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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Restlessness and Randomness

My good friend, VEE, says this time of year brings on restlessness for her...
It does for me, too.
'Not allowing or affording REST....' 
 Like VEE, at this time of year, it seems I have more trouble concentrating on one thing.
I seem to flit from one project to another without really completing either one.
It seems harder for me to post on this humble blog and keep everything straight...
or to say what I intended to say...
I MEANT to tell you that the two THINGS in the pretty blue box are vintage
with the PHONE 842
is from the 40's and belonged to my daddy.
and well remember the ICE HOUSE.
I would go with Dad to pick up the ice to go in our ICE BOX sometimes....
other times, the ICE MAN would deliver the BLOCK ice to our house.
This olden, wooden ICE BOX I found on the Net
is very much like the one we had on a small, screened back porch.
 The red ice pick...with it's wonderfully chippy red paint,
was my Aunt Lillian' very favorite aunt of all time!!
I sure would rather have my sweet and funny Aunt Lillian than this ole red ice pick.
I posted these photos awhile back and never thought to explain WHAT it was all about.
*heavy sigh
I can't remember just WHEN we went from a wooden ICE BOX to our first
refrigerator but I DO remember that my momma was tickled flat to death.
 It sure does help me, these days, to be able to SEE what things will look like...
just like this basket of  DEMIJOHNS  that was the idea of the talented KIM.
When I was lucky enuf to win this awesome BURLAP COFFEE SACK
I put it into a basket (not even an olden basket like Kim's but I am thinking of staining it)
and added my  precious DEMIJOHNS..
Thanks, Kim, for the idea...I love it...
THANKS SO MUCH, VALERIE, for this beautiful coffee sack.
I love are the BEST !
 ONE tiny project for the potty that I HAVE  finished this spring..
and it sure *ain't nothing to write home about*
a little vintage shelf just right for my bath, keeping my candles nice and .....handy,
until the PERFECT SOMETHING comes along to replace it.....
like something in ...WICKER, maybe.
I saw THESE at the grocery store yesterday and thought
so I bought only two..
One for Mr. Sweet and one for my silly self.
They were dry (well, ok, I DID overcook mine)
and actually TASTELESS.
My mom taught me that
"if you can't say something NICE thing......
but at about $3 per pizza
and 390 calories in EACH,
I just wanted to warn ya....

Any of you had the CHOCOLATE WINE I am seeing in the stores?
I picked up a bottle yesterday at the store ..
When I got over to the frozen foods, a lady and I were discussing those danged ole FRUIT PIZZAS...
when she saw my Chocolate Wine, she said
"That is the most awful stuff I ever tasted...but then, I'm not a wine drinker."
and I said..."O, well, I love most wines so I think I'll give it a try....but thanks for the opinion."
at the checkout counter where we were discussing the
HOT AS H**  weather,  she rang up my wine and then she said
"My mom says that is the worst thing she has ever put in her mouth.."

"PLEZZZZZE....... just take it off my bill ...I don't even WANT the nasty stuff...:((
Do YOU ever have those kind of days?
Where you feel like you are on the infamous CHOPPY WATERS?
When a lot of things are going GOOD but, somehow, a little NOT SO GOOD gets mixed in?

Maybe it was just my FRAME OF MIND in not liking the pizza...
deciding NOT to try the Chocolate Wine....
beats me.

BUT...Mr. Sweet DID say, "Don't EVER buy those tasteless pizzas again" so maybe
they really DO taste pretty BLAH. !
Well, I DID buy some more awesome SHADE plants for my window box..
Now, THIS makes me feel happy and fun and lighthearted
so maybe, even with RESTLESSNESS, I can get THIS project finished.
you'll get your mojo back soon !
Go have a glass of wine ...
but for GOODNESS sake, not CHOCOLATE WINE...
I've heard tell that it's
xoxo bj

I, in my state of restlessness and randomness, am linking with
I'm not sure Blue Monday will be up...
Be sure to say a prayer for Sally's quick recovery.
and is there a
"LET ME WHINE TODAY" meme anywhere ????


