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Monday, September 5, 2011


..whatever we chose to call it,
seems we ALL love the look of time worn treasures..
Things that take us back to a simpler way of life..
I know that I love it...
I wish I could say that I live in an olden farm house...
That's a blessing that is either
yet to come
or not meant to be.

I think that plenty of additions of pure TEXTURE makes for a beautiful room...beautiful house.
I love having something smooth paired with something rough..nubby..olden and worn...
I am thinking this is a LOT of what the new rage,
is all About.
The following is taken from MARTHA'S MOMENTS...
Today, the interior design of the homes of many of my friends (and my own home) seems to be guided by a new kind of modernism that embraces light and space with the very definite desire to collect, cherish and display vintage objects that have personal meaning and a whimsical charm to them; they may be inherited pieces, or they may be ''new-old'' flea-market finds, but they are objects we cannot seem to part with.
After asking around a bit, and doing a bit of research, it seems this style has been labeled "Romantic Prairie Style" by the cognoscenti. Its more grown-up counterpart is called "Modern Farmhouse."

The importance of TEXTURE in your rooms has been around
for a long long time.
I just think people are becoming much more aware of it with
the fabulous things made popular today.
don't 'cha love it !

THIS romantic prairie style dining room belongs to
This photo is a pic of a pic so if you want to see how pretty her cottage
Go over and check her out.
Take notice of all the different textures she uses
She is such an awesome decorator that her cottage
ended up in this beautiful book, ROMANTIC PRAIRIE STYLE...
and I am so impressed that I could just spit.
She is another one that has NO idea how I stalk
her constantly.......*shhhhhh
A ball of much texture...substantial...
things like this, scattered around, gives off the vibes of
*take off your shoes...
*get comfy...
*nothing taken TOO seriously around here...
Romantic Prairie Style !
Vintage, wicker it.
...the nubbieness of the ruffled burlap runner paired with a smooth metal candle holder
just makes for a strong, great look to me.
Of COURSE, now that I have noticed that the runner in THE OLD PAINTED COTTAGE
has writing on it
am I ungrateful ? :(

The clock belonged to my mother and she gave it to
me many years before she passed away.
(I am already 2 years older than she was when she died)
She was wonderful about letting my brother and I have things
of hers that we loved to pieces.
She didn't believe in *wait until I'm gone*...
she wanted us to enjoy it RIGHT NOW.
I have done this with my children and grands, too.
My sweet momma left me a whole lot more than earthly possessions...
and I hope and pray and work hard at
doing the same for my family.

I still love the fabulous look
wine corks give.....
even if POTTERY BARN seems to be through with them. !
I love 'em and have several containers scattered throughout Sweet Nothings.
They offer texture in a HUGE way...
then added to GLASS....ummmmmm
I love them and might carry a few to my grave with me....
vintage collections..
BOY HOWDY......I sure do love it.!
If you like the look of the coverless books that Pottery Barn made popular,
ask your favorite thrift store to save broken books for you. Then you won't
feel like YOU have destroyed the books.
If you are like me, you were taught to NEVAH harm a book.

My sweetie girl ordered this book for me for Christmas.
It arrived at my doorstep, hot off the press and I've
not stopped reading and looking at it since.
If you buy only ONE nice book this year....
and you love the look of Modern Farmhouse, aka ROMANTIC PRAIRIE STYLE..
then, THIS is the book for you.
I HIGHLY recommend it.
It's full of FARMHOUSE

A few rooms, done up in the ROMANTIC PRAIRIE fashion
from the Internet...
I really need a sign like her's...
and to have a kitchen large enuf to add a rocker...
Hey..wait a minute, maybe I can add one to my breakfast room...
I'll be thinking on that....
I DO have the very rocker my dad bought for my momma when I was born..
that's a mighty olden rocker !!

This porch photo is in my INSPIRATION FILE and I've posted about it before.
and I don't have a single solitary clue who it belongs to but
I covet it SOOO much that I am afraid I am going to HELL  in a hand basket
and that's a fact ! :(
It just takes my breath away and leaves me hyperventilating..
the curtains..
the ticking...
the lemonade...
even the numbers 105 are cute...
prairie style at it's finest..

My olden bakers rack (actually a $5 display rack from a store going out of business) holding all my thrifted treasures..
some rough, like the burlap bag..married with the smoothness of thrifted dishes...
and I HAD to throw in my
thrifted, stepped on, horse p'd on and then ran over, dropped in the creek,
been thru the mill
just a teeny tiny bit of prairie love.

ONE official dessert of PRAIRIE STYLE/FARMHOUSE  living is
(plain, served with a hot cup of coffee or tea..)
THIS good cake is store-bought
*I heard you gasp*
and the strawberry icing is from a can (turning purple gasp)
but had fresh mashed strawberries swirled into it.
*remember...I LOVE semi-homemade...:
Have a wonderful day




Marydon said...

