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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today, 1/10/12, is her 10th birthday.

We love you so much, Deeds, and you are such a blessing to all of us.

I had fun having lunch with you and letting you pick out your 3 J. Beber shirts....:))


This post was in draft form since Thanksgiving...I forgot it so decided to do it today. My drafts get buried sometimes as a lot of times, I have drafts of posts for 2 weeks or more. Anyone else do that?
PLEZZZZZZZZ forgive me for throwing a THANKSGIVING post in here,
right smack dab in the middle of the CHRISTMAS season (I KNOW...NOW Christmas is long gone, too.)     SHEEZE...!!                        
BUT.....I have to apply my "GRANDMOTHER'S BRAGGING RIGHTS" here.....
I KNOW all you other GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDDADS out there understand completely....♥♥
 THIS beautiful, model quality sweet girl, is ANDREA KEITH, named after
her sweet daddy, DAVID KEITH.....
and she is ONE of my 14 year old GRANDDAUGHTERS....
(we have 3 14 yr. old g'girls...7 in all, along with 3 g'guys)
 and, HERE she is, in that adorable gray suit, starring in a school UFL
May I just say here....
"You did an amazing job, Andrea...and you were so stinkin' cute in the play.
I loved every single minute of it.
and I love every single bit of YOU."
A pink THANKSGIVING cake....enjoyed by all....along with 6 different pies...
(thanks, Brooks...he brought 4...g'son makes pies at Cracker Barrel while going to college)*PROUD HERE
fruit salad with whipped cream...
sour cream banana nut bread...
well, let me start at the beginning....
Turkey and dressing...
giblet gravy...
marshmallowed sweet potatoes
buttered and cheesed boiled potatoes
deviled eggs
7 layer salad (to die for, Stacy...)
baked chicken legs (Stonegable recipe)
mack and cheese (all our kids love it)
cranberry sauce
hot rolls
iced tea

 ...a movie made in 2007, but I've just seen it........ and, let me tell ya,
if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.
I laughed in some places but mostly, I cried my eyes out.
Such a sweet movie....and KATHY BATES is in it, too, and she is
a very favorite of mine. (remember her in FRIED GREEN TOMATOES...AWESOME.)

Some evening, rent P.S. I LOVE YOU.....
watch it with your hubby and be  XTRA  nice to him winkwink
and give him an  XTRA  big hug.

Joining in on the fun at
O, and last night, I watched a 2000 movie....
A really sweet love story.....
and it didn't hurt a thing that my ALL TIME, FAVORITE  ITALIAN
sang the title song.......

♫♫♪ RETURN TO ME.....♪♪♫
by Dean Martin

*oh my gosh...he was SOOO swoon worthy....
I was totally and forever in love with Mr. Martin.

If you haven't seen the movie,
and LOVE love stories, this one is such a winner.

xoxoxo bj
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Phyllis@Around the House said...

The cake looks delish...wish I had a piece right your little bits and pieces blog...

Denise at Forest Manor said...

I saw "Return To Me" years ago on the recommendation of a friend, and I absolutely LOVED it. It is still one of my favorite love stories. The beginning was so sad, I was in tears. But then, the middle just got funnier and funnier. I love Bonnie Hunt, and Jim Belushi was so funny in that movie. I think that was one of the last things Carrol O'Connor did before he died, too.

I'm glad you reminded me of this movie, as we have it on DVD. :) Have a great week!


Melissa F said...

I cried SO much when I watched "P.S. I Love You"! I don't think I can watch it again. It was good, though!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How fun! Love the Thanksgiving menu and your grandgirl is adorable....I KNOW you're a proud g'ma!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, do I ever love the name Andrea Keith [in fact, if our son would've been born a girl...his name would not be Erik, but Andrea] I think it's awesome that she is named after her father, David.


Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

I love your Bits and Pieces! You are a great grandma sharing your love with us. Sounds like your holiday meal was it should be. I have P.S. I Love You! Great movie....sniff, sniff. And just in the past year, I believe, I've seen the one with Minnie Driver. Did you know she is also a singer?! Yes she is and I love her voice. Have a Great Day!

The French Hutch said...

hi bj, I want to see that movie. What a pretty cake and love the pink, bet it was delicious. Happy B'day to your granddaughter.

The French Hutch

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It's always a delight to see what you and your granddaughters are up to!


Hester’s letter, scarlet “A,”
Gave the gossips much to say,
But their rudeness she forbore,
For she knew she was no whore.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

We can put anything in our blogs, which we want to, my Dear. And you know that already. :-)

Beautiful "Grands"! Be so happy your family lets you share pics of them....

"It's so easy to be wicked without knowing it, isn't it?"
Anne Shirley/L.M. Montgomery

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Don't you just hate finding Draft posts you've forgotten about!!? That totally happens to me too!!

But it made a very lovely, full post for us to read so thank you!!


Madeline's Album said...

You are one sweet grandma. Your grandaughter is quite lovely. I really like your choice of Dean Martin for your favorite singer, being Italian myself I like all the singers you are Italian. Your thanksgiving menu was one to die for. Have a blessed day. Madeline

Patti said...

Good morning BJ,

The Thanksgiving dinner sounded scrumptious ~ but I don't think I'd care for the marshmallowed sweet potatoes.. ;-)

You are so blessed to have so many beautiful grandchildren. I hope I"m a grandma some day in the future.

Thanks for stopping by. I just posted my cupcake story. We didn't find any tea!

Jen said...

I saw both these movies and loved them both!


Olive Cooper said...

The pink cake is off the chain pretty BJ. Your girls are darling and I love the nickname Deeds. I am not organized enough to have drafts that far ahead maybe I can aspire to be like you one day. hugs♥Olive

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love these fun movies! I'll look for them! Enjoy your day, sweet friend! ♥

Vee said...

You can post whatever you want whenever you want. All those posts just sitting in the bank? Oh my! How sweeeet that must be! No, I sometimes have one waiting, but even that is rare.

Thanks for the movie recommendations. I've not see nor heard of these before. I really like Kathy Bates, too.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It must be so fun for your g'girls to be the same would make those family gatherings something to really look forward to. We know how 14-year-olds sometimes would rather hang out with their friends, and your girls have built in friends!

I started eating healthy on your menu just about did me in. Yum!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Happy Birthday to Deidra! 10 is such a fun age. You have some beautiful granddaughters.
Thanks for the movie suggestions! I love a good love story.

Mimi said...

Beautiful, beautiful girls!! Boys are quite handsome, too. Thanks for the movie tips. Don't worry, you're not behind; I'm still posting about Christmas, too. And I love the skillet Mrs. Claus brought to Mr. Sweet ~ wish I had some of that cornbread now!!

Kathleen Grace said...

You have some of the prettiest grands around BJ, a big happy birthday to Deeds. A bit late but what's being late between friends;>) ?

LV said...

Loved taking a journey through your wonderful celebrations the past few weeks. I enjoyed seeing all o the, except Dean Marin was my man. He just never knew it. I have many of his albums.

al and sha said...

Love seeing the grandgirls and they are so pretty and precious. My youngest one is 12 and the last one till a great. I look at the old pics of all them and it's so bittersweet. I love the people they've become and cherish the memories of when they were little. I know that's just how you feel. That cake looks mighty good!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Bj! All those adorable grands and cake too! Whatta blog!! :):)

Mecky said...

Happy Birthday to Deidra from another Deidres(Deidra) mom! My Dee's b-day is almost here, too.

The pink cake looks so good.

Rhondi said...

I loved that movie Return To Me and the old guys who were in it were wonderful characters!