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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Isn't she just the cutest, sexiest and most sassy little chick you ever saw? Take a look at those boobs....and those crossed, skinny little legs...WOOO WO!! My sweet friend made this and sent me a picture and I just had to show it to ya'll.

Also, I'VE BEEN TAGGED and it's another FIRST for me!

CAROL @KATHERINES DREAM tagged me for a RANDOM, WEIRD AND FUNNY fact about myself.

RANDOM: I have 2 children, a son and a daughter....and out of those 2, I have 10 grandchildren!
WEIRD: My hair started turning white when I was in high school. I kept color on it until I was old enuf to REALLY have white hair. It was always straight as a board and when I was 66, it started turning curley. It is just wavy now...Not sure what happened! WEIRD

FUNNY: This one isn't actually about me but my son. At about 3, he got into the habit of saying "shut up". One day, I was getting on to him about something and he said something, low under his breath. I said, "What did you say, young man?" And without blinking an eye, he said, "You think I said SHUT UP but I didn't...I said SHUDDER!" I laughed so hard, I couldn't be mad at him and I still laugh, every time I think of it.....

Now...I want to pass this tag on to

Have fun with it, Nan

A hugh THANK YOU to CAROL for letting me play this game...It's fun!


T*mmy said...

The little "sexy chick" gave me a huge smile this morning...too cute!

I had a cousin that had her hair turn gray in her twenties, she just went with it though as to keep color on it and it was very pretty!

10 our of 2...Wowzers!!!

Hey gal, come by my place today as I've given you an award! =)

Nan said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She's so cute.
Thanks for taggin' me. Hummmmm, I'll have to think about my answers.

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

OMG! she is just to sexy! I love your little lamp. I love lamps I have a couple of little lamps that I leave on all the time.
have a great day bj

alice said...

glad you like my chicken. i made several of those years ago for gifts and had fun doing it. also have a sexy cow and pig but i'm not into those like i am chickens.
have a great day!

bj said...

OK, Alice....we want to see your sexy cow and pig, too. PLZZZZZZ?

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Bj thanks you for joining in, it is quite hard isn't it!
I enjoyed your tag, 10 grandchildren, OMG I only have 2 and they wear me out, how do you cope?
Hugs XX