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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Christmas

Hi, Everybody...
FIRST OFF, let me say thanks so much for all the encouraging words
about our moving.
I am not one bit sad about the move. I am thrilled to say that the new home
is far better than anywhere I've ever lived in my entire life.
My Heavenly Father has HIS hands ALL OVER THIS MOVE...
I won't be talking a lot about the move as it is several months on down the road.
We are just getting prepared to put our house on the market and it will all
depend on how fast the house sells.
So again, I say THANK YOU !!
 I've decided not to do A LOT of Christmas decorating as our house is in a state of packed boxes and dismantled bookshelves and the like.

O, we'll put up our TINY tree....

and all the STOCKINGS, of COURSE.

Well.......actually, when I get 19 STOCKINGS hung ♥ by the chimney with care ♥
that's a whole lotta decos going on...!!
(yep, I am BLESSED)

The mantel in the dining room ALWAYS gets decorated for each and every HOLIDAY.
And, altho I sometimes change it out several times during the holidays, I've a feeling it will stay just like this.....

....just no time to spend on a mantel THIS year. :)

I am joining Kathe With An E for her
You should go over and check out all the really beautiful might get inspired.
So many great Christmas parties going on ALL MONTH.
5 votive candle holders from BALLARD DESIGN
from daughter, STACY LEIGH
I love using all the neat frames over at PIC MONKEY on some of my photos...
Love that PicMonkey place...also discovered RIBBET yesterday and it
is almost IDENTICAL to PICNIK.
Why are the photo editing sites named monkey, and ribbet, like a frog
and, if you remember, picnik had ants everywhere. ???

Speaking of Christmas trees...
I saw a WHITE tree with ALL RED decorations
and FELL. IN. LOVE. ♥ ♥ ♥

It's over at KariAnn's, Thistlewood Farms

I am going to try my best to get a white tree NEXT Christmas and, in the meantime, I can watch for cute decorations for it. I do have a LOT of red and white Christmas tree balls and such....I'll just add a few to them.

 This mantel is in whites and silver....a favorite HOLIDAY combo.
Nothing fancy, by any means....just sweet. 
(there's that little DOLLAR TREE plate craft...) 
O, ya'll....
I love EGG NOG with a DEEP passion.
I don't like whiz or bourbon or anything in it, tho....
...and, altho I LIKE nutmeg sprinkled on the top....

I almost got too much on THIS glass, tho.
When I took my first drink, I sucked that powdery Cinnamon down my throat
and almost choked to death....
Yes, sir....choking so bad, I had to get ANOTHER glass of that egg nog. :))


Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I see you in your Santa hat in the sidebar, BJ. Very festive. I guess I missed the post about your move. I'm glad you are happy about it. Those little Ballard's candleholders are really cute. your mantel looks great.

Gina said...

Your mantel is very pretty! Simple, yet eye catching. I love the votives!

Terra said...

I like the chalk board with the "hold hands at dinner and pray" message, which captures a Christmas-y spirit. We like egg nog too; the past two Christmases our youngest son brought it to our house and it is yummy.
I look forward to hearing news of your move, when it happens.

Beth said...

Your mantel is beautiful!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Pretty mantel, bj. Don't blame you for not doing a lot this year. Hope your house sells quickly.

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks like you're getting into the holiday spirit BJ! Wishing you a quick sale and another glass of Nog:@)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always have beautiful touches around your house. I'm wishing you Happy holidays!

Audrey said...

Love your mantel bj ... you have a lot of fun with that one and it always looks beautiful. Have been working on mine today, but ... well you know what but means. Like, getting nowhere with it. Eggnog looks good. I do not like it ... but Mr. Z. does. Happy days.
Audrey Z.
Timeless Treasures

Cranberry Morning said...

Hi BJ. So there I was, admiring your beautifully decorated mantel, when I read that you nearly choked on the cinnamon. Why on earth did I laugh?? I wonder what it is that makes us laugh at things like that. Probably because I've done the same thing!! Anyway, I am sorry you almost choked and sorry I laughed when I read that. :-) Blessings.♥

Michelle said...

I do love that chalkboard sign. Very sweet!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- It looks so lovely. I can certainly see you having a white Christmas tree with red on it!

