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Thursday, June 21, 2012


THIS is a repost from 2009
in tribute to
remembered a statement I made months...MONTHS, ago....

You know how your heart races and your palms get sweaty and
you are just about to have a run-away when the
postman or UPS person leaves a
PACKAGE on your poRch swing ??

When I opened the package, out came this
adorable, handpainted sign....
from THERESA to ME !
I couldn't believe it....!!
Just take a look at those beautiful roses...
She wrote the sweetest note....
"Hi, bj,
I remembered that you showed a sign you wanted..I hope you like this one.
I am sorry it took me so long to get it to you. Hope you didn't buy
the other one already!! :O)
Love your blog and love you. I love your wit. You make my day when
I visit you, dear!
This is the first time in ten years that I have picked up a brush."
Love ya, friend"
Well, I don't need to tell you that I cried my eyes out....
Mr. Sweet came into the room and couldn't imagine why I was
holding this cute little sign and crying like a baby....
and I fell totally in love with MY SIGN.

My heartfelt thanks to you, dear one...
I cried because YOU REMEMBERED and
YOU MADE IT for me.
You know, don't you, that I will think of you every time
I look at my little
and that I love you!!
My sweet blogging friend passed away after losing her brave and very long fight
with cancer, on June 19, 2009.
I last heard from her in November of 2011 and this is her mail to me:

Hi Bj , I am still in treatment . I feel lousy most of the time . I am having a problem with a poor appetite . I just cannot eat. Lord I thought I would never say that in my life ! I want to eat but I just can't eat over 5 or 6 tablespoons at a time . I haven't mentioned it on my blog but my cancer is growing again, it is in my right lung and a spot on my spleen and 2 lymph nodes . I try to be upbeat but it sure is hard . I think  I have come to terms about dealing with this monster. I haven't mentioned this to anyone but you, but I don't think I will be here this time next year. I have never thought like this before . I don't mention much on my blog about the cancer anymore because I don't think people want to hear depressing stuff . Most people can't deal with things anymore. Everything has to be stable for them LOL !
I am trying to decorate, but I don't have the strength to. I go for lab work tomorrow. Maybe my blood is screwed up more . I am just decorating a little bit everyday.
I wish I could meet you one day BJ , you seem like such a fun loving person. I feel like I know you. Well I have bent your ear long enough dear friend . Bye ,bye and don't work too hard getting ready for Christmas.
Theresa Reel
I wanted to share this with all of you to show you what a brave fighter this lady was.

Everything isn't ALL PRETTY and LIGHTHEARTED and FLIGHTY and GARDENS and
in our lives. 
There's a lot of hurt...sickness...loneliness in the blogging community....just as 
there is in our REAL lives.
One reason I love blogging so much is the kindness and the big hearts of every single
blogger I have "met". 
In the 5 years I have been blogging, I have not met an unkind soul yet.
I thank you for being kind and sensitive to the hearts of our sisters and brothers.
I try with all my might to be the same.

 My joy today is knowing THERESA is now free of the disease that took her...
she is walking and talking with our loving JESUS CHRIST.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Flea Market Makeovers said...

She sounds like she was a beautiful person BJ. This is a lovely memorial to her...hugs,

All Ways Designing said...

What a great Memorial to Theresa! Thanks BJ for sharing her note to you and the beautiful sign. Theresa indeed, was a lovely lady...always there if you needed her...and always witty.

I'll be praying for her friends and family. We know where Theresa is - and she's celebrating with the Lord!

Jan ♥

Kathleen said...

May she rest in peace. Yes, so much sickness and sorrow, no one is spared.
I know you pray for her every time you see the sign, and she got so much joy sending it to you!

Lovely tribute!

Theresa said...

I knew her and loved her too! I just checked in on her not too long ago! She is FREE of pain and suffering! Thanks for sharing this sweetness about her! HUGS!

Ceekay-Thinkin of Home/Doublewide Decor said...

How wonderful that you have this treasure to remember your friend.

She is correct, not everything is happy, fun and pretty. Cancer is an awful disease. I hate it.

But as you know, and I know, joy comes in the morning....everyday is worth living...and Theresa got that.

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I am so sorry you lost your friend and that we all lost a beautiful blog pal...

No everything isnt light and bright and its good to know we have folks we can turn too with the dark and ugly as well..

It alwasys worries me that when I leave a comment for someone going thru a bad time or someone who is ill, that they might think I dont mean what I'm saying..

When I say I am praying I mean I AM, right then and there and my heart is in it 1 million percent.

if only they could feel the hugs I am giving them, the shoulder to rest their weary head on, the hand to hold, the caring soul standing , sitting or walking with them every step.. I hope it isnt just words to them and they can feel what I say, somehow over all the miles and distance between us..

so, I am hugging you and handing you a tissue and taking one for myself so we can dry our eyes..

"looking up and waving at Theresa" we'll all be together one day and decorating heaven. Move over St, Peter I need to do a tablescape on that cloud your sitting on..:-)

love ya bunches

Barbara F. said...

It is so true, we don't really know what is going on in the lives of our blogging buddies on the other side of the computer....may Theresa rest in peace. And you are right, BJ, she is free from the disease and in a beautiful place. Cherish that sign as she painted it for you with love. xo

Kris said...

BJ, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet friend. What a treasured gift that sign will always be for you!

Stacey said...

Oh BJ, I can't believe Theresa passed away. We have to just keep hoping and praying for a cure for all cancers.

Your post about her sure is sweet.

Anonymous said...