Can't give up those Berry Burst Oreos, just yet, BJ! Sure glad hubby doesn't like them so much. Tho the cake looks deelish, too.

Haven't seen this book but will. Your home is just gorgeous, comfy & elegant.

Hope you had a lovely holiday.

Debbie said...

I am so drawn to every photo on here, and yet I've never been able to execute the style around here for myself.

Barbara F. said...

I agree with Debbie's comment..I love your style, tho' BJ, love your kitchen and the olden goodies like the baker's rack. Angel food cake looks really good, too. xo,

Sweet Tea said...

I love looking through you Blog - it's like taking a home tour but not having to get dressed up to do it - not that I'm lazy or anything. I'm always "late to the party" so I've not even heard the term "romantic prarie style", but I think I'm gonna ask Santa to bring it to me this year, cause you know "I've been a very good girl!".

On Crooked Creek said...

You are such a wonderful decorator in your own right. Love the cowboy hat!!!This is a lovely, inspirational, full of creativity post!

Donnie said...

I just love looking at all the beautiful photos.

~Pam~ said...

Hi BJ,
So enjoyed your post and all of the pics!
That cake sure does look yummy!
Hope it's been a nice holiday weekend for you!
Many blessings

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

BJ I think that I am the only person in blogland who hasn't read Fifi's book yet. I want to read it, and I have been on the waiting list at the library for months!!!!!

I think your house could be in a book, BJ. It reflects you and who you are, it is welcoming, and it is pretty.

Ricki Jill

Natasha in Oz said...

I agree, this style of decorating is gorgeous! I still haven't got a copy of that book-I'll have to see if it's available out here yet...we get everything months after you guys!

Best wishes and hope you have a fabulous week!

Kris said...

Some GREAT looks!

Neabear said...

Seeing new ideas here that would be fun! Enjoyed your posts very much!


Bunny Jean said...

I love the calmness that this post had with all those lovely pictures.

I gasped when I got to the porch picture, and then laughed to read that it was on of your all time favorite picutres.

Did you notice how they untied one side of those curtains... so that you could almost 'feel' that cool breeze?

This time I got lucky!!! After all the times I have read your posts and have had to look at those great yummy food pictures you show off... THIS TIME I actually have some Angel Food cake, strawberries and a can of whipped cream!

xoxo Bunny Jean
@ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!
(my MAIN blog)

Anonymous said...

Good morning BJ, Love yout post today and I don't know if I've heard of Praire Style, but I know I love it. I love country decor in any style, but my home here is far from it. But soon, I'll have it again. I'm trying to start a new blog, but Lord, I've almost forgotten how to do it. LOL.

Rettabug said...

I just love you, Darlin'...can't tell you how many times I literally laughed out loud at your comments. "turning purple gasp", "horse p-d on", "covet...going to Hell in a handbasket"
You crack me up!

No wonder you love that porch so much, BJ. It is so warm & welcoming with the feeling of "home"...just like YOU!


p.s. I clicked on the photo of the cheese dome but didn't find any to buy. :-(

Rettabug said...

p.p.s I have my corks in a very similar tall jar & just love them like that! Now I'm off to dump my bag of tea light candles into an empty jar, again, similar to yours. I'm just a big ole' copy cat today.

Thanks & more Hugs,

Karen said...

No cheese domes on the site you sent us to. Any other place we may get one?

shannon i olson said...

beautiful decorating for sure! wonderful explanation too BJ. So....what wine is your favorite, most I buy has screwtop or plastic cork.....guess that means I am cheap?? I would love your wine recommendations!

Fifi Flowers said...

That is a FUN mailbox!

Ralph said...

The old farmhouse will have a real charm - except for the cold drafts in the winter and the heat of the summer. Insulation and great window glazing may not be part of the past...

Love the angel food - sweet for convrsation and nibbling, in that order naturally...

Kathleen Grace said...

I love this look too. I find I am turning away from the overly sweet cottage look and enjoying the simplicity and warth of the farmhouse decorating. We all go through changes. I still love some aspects of cottage, bt they seem to be the ones that are easy to mix with farmhouse style:>)

Kathleen Grace said...

I love this look too. I find I am turning away from the overly sweet cottage look and enjoying the simplicity and warth of the farmhouse decorating. We all go through changes. I still love some aspects of cottage, bt they seem to be the ones that are easy to mix with farmhouse style:>)

Designs By Pinky said...

Just today as I was CLEANING my little heart out I decided to try corks in a bottle for Fall! I love all the pictures. I would ahve to STRIP MY HOUSE BARE and start all over to get this look but I do love it! The SCREEN DOOR with the gingerbread trim in your inspiration pic stole my heart!!!!! XO, Pinky

La said...

That is some hat, BJ. I love the look, too.

Hope you had a fun weekend. La