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Friday, November 2, 2007


This awesome masterpiece was done by one of my dearest and long-time friends, ALICE.
It's called a This is you Life wall hanging and the pictures are printed on the fabric! Now, that just blows my mind. Alice is The Diva of Quilting as far as I'm concerned. Everyone stand up and cheer for ALICE...HIP, HIP HOORAY, HIP, HIP HOORAY, HIP, HIP HOORAY !!! Al, you can go to the head of the class now........ :)
This awesome piece was also done by Alice, for her grandson. He has it hanging above his bed. Don't you know he is proud of it !!?!! remember....ya'll are my friends so don't laugh at this! This is my first little attempt at making a quilt. I know....I took me forever to screw up the courage to print this picture but I guess I have to start somewhere. This is a patchwork quilt....supposed to be one of the easiest ones to make. Will I ever get any better? I don't think so. I just plain don't know how to sew!

This work of art takes my breath away each time I see it. The Double Wedding Ring was made by my mother for my daughter. Mom wanted to give it to Stacy at her bridal shower. But, Mom passed away almost a year before Stacy married. I kept the quilt in tissue inside a quilt box beneath my bed. At the shower, I gave it to Stac. She was so overwhelmed, so proud , so excited that her grandmother was indeed, "with" her at her wedding time. Every lady in the group cried...Boooo Hoooo, this walk down memory lane is bringing me to my knees...again!

How I wish I had paid more attention when Mom was quilting so that I would know how to do it. Too busy raising my family, running here and there, not taking the time to "smell the roses". She did leave me some beautiful quilts and even more beautiful memories, tho, and I am so thankful for both.

There's just not enough days left for me to ever learn to make a quilt like this......but I can dream.


alice said...

Jean, thank you so much for all the flattering words about my quilts! You are so very dear to me and i love you and cherish our friendship.
Now you quit critizing that quilt you made! You made that not knowing the first thing about quilting and it turned out beautifully. Those quilts of your mom's are absolutely beautiful and I know how much they mean to you.
Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

I've always heard that every quilt has a story. What a precious story for Stacy's quilt !!!! Like you, I've always wanted to learn to quilt. Maybe some day....


Nancy said...

Your quilts are amazingly beautiful! I too wish I could do this needlecraft, but I'm having a hard enough time stitching all the samplers I want to stitch. I think quilts give a cozy feeling that nothing else can give.

If you check my blog I have posted the recipe I use for Apple Pie!

Nan said...

Those quilts are very special. You and your friends are quite talented. Yes, I said you too. I see nothing wrong with your quilt. That is a great story about your Mom making the quilt for Stacy. I bet everyone did cry. I once saved a ceramic piece that my SIL made. I initially saved it because I just like it. I never thought that she would pass away from breast cancer when her twins were only 14. I gave it to Rachael at her wedding shower.
Star Nan

bj said...

Oh, Star, that's a beautiful story, too. Thanks for sharing it.

FarmHouse Style said...

BJ the quilts are beautiful!!! Inculding yours:) I teared up over the story of Stacy's quilt.
How precious.


Michelle said...

I think you should be at the front of the class too! Every one of those quilts are gorgeous.

restyled home said...

I ppersonally think your quilt is beautiful...patchwork quilts are my favourite!!

You are making heirlooms!!

Jackie said...

Great minds think alike. I love making patchwork quilts, and if I never attempt anything more complex that is perfectly alright. Yep your quilt and mine are alike, just used different materials.

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am full of admiration bj.. your quilt is delightful and you have infinitely more patience than I.. I once started a quilt and finished it in five days.. it was 5" square!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

What a pretty quilt that you made there BJ!!! You should be very proud of yourself!

I love the memory quilt that your friend made. How did she get the pics on the fabric? It is stunning indeed.

And what a sweet story about the wedding ring quilt. I am sure that Stacy (love that name) will cherish if forever and always remember the love and time that went into each stitch of her quilt. I know, we always think about the wouldas-couldas-shouldas but life is full of busy and we can at least carry the memories of the wonders of our loved ones.

Happy Friday sweetie!


PAT said...

These quilts are amazing!

I love the story of your mother's quilt. I don't quilt. I've made "tacked" coverlets, but never a patchwork quilt. My oldest daughter has a quilt or two in the works. She asked for her paternal grandmother's house dresses. Grandma passed at the age of 97, a few years ago. Many of her dresses were sewn at home. Soft floral fabrics. T, is taking those dresses apart and hopes to make a small quilt for herself and each of her two sisters.

Lovely post!

Picketfences said...

BJ..I just keep looking at all these beautiful pictures over and over...I love this blog thing!!! LOL and girl that list of your favorite all those sweet anitque and precious things and stick Harrison Ford in there!!! lol lol girl you ain't right!

sue said...

Hi BJ! WHEW! I had a little trouble getting in here! I love your blog!! You have done a beautiful job with it!
BJ, the wedding ring quilt made by your Mom for Stacy is beautiful, the story you told about it made me cry! And sweet picket, her surprise to see her house posted here made me cry too!!
All your favotites are mine too, ironstone and transferware of course! I'll be back often BJ!
xo sue P.S. I forgot to add, your quilt you made is gorgeous!!

Katherines Dream said...

Jean those quilts are brilliant, what a clever friend.
They really are fab heirlooms as Linda said before.

Laurie said...

i enjoyed looking at your quilts. The wedding ring is not a pattern i have tried yet. I have one my grandmother started that I am supposed to finish...but I don't have the pattern piece and keep dragging my feet. quilting is like most things you learn a little bit at a time. Some doll quilts for granddaughters is a great place to start (before they outgrow dolls!) My grandmother only finished one quilt but she made my sisters and I 9-patch tied quilts for our dolls. They got alot of play. I love blogging. thanks again for your post and note.

Anita said...

These are so beautiful!! I love piecing quilts, but quilting them is so tedious, I haven't done it in years!

Oh, for the time to spend doing this! I suppose when I am no longer homeschooling our son, Isaiah, I will have more time!

Beautiful post...

Anonymous said...

Wow BJ, I don't know how I missed the quilts, they are amazing and wonderful! I just love quilts, and was so disappointed to hear all the negative comments on my quilt being in a more modern room. I'm going to put it back on for the winter though, I really like it but would trade it for any of your home made masterpieces!

Anonymous said...

The wedding ring looks priceless, what a beautiful gift for Stacy to have and remember her grandmother by! I think your quilts are about the most beautiful things you've posted to date.
the last comment was mine too, forgot to sign.