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Saturday, November 3, 2007


ALMOST EVERYONE LOVES FOOTBALL......especially when there's a grandson PLAYING and a granddaughter CHEERING.....hmmmmmm :)

AWH...I do see some leaves changing colors here....

The water pictures were all taken at a local park, not far from our house.

We have such few trees out here and our "color change" doesn't draw thousands of people each year but when I see just a hint of pretty colors, I run get my camera.

CAN YOU EVEN SEE THE LITTLE HINT OF COLOR CHANGE?'s getting cool enuf to even think of making homemade soups.........



FarmHouse Style said...

Yes, I can see the changing colors in your beautiful pictures. How wonderful to have such a lovely park close by.

The soup looks delicious! We have already made a couple of pots here.

Have a great weekend!

Nan said...

This is a big football weekend for us too. The Colts are playing the Patriots! Should be an exciting game. I see your leaves are turning color. This year doesn't seem quite as colorful for us here in Midwest. Dry summer?
I love soup. That looks very tasty. Share your recipe?
Star Nan

Katherines Dream said...

Yummy soup, did you make it?
What is in it?xx

Michelle said...

Great photos ~ there's nothing better than a football game in the fall! I'm going through withdrawal since my niece graduated, no more Friday night games.

That soup looks good, but I'm drooling over the muffin with the ooey gooey butter!

hthrrue said...

Hey there Bj!! I hope you don't mind, but when I saw your posting of your blog, I just had to come over :) I love all the pics you put on here!! I think you remember that I'm a big Victoria fan too and when I found out it was coming back, I started dancing around the house while my husabnd looked at me in complete confusion LOL Anyway, thank you for posting this :D

Mary said...

What a beautiful park! Do you feed the ducks? My kids always loved doing that at the park, until the huge Canadian geese came along and knocked them over!

Enjoy the football!

cargol said...

BJ, I just found your wonderful blog. This is such a great outlet for you to post your photos and narrative, without fear of Rooster Cops. I'm enjoying reading all your postings!

Anonymous said...

BJ, Our big football game here today was Michigan vs Michigan State. It was a really exciting game and a perfect day for it here in southern Michigan-sunny and about 60 degrees. Have a great weekend, dear friend. Christy427

Anonymous said...

Hey, BJ, what a fun idea. I've been doing blogs for work for about a year, but never considerd that it could be fun...LOL. Beautiful trip on memory lane with your collectibles, quilts and crocks. So many "sweet" things. You're an inspiration! Sandy/ SeniorStyle

Cottage Contessa said...

Your photo's are very lovely. I love anything near or with the water. It's funny, you are watching the change of colours in the trees for Fall, and I just posted some photo's on my blog of the change in the trees starting to pop alive with Springtime colour! Isn't nature awesome?!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

ric said...

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