Barbara F. said...

BJ, let me tell you, I tried a chocolate wine that Trader Joe's sells and it is DEE-lish, not kidding. A little pricey-but it reminds me of Bailey's Irish Creme. Not like wine at all. xo,

Vee said...

Oh-oh. Conflicting opinions.

Thanks for the link love and the good wishes for me. ☺ My mojo comes and goes. Right now I'm a little concerned because I'm all out of road trip, but I think the most satisfying posts are the chatty ones just like yours.

So what about some chocolate wine? At least that way, you won't continue to wonder.

Debby said...

Okay doesn't the chocolate melt that is on the outside or does it just look like it's on the outside. I got excited when I saw the fruit pizzas then thought I couldn't eat them anyway because of the gluten. So now I feel better about them, hah. I have an old ice chest. I don't remember them being used but I have always thought they were so neat.
It's the lazy hazy days of summer, dear, and you have it even hotter. Your mojo will come back. I know it will.

Debbie Moore at Slice of Pie Entertaining and Cookbooks said...

Thanks for visiting my site ... and now I've followed you. Don't know why, by my Follow info disappeared for awhile. It's back on now ... not sure how I fixed it! All the way to the bottom of my site ... you'll find it.

Kathleen said...

I have the very same red ice pick!

Thanks for the tip about the pizza, they don't even look that good!

I don't know how you post so often. I am lucky to have anything twice a week!
If I start posting about my dust rag or dust pan, come get me and take me away! :)

podso said...

Say, we used to have an ice chest like that to store things in (not ice). I loved it. But we moved so many times it got too much to lug around so we sold it. Maybe it's the very one you found to buy! Looks the same, wonderful piece! Have a great week ahead!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh dear me! Those pizzas kind of look dry, even in your photo. -sigh- But... We don't know, until we try.

Love the background info/history, on the ice box and ice pick. :-) I don't remember us having a real ice box, but bet my Aunt Josie did. 'Cause she had the only real cook stove which burned wood, that I've ever seen!!!

Oh I'm so glad I got to experience her house! She had lots of things, which I never saw again. Not that I appreciated them, back then. I was way too young to do so.

Sorry you are RESTLESS. Perhaps with you, it's the oppressive heat? That would rattle anyone's brain and mind-set, I think.

Beeeeeeeeutiful weekend up here in my neck of the woods. But Mon. is supposed to be a *scorcher*! (We are so, so, so happy that we put in the A/C wall units!!! I've said this before but I can't stop saying it! Once in a while, we choose a real winner. And when we do, I have to *crow* about it. -grin-)


Carol said...

I motivation just ran out of the room....
That's what I've been thinking when I've been at the gym, or coming up with an idea for dinner, or something else that I just forgot what it was....oh, yeah, coming up with a blog post.
But, your ice picks are great, your bathroom shelf is looking good, and Vee is a good friend to have!

salmagundi said...

Some days (or weeks) are that way. I can't get my mojo back after traveling in June. The heat doesn't help. Fall is on its way! Yea! Sally

Dixie said...

BJ... I think you just summed up my mood perfect. I told Ricky about half hour ago... "I feel anxious and I don't know why?" He advised me to pour a glass of wine and put my feet up... just the medication I needed... that and reading your post. You know I adore you... what would blogger land be without the fabulous BJ? I never want to know.

hugs... from S. Texas... Dixie

Sher said...

I love chocolate and I love wine but I'm not so sure combining the two flavors would work. I think I would have passed also.

Sarah said...

How do you do it, BJ? Every post so clever and fun. I'm doing good to post something once a week lately.
I blame my lack of motivation on the heat. ;-)
Today we drove to Fredericksburg to get some Redglobe peaches. Guess we'll be busy in the kitchen soon. ~ Sarah

Emily said...

Ok, to try the chocolate wine or not, maybe next time I'm in Atalanta and go to trader Joe's I'll look at it. I like Barbara's description. My mister would freak at the thought, he's a serious wine lover. I sure have those days your referring to bj. If possible, I just curl up in my comfy leather wing and pick up my favorite new book until I'm better. Great pics of your and your mister in Alaska. At least you weren't hot up there like in TX.
Have a good week.

