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Saturday, October 27, 2007


MARY that lives in the LITTLE RED HOUSE, has issued a tag of the game "7 Interesting Things about Yourself" and I wanted to play, too. Thanks, MARY......

1. I've always wanted to be a the movies!

2. After modeling school, I was offered a job as a runway model but was too homesick and went
back home and got married!

3. If I could choose one special blessing, it would be to be able to sing!!!

4. I really don't like to wear bras! (Now, remember, I'm old and "things" aren't where they used
to be so I really do NEED a bra!) :)

5. I totally LOVE Mexican food.

6. I belong to a wonderful home church.

7. I just last month got my very first MOON ROOF in my new first, ever!

Anyone that would like to play the game....consider yourself tagged and have fun!


Katherines Dream said...

Well hello.
I found you on Cowboys & Custard.
Michele is new and I am too.
I will take up your offer of the tag, pop over and see me.
I agree titilly oops totally with your comment that you hate bras...I do too!
What is a Moon Roof?

Mary said...

Modelling school?! Wow! I loved hearing all about you -- so glad you've started blogging. :)
Have a great weekend!

bj said...

Mary, yes, I went to the John Robert Powers School in Dallas, Tx. They have since closed their school in Dallas and I think Houston is the only one they have in Texas. I was just too young, tho, and not nearly ready to leave all my friends and family.......

Anonymous said...

Sure glad you didn't pursue that modeling thing 'cause you would be so famous and wouldn't have the time to talk to us. However, you could have gone w/o the bra a lot. He he!

bj said...

Ha, ha, STAR...that was such a long, LONG time ago, it seems like another life. Things always work out for the very best!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

How fun to get to know a little more about you!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Love reading things about people in these little games! I am glad you played along!