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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

UH, OH.............

I woke up this morning, hungry for HOMEMADE biscuits. No sir, none of these biscuits made from a mix or the JUMBO ones from a can. I WANTED HOMEMADE !!!!!!!!!!
DAAAAAANG......this dough is pretty. I may have to send this pic. in to a cooking magazine like TASTE OF HOME !!!! or MARTHA STEWART !!!! :) these HOMEMADE biscuits do take a little longer to fix. Some of the biscuit mixes say you can "drop by tablespoon"...doing away with all this rolling and cutting. BUT, a HOMEMADE biscuit is surely better than one from a mix or even those JUMBO ones in a can!! SURELY !!!

Here's some ready to go in the oven...ok....LOOKIN' GOOD. (Well, really, they aren't looking much like the ones my mom used to make, but....hey....HOMEMADE, remember!)

Here's some, coming out of the oven and I have to tell you, these belong to MARTHA STEWART!

WOW...these are Martha's...................

AND....these are mine! UH, OH...what happened? They are too thin...flat! They were supposed to turn out as high and fluffly as Martha's beauties! (dang you, Martha!). Did I roll them too thin? Not enuf baking powder? OH, much for HOMEMADE biscuits! I, myself, happen to LOVE a biscuit from a mix!!!! And those Jumbo ones in a can? YA CAN'T BEAT EM'!!

MAY YOU HAVE A HAPPY DAY and a biscuit from a mix!!!


Nan said...

So what if Martha's are higher. Yours look good enough to eat! And you get extra credit for home-made. I'll be right over. How many hours will it take me to get to Texas?

Anonymous said...

Yum. The biscuits looks so good. We have to remember that Martha has several people helping her make her biscuits. And you do it all by yourself....mmmmmmm...pass me the butter and honey please.


Kari & Kijsa said... are the best...we would love to have some of your yummy biscuits because they look FABULOUS to us!

Have a blessed day...

kari and kijsa

Cowboys & Custard said...

bj I think your biscuits are worthy or praise indeed!
My biscuits look fantastic whilst they are in the oven but by the time I remember to take them out ..they look like charcoal briquettes!
I would love one of yours with my cup of tea right now.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Next time just don't roll your dough as as thin and yours will be as thick as Martha's. I bet yours were good. They sure look good. I love to make biscuits, but I mostly love to eat biscuits--with butter and honey or jam or sausage. Ummmmmmm. I think I need to go to the kitchen now.

alice said...

girlfriend, those biscuits look good! mine are always thin too, so i never make them from scratch. in fact, i don't make them at all cause i am compelled to eat every last one and get them out of the house. same with cheesecake, it beckons me from the fridge every time i pass by and i feel i must get it clear away from this place, and just have to eat it all to accomplish that. oh, i'm getting a craving for chocolate and have one brownie left. it has to leave!

Anonymous said...

Bj, Those biscuits look sooo good!!! I'll take yours over Marthas any day... Yours probably have a secret ingredient that Marthas may not!

Vee said...

Hahahha... okay... I think part of it is an optical illusion. See how Martha's are only about one inch around? and yours are much more generous in girth? ... it makes them look taller as well as they may have rolled the dough one inch thick instead of the 1/2 she calls for in her recipe that she shares with us. ... then...she has her "people" making batch after batch after batch ... til somebody finally gets it right...and then...she has food photographers working diligently til they get the one shot of 1,000 that looks "acceptable" to her eye..and then...they show and tell!

Yours look wonderful and I can almost smell the fresh biscuit aroma wafting past the ..hey!! wafting past that white mug with the gold trim ... the exact pattern I have on some little dessert plates! You have good taste .... lol......

Katherines Dream said...

I would love a cuppa and one your your biscuits anyday Bj.
You are a Yummy Mummy.

Michelle said...

I think your biscuits look yummy. Some jelly and you are good to go!