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Thursday, June 28, 2012

~ Anthropologie ~

I was surfing thru Anthropologies  web site and found some of the
cutest things....
I LOVE this store.

 Like these cute measuring cups.
On sale for $19.95
were $32.
 and these Salt and Peppers.
Sale price of $9.95.......were $18.00

These chalkboard spice jars are so cute at $10.00 each.
I really love these....

 Adorable measuring spoons...
 I'm pretty sure I will order these...
Colorful dish towels.....FOUR for $28
Too cute rolling pin for $18

Isn't this whisk so cute....

I think any of these would be so cute in a cool, summertime kitchen.
If we have to cook, having such cute gadgets is BOUND to make things better.

YEP, I do love me some ANTHROPOLOGIE......don't you ?

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                                                           XOXO bj


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I love those dishtowels too..

I hope you get something you love and will enjoy.


Debbie said...

Adorable stuff! I like the measuring cups and spoons the best of all.

sissie said...

Cute stuff BJ, I'll take one of each.
Love their stuff too.


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Ummmm, love the towels too, especially the aqua one!

Vee said...

Yes, that is one store I truly enjoy. I shop there mostly for my daughter, though. Those dishtowels would dress up a summer kitchen beautifully!

The French Hutch said...

I do love anthropologie! I have some of their cute kitchen things too, favorites being the adorable tea towels. I enjoy buying gifts there, for showers, teas and my family girls love getting gifts for any occasion!
Hope you have a great weekend bj, stay cool!

The French Hutch

Kathleen said...

Very cute, but pricey even on sale. They do have nice things.
I got glasses still with their label on them, 8.00, in the .99 store! That's when I buy!
Found great appy plates at the $ Tree, turned them over and they were from Crate and Barrel! Always on the hunt!

Gina said...

Beautiful Anthro picks, BJ. Their stuff is always so fun & colorful. I love the spice jars. I'm always wishing for spice jars that are glass. Thanks for sharing!

Madeline's Album said...

Very colorful kitchen gadgets but like Kathleen they are a little to pricey for me. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Babs said...

These would be so cute in a summer kitchen. And with this heat, I could use an old summer kitchen...the kind that's separate from the house. Stay cool.

Pondside said...

This isn't a store that I know, but they sure have cute stuff! Don't go too wild!

Epic said...

They're all so cute, I love Anthropologie! I'm popping by to visit from Katherine's linky!

Beverly said...

Lots of eye candy, BJ. They are all so fun and colorful.

Katherines Corner said...

great stuff...i'm wondering why I've never been to this store or website! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop today xo

Ceekay-Thinkin of Home/Doublewide Decor said...

I have never been to one of there stores, but now there is one it is on my list!

You know how I love orange...well, at the dollar tree they got in everything for the kitchen in orange! I didn't buy a thing...but I wanted to!! But I had a wedding on the brain!

Kris said...

I adore Anthro too. But they are ridiculously over priced, I think. Some very cute stuff!!!
Happy Day.

Sall's Country Life said...

Colorful and Cute and oh so BJ!!

Whimsey Creations said...

I'm on my way to their store tomorrow - can't wait - it's one of my favorite places. And you can really find some great deals there when things go on sale. I just (after many years) bought new dishes - the first two plates full price and then when I went back a week or two later - they were on sale for half price. Love them too!

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I love it when we visit somewhere and I can go in one the stores. The funny thing is, I almost never buy anything. I think I get overwhelmed with all the fun things (and the prices) and I stroll around and leave emptry handed. I'm loving that salt and pepper shaker set! Cute!!!

Jody and Stan said...

I love Anthropologie too! Thanks for sharing these great buys. Loved hearing from you. Have a great weekend!


Joan said...

Love those measuring cups!

debra said...


Oh boy I would bake more if I had that rolling pin !

You were on my blog earlier, visiting from Brambleberry linky party and I saw your request about the follow thing. The Follow Thing has been a nightmare for me because I must be the biggest technical idiot in the entire world, lol. Seriously about 5 plugins installed and deleted etc...I THINK I have it working now
It should be on the right side under comments or posts. I subscribed to myself, put a new post up ( just a picture ) to test and see if I get a notice within 24 hours and if it is actually working I will get back to you / I'll email you : ) I'd had something on there that was NOT working and it was your query that got me moving again so thank you so much!!!! :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I love the rolling pin and measuring cups
, however since I am on a diabetic diet I won't be rolling out any dough. I love baked goods , cookies , you know all the great stuff


Olive Cooper said...

I love Anthro too and own one item of theirs. A butter dish, just adorable, and from one of the consignment stores I consign at for a song. said...

Hey there - was visiting the adorable cookie post on Rooted in Thyme and saw you as the most recent comment! Hey!

Do you remember Ginger of Dwelling in the House? She did a post with chalkboard jars some time back - very good idea.

Anyway, I kept waiting for your reproduction photos!

It blows me away that Liz has 103 installments of her TTT now and how we all gathered first for 14 Days of Love .... and that I'm actually still blogging (again) . .I think you'll get my joke but I threw that "again" in there, just in case!

Take care and Hugs! Jenn

spooks said...

Beautiful htings, BJ. I love Anthropologie too, so much fun to browse in there.....Christine

Kathleen Grace said...

They have the most unique and cutest stuff, but whoooeeee! Those prices! Sale prices make things a lot more attractive:>)

Judi said...

Hi BJ!
I don't know about that store...I don't think we have any around here and I haven't looked online.
I love those colours...soooo nice and wouldn't a kitchen coordinated with them all be just about perfect?...maybe its time to change my colours..hmmm..
have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

BJ, Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. I like to just stop by for weekly inspiration. LOL
Thanks for sharing! ~ Sarah

Nicole Buckingham said...

Oh I love Anthropologie, I have the sweetest stacked measuring cup set that is a kitchen treasure for sure. I love too the light that you share here in this space that you have created-- thanks for that.

Following ya now from the Favorite Things Hop. We're riding the wave of life at one little adventure at a time and I'd love it if you'd join us for the sweet ride. And this Saturday we'll be peeking in to another sweet blogger's beach bag and launching our SUMMER Beach BAG Give away... I hope you'll join us.


kitty said...

What cute things you shared. I like sale prices for sure!! Those measuring cups and spoons are the cutest ever!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Not at all familiar with the website but my daughter has mentioned it to me several times. Yep...cute things!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Wow! These are very cute - I think those spice jars could easily be recreated! Very inspirational!
I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,