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Friday, February 29, 2008


As some of you know, I browse RATE MY SPACE for pretty rooms and store them in a file, just like drooling over pretty magazine pictures and putting them in a file.

I have shared this picture is one of the prettiest bathrooms I've seen and it just so happens to belong to BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER.... I have had several baths in that to-die-for, vintage tub and she even served me WINE. It doesn't get any better than THAT! :)

This pretty wallpaper might be a little "busy" for some but I just love it. I also love the way she hung the large picture frame over the candle holder and smaller painting. I've tried doing things like that and they just end up looking very strange.....???

I fell in love with her black and white tile...and that large rooster up there's not bad, either!!

AHHHHHH, this dining room is so serene. Just look at that toile paper and the chandeliers.....and that fabulous, long table. Don't you know they have had some awesome family time in there?

I just love this built-in, large cabinet in this old house. Look at the size of the molding beside her doorway......

I love her twin wreaths here...and the tall candle holder.

Aren't the colors pretty here? So restful and calm.

I would dearly love to see this room in person. I really like her drapes here. Looks like the ones that are added just for softness....I like that!

I do LOVE this dining room. It makes me want to go through my entire house with a can of creme colored paint. I love her furniture. And the softness of the little round table with it's colorful dressing is just perfect for that spot. How did she know that is what that corner needed? Amazing!

*SIGH......... precious is this topper? Oh, my goodness.....

Aren't these plaid drapes so pretty. And, I love how she covered her chair cushions in different patterns but in the same color range. What a delightful area to have great meals together.

If I could get up every morning to a calm, classic kitchen like this, I would love it! Isn't it a pretty one!!
IF I've used pictures of YOUR rooms, please consider it a compliment and I thank you.
I hope your weekend is going to be a REALLY good one!


Julie said...

Wow! You are not kidding - those are amazing rooms! I have never gone to that web sight. Now it is a must! I know that Cindy from Romantic Home has had her rooms in there before.

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

Oh I just love that dining room with the black toile! Wouldn't it look fabulous right next to the beautiful white kitchen? Are they by any chance from the same house?

Have a wonderful weekend, bj dear!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

That was a wonderful selection of eye candy. Everyone of those pictures would be in my scrap book. And that window topper is quite inspirational to me.....since I am thinking of doing a new one for my kitchen window. Thanks! ((hugs)) Rosie

Janet said...


I only wish those pictures were one of my rooms...I go to RMS, but I must be doing something wrong because it takes me forever to "wade" thru the pages and I usually give up before I find anything this beautiful!!


Kathleen Grace said...

Ah BJ, I absolutely LOVE the rooms you choose!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree beautiful, beautiful rooms. I just love every one you posted.
Your dear daughter's bath is absolutely gorgeous.
Have a wonderful weekend, BJ!

Hope said...

Hi BJ,
I just love it when you show your picks from RMS. You have a good eye! I love your daughter's bathroom. You must feel like a queen taking a bath in there! :o)

I had seen that dining room with the pretty little topper. That caught my eye right away too. The whole room just flows, don't you think, with each thing in there complimenting the next! (Does that make sense? LOL) Anyway, I love it!!

Thanks for sharing your picks!


Betty said...

The picture you have shown are really pretty. I love your daughter's bathroom. So beautiful.

Sandi McBride said...

Such beautiful rooms...and you're right...what a topper! It is just so glamourous!

Rhondi said...

Thanks for the house tour BJ. Hope you have a great weekend. Rhondi xo

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Those spaces are great.Love the rooms.

Anita said...

Your daughter obviously inherited your amazing style... that is an amazing bathroom!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rooster, and the BLACK AND WHITE dining room! Be still my heart...

I so love coming here.. you give me so many great ideas for my new house!!

Meggie said...

Lovely pictures of lovely homes. Your daughter's bathroom is gorgeous. I LOVE the wallpaper.

Tara said...

What great views of great rooms, thakns for sharing. i can never get enough of pics like this, truly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meemer! This is Brynna (dear grand-daughter) LOL I haven't checked your blog in a while!!! I just wanted to stop by, and then I saw our bathroom you had posted! You crack me up memaw! Yes, our bathroom is pretty, but you post it or put it on anything you can find! GAH!!! well, I guess I will see ya tomorrow at my basketball game! ily, and goodnight!
-Dear Grand-daughter
(PS: Your so silly to call me that!!!)

M.KATE said...

beautiful pictures and fabulous post, love everything here, will be back soon :)

Frantic Home Cook said...

Oh, so lovely. Anything toile catches my eye and I've saved these to my "dream home" file. Thanks!!!


Debbie said...

Hi BJ,

I am new to your blog! I love these rooms you posted. The one dining room with the checked curtains, and chair cushions caught my eye once before. Also love the dining room with the pretty valance. I had that in my favs too! I will visit again! Have a wonderful weekend.


Jackie said...

Okay I want your daughters bathroom. I love it. Problem is that it won't fit in my house. Oh well, guess I need a new house.

God bless.

beddow said...

BJ, I am truly honored that you thought my cabinet worthy enough to include in your posting. You know it is precious to me but I thank you for the compliment you have given from the bottom of my heart.


Sue said...

You and I like many of the same rooms from RMS. That black and white toile dining room is one of my all time favorites.