT said...

We never miss it BJ and what a great time we had seeing Marlee and 'Cilla dancing last night! We enjoyed seeing all the dancers, the past two nights, but these two ladies were fabulous!


CIELO said...

Isn't that amazing how a deaf person can do things that normal people can't do! I certainly could never dance like that!

thanks for sharing....


Kathleen Grace said...

I love Dancing with the Stars! As my daughters say, it has the one thing we really love...pretty dresses:>)

Shannon said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you will try the window treatments. It was SO easy. Depending on your fabric you can find black, siler, or bronze tacks. I guess you could also paint them a color if you needed to. I'll check back to see pictures soon. :)

Pat said...

I love "Dancing With The Stars" and I was amazed how beautifully Marlee danced last night! I hipe she wins!

Hugs, Pat in NY

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey BJ, I see you love that show as much as I do. The phone gets taken off the hook 'cause I won't answer the phone when my fave show is on. I just shook my head while Marlee was dancing in total amazement. And Priscilla did a fabulous job too. I am a big tennis nut so I was anxious to see Monica dance and she pretty much did as I expected. She was never that graceful on the tennis court and she wasn't on the dance floor either. (just my humble opinion)

Beverly said...

I dvr'd this. Can't wait to watch.

How was Kristi?

Jackie said...

I watch Dancing with the Stars often and you are so right it is amazing to see people who have never danced turn into dancing stars.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the update on this show! I haven't watched this round so nice to hear who/what/where on the stars!

Nan said...

Yes, I was watching it last night too. I was really impressed by the women. Much better than the guys the night before.

Linda said...

I love this show and last nights show was great.
Marlee was amazing and Pricilla looked lovely and I thought her dancing was superb. I think I'll be rooting for her. Linda

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi BJ!
Love Dancing with the Stars! I have been hooked since the second season. Marlee is a favorite of mine too. I wanted Monica Seles to do well because I always admired her in tennis, but boy she had a hard time.....

Stephanie said...

I didnt watch it, but did catch the update this morning on the news and it looked like Pricilla did a great job for being 60 ish!!


Anita said...

Now you make me want to watch! I've never seen it... Of course, i've never seen ANY of the most popular shows... American Idol, Desperate Housewives, etc...
This one sounds good, though!

Ok, I know I mention it every time he's at the top of your playlist, but I SOOO love Bobby Darin! :D

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Yup, I've been hooked since the very first season. Someday, I'm going to dance like that! ;>