Dearest BJ, stopping by after visiting with Jan from All Ways Designing. I noticed her tribute to Theresa linking to your page. So sorry for your loss. I never met Theresa in my blogging journey of over two years, but you have made her live on in our little corner of blogland through your warm and kind post. Yes, she is now with our Lord, free of all pain and suffering, reminding us all to rejoice.

Hugs to you, love.


Marydon said...

These kinds of treasures are worth more than gold ... may Theresa rest sweetly in Heaven.

Prayers for you BJ, at this time...

Have a fabulous day ~

Susy said...

Hey BJ ~ I think what stands out the most is that Theresa didn't think she could talk about her illness on her blog. That makes me sad. You were a good friend BJ ~ thank you for sharing a beautiful tribute. Blessings. xo

Beverly said...

♥I know. I loved her, too.♥

And, I love you, too, JG. I hope you know.♥♥♥

Shelia said...

Oh, BJ! I've heard about Theresa and it just reakds my heart for her family but like you, I'm so glad she's really 'home' now and whole! She was so sweet. She admired some embroidery work I had done and she sent me an embroidery patter of a rose!
Bless you for sharing this sweet tribute to our Theresa.
Shelia ;)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

How sweet of her to send you that gift that you will always hold close to your heart. So sorry that your sweet friend lost her battle. Praying for you and her family.

Kathleen Grace said...

Yes, there is plenty of sorrow and hard days in everyone's life. I know that Theresa shared her troubles with you because she could trust you to understand and care and not turn away because it wasn't all sunshine and roses. You are a true and loving friend and you gave this lovely lady the gift of remembrance and caring. You are a dear dear person, and I truyly hope we meet some day. The wonderful thingis we will! If not here then in heaven!

Olive Cooper said...

Right. The world is full of pain. That is one reason I started writing my Hold Everything Lightly series on Tuesdays and it has stuck a cord with many. I have experienced much loss, pain, and abandonment but God has taken me through it all. I am truly blessed because of what I have been through. Thank you for your recent comment about CC. xoxo, Olive

Vee said...

Oh, BJ. She sounds like the dearest of the dear. Her comment about everyone needing things to be "stable" is probably true, but I consider it a high privilege to blog along with those who are struggling with one thing or another. It is the least we can do. The very least.

LV said...

BJ, sorry about the loss of your friend. May she rest in peace. In time, the pain goes away but the memories never.

Mindy said...

Oh, that is so sad, BJ. I'm sorry for your loss. Your post is such a great way to share her with those of us who didn't know her. And you're right, you'll have the pleasure of thinking of her every time you walk by your sign.

Debby said...

So nice that you have something to remember her by. I would rather read a blog about true life than those that are all upbeat and you know that isn't real.
My young friend just left my house. Her dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer. He is on an IV feeding tube hoping to get his weight up enough to operate. It is so sad. Cancer just stinks. (((((HUGS)))))

Linda Chapman said...

Made me cry.......

Judi said...

Hi BJ *hugs*
This is a dear sweet post for Theresa...and that little sign she painted for you will be precious...forever. How kind she was to do that for you...
Theresa was my blogging friend too and always seemed to be so strong and yes she didn't talk very much about how she was doing.
I thought she was doing better. I checked back periodically hoping to read a new post.

I just hoped she was ok....and today I've been reading about her passing. How very sad.

I have met so many wonderful and inspiring and kind people here while blogging also...I like you haven't met anyone who isn't kind. I guess....thats how we are...and wonderful to have support from our friends here...even though we don't always get to visit or post...we think of each other...and hope everyone is well.

Thank you again for sharing Theresa's email to you...and your thoughts...

I've already posted a couple of times today that...we really need...each of us to stop and count our blessings...

have a good day BJ..

Blondie's Journal said...

BJ, this is a lovely tribute to Theresa. I hope she is at peace and remains in the hearts of the many who loved her.


Debbie said...

BJ, this is a beautiful post and what a tribute to a woman who clearly understood what it means to be a friend, even when reaching all the way through cyberland to do it.

May she rest in peace. Beautiful post.

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

What a beautiful and loving tribute to your friend. I am so glad she had you to share her feelings with. I am sorry you two didn't meet but yout think they have blogs in heaven?

Madeline's Album said...

This was a very heart warming post. Dealing with my husbands lukemia I know how she must have felt. She is I know much better off now and is with her loved ones in heaven. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

Linda @ A La Carte said...

bj I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. What a sweet tribute! I can tell your friendship meant so much to her also. I know that sign will always make you remember a loving blog friend. Hugs, Linda

NanaDiana said...

Well, I am sitting in a hotel room now and it is 1 AM and I am bawling my eyes out. You are right- we need to remember that there is a lot of loneliness and illness all around us. I'm sure Heaven is just a little brighter with her up there and this side of Heaven is just a little sadder. Blessings, bj-you have the best soul- xo Diana

Anne said...

Bj what a sweet post. Yes I too remember Theresa. I believe she followed my blog but I did not know she passed away. I'm so glad that you two became such good friends. I know that she will be near and dear to your heart forever. I'm sure she's looking down from heaven smiling at you about this post in rememberence of her.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

This is exactly why I blog! But you are right..real life is going on in the background. I wish I had known her...
So many wonderful folks out precious and so supportive. I also want to stay away from the "down" side of my life. I don't want to make folks feel bad...and Theresa was right when she said people want don't want to be depressed. They want to read "up" posts..and sometimes that is difficult..very, very difficult.
Much love to you, bj!! You are a bright spot in our lives just as Theresa was in yours.
Thank you for your prayers!!

Carla said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. Every time you look at your sign you'll be reminded of her so her memory will live on. Lovely post.