The French Hutch

Theresa said...

OK, dear BJ, here's the deal... Mr. Sweet is spoiled with all of your tasty food and nothing that you buy at the store is gonna measure up:)

I try new things occasionally and it isn't as good as it looks on the package!

I have some restlessness too sometimes, usually when I have lots on my mind! At least you have something crafty to show! Love the potty shelf!

Have a blessed day my dear friend, HUGS!

Shug said...

Moods....this summer heat is taking away every bit of action that I once had...I need more than Trader Joe's chocolate wine to get me up and going...

I smiled big when I saw the ice-pick...My kids don't even know what an ice-pick is...


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I know exactly how you feel. I think it is the heat. It is so humid here right now.

I have not tried the chocolate wine....I do love chocolate and red wine I wonder....

Sandi (Meme) said...

Oh wow BJ, I can SO feel your pain. I haven't posted for several weeks now, just wanted (needed?) some time off. I was SO down about posting and getting little feedback, and comments, etc. But, I think I'm ready to go again, and try not to take things so personal. Thanks for sharing. Made me feel okay! Sandi

Sweet Tea said...

Summer is MY time of year. I feel the most complete and "in sync" when the sun is blazing and the A/C is purring. BUT, come February I feel just like you are feeling now. Weather does make a difference, doesn't it...I went to a party where they served chocolate wine. We ALL tasted and agreed it was awful. You were wise not to spend your money on it. My favorite wine is BareFoot brand of "Moscatto". I promise you would love it!!

NanaDiana said...

There are cetain times of year when I feel really restless too. I want to get in my car and just I think the road calls my name sometimes. I probably would have made a good OTR driver..hauling oranges from one place and pecans to

At least your restlesness does not make you feel like running away!

I have an icebox just like that. It was my fathers that he used to set up housekeeping. It was one of 3 things I wanted from the house I grew up in. We use it as a popcorn stand downstairs.

Hope your restless spirit can land somewhere serene soon! xo Diana of my friends said the Choclate Wine tasted like crap. I asked her when was the last time she tasted crap...she didn't bother to respond.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I don't think that I would be inclined to try the chocolate wine, however, I do like chocolate and wine. Maybe I am just a purist.

Lavender Cottage said...

I just love dropping by to visit you now and then. Your life is full of adventure, obviously it all happens at home sometimes. I have to admit, those pizzas with the fruit kind of look cardboardy.
I'm not sure about the chocolate wine but don't you love people that influence you with their opinion? You're just going to have to try it for yourself and then tell us how it was - was it nasty or to die for!

Molly @ A Bit O' Shine said...

Always so disappointing when you want to try something new and tasty and it doesn't live up to your standards!

La said...

Maybe the heat is making you restless. I assume it keeps you shut in with the air conditioning. That is how I feel in the dead of winter. RESTLESS!

jeanne said...

Good morning bj, You can whine all you want and I appreciate the warning on the fruit pizza and the chocolate wine. I should mention, those things are not something I would ever think to buy. HA! My adventures mean a trip to somewhere. Laughing here. However, I am home and very happy to be here. We just finished Grandkid's Week and I am loving the quiet this morning. I do have a long list of things that must get done though. Fist and foremost is visiting my dear blogging friends. I have missed you. Thank you for your visits during my long absence from visiting.
I love your old icepicks, the special meaning behind them and I too remember the ICE box very well. When Mom wasn't looking we kids would use an old icepick and chip off a piece of ice to pop in our mouth. With six kids picking at the ice, she was not happy. I am sure she was also very elated to get an electric refrigerator.

I hope you have smooth waters soon my dear sister friend.
Love, Jeanne

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Beeeej! Ditch the wine and just go get you some good old, ice cold, Chocola! My Dad and I used to head up to the old fillin' station and dig down deep in that old ice filled chest to get some of that great Chocola. Wonderful!!!