I am so excited for you and your move. I wish I lived closer I would come and stage your house for you. That is what I used to do for realtors until the market here crashed. I still do one once in a while and the last few I have done sold almost immediately.

If you want some help let me know I think I still have the thing I used to give sellers that told them what to do for a quick sale. I could email it to you if you'd like.

Blessings- xo Diana

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

Oh I wish you were here...I'd get the eggnog out of the frig and offer you a glass! I like mine with a little nutmeg, no booze in mine either. I did warm up about 3/4 of a cup in the micro a couple of days ago and poured it into a cup with some nice strong coffee...a little spray whipped cream and nutmeg and I had a homemade eggnog latte-yummy!

Your decorations are so pretty. I can't imagine decorating and packing at the same time, although I did move in January one year...we just had movers come and pack everything (company paid). It was much easier, but they packed the trash in the waste baskets and the donuts off the it isn't perfect!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Love the simplicity of your mantel decorations - and the bell plate is adorable!

kitty said...

Such a pretty mantle, BJ! I love egg nog, too, but have discovered an egg nog flavored tea...yum!

Maureen Wyatt said...

For someone who wasn't doing much, it looks pretty darned good to me!

Pondside said...

BJ, I love your attitude - have sine the first time I dropped in at your blog. Enjoy this Christmas, as I know you will - and think of all the fun you'll have decorating the new place next year!

Teresa said...

It is always such a pleasure to stop by and being involved in so much fun and warmth ahahahah

Thank you and Be Blessed!

Theresa said...

SO pretty! Love the candles and pearls! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Jackie said...

You're moving? I must have missed that post BJ.

Glad you got the card I sent. Hey you better email me your new address so I can change my address book.

Your house always looks so festive at Christmas. Come and do mine please!!!

God bless.

Maria Elena said...

BJ, all your Christmas decor is just perfect and your mantle is beautiful! So welcoming and festive! Your home is beautiful. No doubt it will get sold quickly, you'll see. Big hug to you!

Susy said...

BJ you're like the Fairy God Mother of Blogdom ~ always cheery, funny, and full of wisdom. What would we do without you!

xinex said...

How stunning! I love all the whites, BJ. Beautiful mantel!...Christine

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

Love all the photos BJ,
I had to laugh about the cinnamon choke, I can just envision that. It's happened to me too. Good thing you could grab another glass of eggnog. :0)

Vee said...

Oh my! That was a great site you found. The last photo looks better than my Christmas Cards by half. Sweet...

I figured you'd have to decorate. It's important to make it home wherever you are for as long as you are there.☺

Anonymous said...

I am just now reading about your move. Things have been hopping around here...very busy. All the best with your home sale and move!!

We took our home off the market at the end of 4 months. Nothing is selling in that price range right now around here anyway. Will consider trying again in Spring. At the moment we are wrapping our minds around J's Parkinson's diagnosis and have lots of doctor visits over winter, plus Christmas so decided to take a break from marketing the house. Maybe it was not meant to be anyway.:-)

SmilingSally said...

I wonder about your move. Are you copying me? It is a bunch of HARD work, but you have some precious helpers. And a new place sure is nice.

Rose Hascall said...

I missed the move post to.That isn't all I missed with this darn flu, I am afraid. Anyway, where are you going? Hope you have great luck selling. We put our home on the market "by owner" a couple of falls ago. Only had one looker. A big wind storm came along and blew our sign away. Hubby took it as a SIGN that we really weren't ready to move from the town we have lived in all of our married life-50 years. Know that day will come one day, but hopefully not for a few more years.

You really have a great knack for decorating. Beautiful.

Madeline's Album said...

Hope you are able to sell your house and get moved into your new home. Sorry the cinnamon made you choke, but glad you are ok. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls said...

I am so glad that you are happy about the move, and that it will be to a nice place. It is months away, and you are already packing! You are so much more organized than I, I wait until practically the last minute to begin.
Your mantel is beautiful, all so pretty.

On Crooked Creek said...

Candles and pearls. . .exquisite!
Love the WINTER banner on the mantle!
19 stockings must be a sight to behold!!!
Blessings abound @ Sweet Nothings!

Ann said...

BJ, your mantel is lovely. There is that plate you made with the bells on it--love it so much with the banner!!Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Susan said...

I love your Ballard candle votives! Your mantle is gorgeous!!