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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



I've been cleaning and re-arranging things in my tiny breakfast room and it feels so good to get some organization in there. And, a little less DUST. Remember, I live in WEST TEXAS where the sand and dust blow...A LOT.

This little bell is actually in my kitchen but I wanted to share the memory of it with you...DAD owned a small cafe back when I was just a little girl. In fact, over the years, he had several little cafes. Short order type cafes.....burgers, chili, chicken fried steak....This little bell is the one that announced the latest order had been filled and was ready to be served. The little black bell sat on DAD'S counter for many years and now it sits on MY counter! makes me smile.

OK, back to the BREAKFAST ROOM......I do tend to get sidetracked sometimes....This fabulous rooster tray was given to me by my sweetest Daughter*In*Law and it looks like it was just made for my Country French breakfast room. I just love it, Kathy! You so know the things I love.......and, I love YOU!
All the knick-knacks are washed, dried and the spaces beneath them are dust free....for the time being!!

Most of you know I love BLACK AND WHITE, with a passion! And, now those white cabinets are cleaned out and hold a LOT less junk than before. I can actually locate the phone book in 2 seconds FLAT !

OK...that last cabinet down there MAY still hold a little JUNK but if I throw it away, you KNOW what the next day's question out of Sweet Hubby's mouth is...."What did YOU do with so-'n-so??" Soooo, we have to have a place to hold all that kind of stuff! Right?

I love my little metal, cheap-o rack here. SOMEDAY......I would like to find a prettier one to fill this little space but, for now, this is just dandy. I just read on a blog somewhere that "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"....and so what if this little beauty came from the DOLLAR STORE? I love it after I painted it ........BLACK!!
All of those jars and things are all wiped off and clean of dust for right now. I think I just heard the weatherman say a WHOPPER of a sand storm is in the forecast for figures!! OH, WELL...

Oh, I do love this little chandelier. I got this baby cost nothing, nota, zip! A friend that had a junke shop went out of business and he let me have this pretty, metal, rusted chandy and I was so thrilled. I cleaned it up, spray painted it BLACK and had the little black and creme toile shades made for it (a wonderful lady on Ebay). Another sweet friend let me have the crystal, vintage prisms that are hanging from it. I cleaned it all good with a SWIFFER...aren't they fabulous? I love them dearly! All the prisms were washed and how they sparkle and catch the light now.
At this point I want to address the mirrored wall....
My son put these mirrored tiles up for me back in the 70's. The little room was so tiny, only the 2 windows and DARK. Once the mirrors went up, I gained 2 more windows, the room grew to twice the size and light flooded in. For the life of me, I can not give them up. I know they are sooo DATED, but, big, large pieces of mirror are so expensive and not on my priority list right now nor in my budget. I just CAN'T give these little mirrors up......Maybe someday....I just can't even imagine life without my mirrors............................. and, SON'S hand touched each of these little do you give something like that up?? I mean...REALLY!!
Can you see how the mirrors shine?? I cleaned them really good until they sparkle. There's just something special about clean mirrors and clean windows...... even when you KNOW how dirty your walk-in closet is!!

I moved the black hutch with the blue dishes in it that occupied this space for over 30 years (and I was dang tired of it in the SAME PLACE) to my living room and moved this hand painted, Country French piece into this spot. And this baby holds LOTS and LOTS of glasses, plates, all kinds of things that we don't use so often. Oh, and a felt lined silverware drawer there in the middle. I had just odds and ends in the cabinet before the BIG SWITCH but now that it is all organized with things it was meant to store, I have a lot more room in my storage pieces in the dining room now. THE dining room is next on my list of fluffing....later in the week!! or month......ANYWAY, I am glad I moved this piece to the breakfast room....
I LOVE IT !!!! The black hutch looks great in the living room now and I'll show it to you a little later.....
This view is looking from my living room. There's a breakfast bar with 3 stools to the left that you can't really see. The little bistro table is perfect for a couple. I still need to add toppers to my two windows ( and truthfully, I DID NOT clean the windows...just have to wait until all these sand storms are over with) but I'm not sure just what I want to put. Nothing fluffy or fancy or too much. Maybe large, squares of fabric, across a place mats, or napkins. And, with the black and white checks and toiles, I am thinking I need something else on the windows. Red? Red check, maybe. Have you seen Tina's at CHERRY HILL COTTAGE kitchen? OOOOOO, so cute and she has red and white check squares on her windows....only thing, her kitchen IS red and white! Cute, cute, cute. If you've not seen it, please go over and check it out. Oh, and I just bought the magazine her home is featured in today. SO PRETTY ! She says her red and white checks on her windows are napkins from WALMART. How adorable they look.
Hey, I just had a thought. With the red, white and black of my kitchen and breakfast area, how would big checks of yellow and white look? Or yellow toile? Or bold, big checks of black and white? Yeah.....BLACK AND WHITE sounds good to me.....

I love WIMSEY and I do have a lot of it in my house. Like my big, antique sign hanging here....The other side says "VERANDA". My favorite Ebay. So cheap.....Amazing.
If things start looking too serious around my house...too stiff.... I go find something "loose" to add smiles..........
And, I am smiling right now because my breakfast room is clean and sparkly and organized. Oh, how I wish I could wiggle my nose and the rest of this cottage would catch up to the breakfast room.!! *sigh......


ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Bj, I just love all the different rooms in your home. I just have one big one the dinning room and living room are all one. Your iron rack is soo cute and I like the jars with stuff in it. ( I LOVE JARS) I am so affraid of going out of the box when it comes to decorating, but your blog has tought me how to do so thank you.
Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Oh BJ, thanks for sharing your lovely breakfast room. I Just looooovvvveeee that rooster cabinet. If you ever tire of it, send it my way. lol
What a beautiful, cozy way to start the day. Enjoy, Janie
It truly is a beautifully decorated room!!!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

BJ, you are amazing! I absolutely adore your breakfast room. And, you know, I am loving all your roosters.... and signs. You are such an inspiration, girl!!

((hugs)) Rosie

Anita said...

I always love pictures of your house... and I REALLY love the story of the bell! :)
I love black, white and yellow... :) The chandelier is fabulous... free! Can't get a better deal that that! And the black and cream toile is my favorite...

I hope my house will be HALF as fabulous as yours!

Adrienne said...

I love seeing your home. It's so nice and you've done a great job decorating. I just wish I could stop by for a visit. Maybe we could sit in your nook and chat for awhile. Can't wait to see more of your home. ~Adrienne~

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing your charming breakfast room. I love every single aspect. The rooster cabinet is gorgeous.

I think any of the ideas you have for window toppers will be delightful. Maybe you could mix a black and white toile with some wide yellow grosgrain.

Thanks again for the morning delight.

Betty said...

BJ, I really enjoyed seeing more of your pretty home. Some of it reminds me of my best friend who loved roosters. She would go crazy over your home.

I remember those short order bells. I don't blame you for holding on to that one and displaying it in your lovely home as I'm sure it holds a lot of memories for you.

I hope you can visit me today as I'm showing part of my home.

Debbie from NJ said...


thanks for sharing your lovely nice and clean breakfast room. It looks fabulous!
Great deal on that chandelier. Came out great! I love the little bell. It indeed must hold great memories for you. My husband said a while back that he needed a bell like that to ring when he is sick so he can call me. he he. Hope the sand storms aren't too bad. I love nice clean windows too! that's on my to-do list also.

Wendy said...

I LOVE your breakfast room it is so homey and inviting!!! That rooster cabinet is beautiful!! I can't believe you got your wire rack at the dollar store! So awesome!!! One thing I love about blogging is everyones homes are filled!!! Its wonderful! So many on RMS want us to get rid of everything and I just can't do it!!lol...I love my stuff!! I hope you have a Very Blessed Day!!!!~Wendy

PEA said...

It all looks so beautiful and the thing I love most about it, it's so very warm and welcoming!! I just love all the little details you add to everything. Isn't it such a great feeling knowing everything is so clean...we have a baseball field and a track & field behind my place so I know what you mean about lots of sand and dust coming through the windows! Ugh! xox

Jackie said...

BJ, you are such a talented person. Everything goes together so very well. I want to move into your house!!!! Or better yet have you come and decorate mine.

God bless.

the feathered nest said...

I love so many things in this room! The chandelier (of course), the Mackenzie-Childs jars, the rooster cabinet, everything! It looks really charming and welcoming. Loved the story about your Dad's bell too!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Delightful, delightful, delightful!


Linda said...

Hi BJ, everything looks so pretty and your home just shines with all the Spring cleaning. I love your dad's little's a treasure with lots of warm memories. Hugs, Linda

Rue said...

I love how you still have your dad's bell :)

The breakfast room looks beautiful! I don't think you need to remove those morrors at all, never did think so...

Big hugs,
Rue :)

daisy cottage said...

BJ - I LOVE your affection for your home, for life, for others... you are a real jewel and so is your beautiful, warm and cozy home! I love the story of your father's bell and I am so happy that you have that to treasure.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh BJ, where do I start? I love the chandelier, and those toile shades? Wow!!!! I love the bell, and the black chairs with the checked cusions, I could go on -- I just think you have the greatest style!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Love that chandelier BJ.
Thanks for sharing your home with us.

Kathleen Grace said...

BJ, your breakfast room is as charming and beautiful as the rest of your home! I know your family must love coming to your house for the holidays:>)

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh my goodness am I ever glad I found your blog...some serious goodness going on!! I LOVE all your black and white! I also have black and white with red tossed in. I will be back to visit!! Laurie

PAT said...

I love your breakfast room, BJ! Absolutely beautiful!

The sign is great and your windows, with those wonderful mullions. Beautiful room all around!


Mary said...

Oh how pretty everything looks! Love that rooster cabinet! :) And it is so nice that you have your dad's bell to remind you of him!
Have a happy Easter!

Mary said...


Your breakfast room is awesome. I absolutely LOVE the rooster serving tray and the black and white look. I was considering a red kitchen, but may have changed my mind.

Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed my visit to your breakfast room.


Holly (Nickname) said...

Hi BJ~~
How I ADORE every square inch of your kitchen re-do....and please do NOT get rid of that mirrored wall! It really adds to the space visually. If you need a fresh update, put a framed mirror over the mirrored wall for more whimsey.
Everything looks amazing, and you know how I feel about black and white checks!!! As far as your window treatment, why not try a red and white check, (medium size) and then add small black and white checks along the edge, with some pretty tassles or beading? Perhaps a style like folded squares on the diagonal??? If I haven't made myself clear, let me know...It could only add to your already AMAZING and welcoming cottage BJ...
Have a happy and blessed Easter, dear BJ!!!
xxxooo Holly

Susie Q said...

This room just oozes charm! I adore it all and that chandy! Free!! It is beautiful! I am a toile loved too, in any color!! : )

Roosters are another love of mine and every home MUST have some whimsy!

Thank you for being an inspiration!