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Saturday, February 2, 2008


NOTE: I just discovered that "Holly" aka RUTH, has her own new blog now....WHISPERING OAKS COTTAGE. She is listed on my sidebar under my favorite blogs to visit. Go over to see'll be glad you did.

"HOLLYHOCK" is her RATE MY SPACE name and she has the most precious house that is so full of charm and character and she graciously gave me permission to share some of her rooms with you. I know you can slip over to RMS and view these for yourself but it gives me pleasure to show the rooms that appeal to my sense of decorating and style. I WANT A HOUSE LIKE HOLLY'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is such a sweetheart and if you'd like to look at some more of her lovely home, she is listed under hollyhock104. If you like her style, you are in for a sweet treat ~~

MACKENZIE-CHILDS, eat your heart out !!

Holly had this chair custom covered and I just LOVE her choice of fabrics. That animal print adds an element of surprise that I really like. And who else would have thought to add the sheer fabric on the foot stool, giving it a fabulous, one-of-a-kind look ! Bet no one else in the world has a chair just like yours, Holly.

A lovely, vintage settee. Holly loves shopping in thrift shops and antiques shops and then putting her own personal signature on them. She is such a talented artist....*sigh* I really love the earthy green of her walls here......

Oh, what a precious kitchen ....and see that Mackenzie-Childs tea kettle on her stove....that is the very one that started my love affair with M-C !! Doesn't her tea kettle just "go" with her great kitchen?

This is the most beautiful mural in her bedroom. She painted it ! See, I told you that she has talent. She made a bedroom fit for a Queen......

Her precious entry way....she hand painted all this lovely furniture. Oh, and see the reflection of her stairway in the little mirror....... and I love the little chair, painted so cutely !! All this reminds me of ALICE IN WONDERLAND......

I asked for a better picture of her stairway and just look at this. Didn't she do great !! I love those stairs, Holly girl. They are soooo one of a kind and that's what makes your house so's YOU.


Thanks again, Holly, for letting me showcase your pretty home and fabulous talents of painting and decorating.



ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Okay I started to read your blog and I thought to myself SELF this is going to be GOOD so I had to get a fresh cup of coffee before the show began and sure enough it was amazing. What a beautiful home and a very talented lady.
Bj thank-you so much for taking the time to do this.

PEA said...

Oh my word, now that's what I call one talented lady! WOW, look at the way she's decorated her home, it's gorgeous!! Love her way of mix matching colours and those stairs are just I want to go over there and see it all for myself but then I'd never want to leave! hehe xoxo

Anonymous said...

BJ, thanks for sharing one of my favs too. Christy :-)<><

Karen H. said...

Good Morning BJ,
Oh my goodness, what a beautiful home your friend Holly has. It is just so stunning and so gorgeous. She does do wonderful work. Now I would have to say her bedroom is my favorite. I had to actually look twice because I thought that was real. I can't believe it's a mural tho. She is a great artist and does such a great job. Her kitchen is fabulous also. I want her bedroom and kitchen now. LOL. "THANK YOU" for sharing such beautiful pictures from Holly's house. Take care my friend and have a great day and weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

PAT said...

BJ, thanks so much for this treat! Holly's home is amazing, from what I've seen here. I'll hop over to RMS and have a good look!


Tara said...

Isn't that mural enchanting--wow!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

My spell check does not work either and I can not upload picture the same way I use to. So I am thinking maybe its google or something. Over at the painted cottage for the cottage of the month she is having problems as well. I truly need my spell check I use it all the time. I hope everything is normal soon. Is there someone we can email this problem to?I am on my lunch hour I always come home for lunch so maybe later I will play aroung with it some more.

Tammy said...

All very favorites were the settee and the stareway...awesome!

Sunnispace said...

Wow - love those stairs! Great pictures. I'm so happy you found them!

Hope said...

What a beautiful home she has. A very talented girl there. If she doesn't have a blog yet she needs one!! :)

Thanks for sharing that. I'm gonna go take a look when I have a chance.


Nan said...

Hi there! Just checking in. I have not had much time to blog this week and I have missed it so much. Hope all is well with you and I will check back later to catch up.

Betty said...

She has a beautiful home. Thank you for showing it to us today. Of course, I noticed the black and white in her house first thing.

Back Through Time said...

WOW I want her space, it all looks so pretty,and I really liked the kitchen.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

...... Kristina ...... said...

Wow! BJ,
Thank you for showing us this beautiful home and talent! her style is gorgeous no wonder you wanted to show everyone,she should be really proud of such a beautiful and inspiring home
Love Kristina XxX

Sandi McBride said...

I love Holly's house! And to listen to that rendition of Over the Rainbow while looking into the windows of a palace fit for Glenda??? Thanks you for that lovely tour BJ...what a treat!

Adrienne said...

I enjoyed your tour of Holly's home. When I first started to blog I ran across her blog and I haven't been able to find it again. I didn't realize it was her until I saw the bedroom mural. Gorgeous artistic touch. Thanks to Holly for letting you share her home with us. ~Adrienne~

Anna T said...

OMGosh! Love the pictures!
Just makes me amazed at the talent behind the paintbrush!
Thank you for sharing.

Anita said...


One of these days, I'll be sending you pictures of MY brand NEW house! (I hope, I hope, I hope... ) :)

Stephanie said...

Oh My ! I love it all! Thanks for sharing such great pics :)
Have a great weekend !

Linda said...

What a lovely home. So many beautiful things and I just love the settee. BJ, thank you for the wonderful tour. Hugs, Linda

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Bj, Holly's home is just beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us, have a lovely day.
Carol x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Bj, Holly's home is just beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us, have a lovely day.
Carol x

Meggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meggie said...

Hey BJ! Holly is one talented lady, thanks for sharing photos of her lovely home. I'm praying for Denna....keep us posted on her condition, please

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Susie Q said...

Oh BJ, I have seen this home on RMS and fell in love with it! I knew Holly had to be a wonderful lady to have such a home!

But you know? YOU too have a wonderful home...the sweetest kitchen and YOU are pretty special yourself!

Thank you for this post put a smile on this face!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ohhhh, I love those stairs. What an unusual way to do them. I would have been so uninspired as to have alternated the design and that just wouldn't have the same punch.

Holly said...

Wow! I am SOOOOO very honored, humbled and extremely moved by your sweet and lovely blog page about me...I was left speechless and moved to tears by all of the sweet comments left by others. It was MY honor to share my home with such a sweet christian sister.Looking forward to visiting you often, dear friend.xxxooo Holly