Nana's Place said...

Needless to say this woman loves Chocolate Wine. I have tried several brands and have been very pleased. They have a taste of a chocolate martini. You must try it yourself and see.

Nana's Place said...

You really must try the chocolate wine, I really enjoy it and friends that don't drink wine will drink the chocolate wine as it also taste like a chocolate martini. Take a chance and try it, you may like it.

Designs By Pinky said...

BJ, I was going to tell you a story about when the ice man gave my sister a small block of ice but it is NOT a good story so I will spare you. Suffice it to say she almost lost 2 fingers. Anyway, I am so curious now that I am going to try some chocolate wine! I'll let you know if I like it. My best friends son started an ORGANIC wine company. It is called Yellow and Blue (cause yellow and blue makes green and the whole process is "green!!!!!). I am doing the same thing as you: flitting from one thing to another! Hope today is a good day!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

Loved your post today, bj!! I totally get where you're at. I have so much to do but find myself looking out the window and just enjoying the breeze and the bird song. Then I get anxious because I get nothin' done! Loved looking at your icebox and reading your memories of your dear dad. Chocolate wine sounds awful to me. My summer drink of choice is Pinot Grigio, Club soda, lots of ice and a lemon peel ... yum! Thanks for making me smile today!

LV said...

Sounds like you and I both shared some of the same things when growing up. Lots of memories.

Anonymous said...

good morning, this is my first time to post and I' sorry about reading your blog every time and not joining in. For a while I couldn't get explorer to work on your blog. I wanted to say I tried some chocolate wine and it wasn't very good, but the part that was nasty was the way it creates am ugly film on your wine glass. It looks horrible and ruins your delight of drinking one glass of wine! I don't remember my parents having an ice box like that, but I do remember the milk man making home deliveries and bringing glass milk bottles with paper tops. My yourng sons could break the bank drinking so much of that good cold milk. I have one of the same red ice picks in my junk drawer in the kitchen. I guess everyone has a junk drawer. Love you blog and my son graduated from TT and my DIL grew up in Plainview. Small world.
Stella Boatman

Sandy B said...

Oh BJ, I just LOVED this blog. It was sooooo funny and entertaining and yet informative too!! Keep up the good work.

Kathleen Grace said...

I saw that wine at the store the other day and wondered about it, but not being a wine drinker I passed it by. If you feel restless maybe you need to take a little brek and not even look at the blog for a couple days. I have decided to join the blogging without guilt group and just post when I can get to it without feeling badly about it!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Aw, BJ! I am so sorry that you had a suckish day. *sadface* We had some chocolate wine at one of our Book Club meetings, and it was pretty good! I will find out the brand and let you know.

I hope you have a fabulous week, my friend! :D

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That sounds like a grocery shopping trip when you're a little bit hungry! And it's crazy the way they package things to look so good! My Dad was a wine connoisseur and he said never to buy a wine with a pretty label! We like Yellow Tail and they are bordering on pretty! heehee! ♥

Cafe au lait said...

I haven't tried a fruit pizza. Sounds delicious.

My Blue Monday.

PEA said...

Chocolate wine? I had never heard about it, now I'm curious:-) I would buy a bottle just to try it, no matter what someone else says about it...remember, we all have different tastes, so maybe, just maybe, you'd like it! Never heard of the fruit pizzas goodness, where have I been??? lol What a shame they weren't very good.

Love your ice picks and the history behind them. My mom has told me about the ice box they use to have when she was growing up and how she remember the ice man coming over to place a new block of ice in it:-) xoxo

Rettabug said...

Its all that GREAT BAKING that you do, that killed your oven!! LOL Seriously, I'm sorry to hear about it though. Hoping the fix is not expensive.

I'm sure the heat is getting to you, BJ! Its even HOT up here in Ohio.

Thanks for saving me some money on those fruit pizzas AND the chocolate wine. It doesn't even sound goo, although I DO enjoy Baileys Irish Creme!

I love your postings, happy upbeat or not. The memories that you have of your Mom & Dad are priceless & I love when you share them with us.