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Friday, July 22, 2011


 My dad loved to use CIGAR BOXES to hold his treasures.
At one time, he had about 10 or 12 cigar boxes.
These two were all he had left when he passed away and
I have hung on to them for dear life.
 He owned several cafes when I was a little girl and he sold cigars.
I am sure this is the reason he could get the boxes so easily.
I laugh every time I see where he marked out  the 5 cents and added the 7.
Some of the olden cigar boxes had beautiful images on the lid.
and it seems, most of the time, it was a beautiful lady.
Back in MY day (stone ages), we always decorated a CIGAR BOX
for our VALENTINE BOX in school.
I always had one on hand to decorate....from my dad's *stash*... 

Lots of famous people smoked cigars, I guess...

I think
BONNIE PARKER of the BONNIE AND CLYDE fame, just stuck that cigar in her mouth to shock the pee out of everyone.

George Burns
Humphrey Bogart
Pres. John Kennedy
Do you know that Pres. Obama smokes cigarettes?
Yep...he sure does.
May be one reason he is so SKINNY.

I smoked for years and years and years and was always
so skinny because when you are a smoker, if you get hungry....
you can just smoke a cigarette and you are no longer hungry....
or at least that's the way it worked with me.
SOMETIME, I will tell you about how I QUIT smoking almost 10 years ago...
It is an AWESOME story...a testimony, if you will.
I never saw my dad smoke cigars...but he did smoke cigarettes for awhile.
He had so many olden photos in his boxes..
most of them were of his brothers.
There were several olden letters and one from my mother to him, before they married.
a love letter... 
 That's my daddy, on your right....
It seems so funny to see a photo of him, not smiling.
He smiled nearly all the time.  
He had such a great sense of funny and really quick witted.
When he laughed, it sounded like it came from his toes...all the way up.
He was my step-dad but I couldn't have loved him more if he had been my blood dad.
As far as I was concerned, he WAS my DAD !
I think I've mentioned before that God gave me two dads that were just the best !
Yes sir ree bob...
I am VERY happy to have a couple of his CIGAR BOXES.
Sometimes, when I miss him a lot, I just hold one in my hands, hugged up to my heart
because I know HE held it at one time.♥...and when I do...sometimes I think I hear him laughing......

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Kris said...

That was such a sweet story! I too was a Daddy's girl. I lost my dear Dad almost 8 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him, and miss him.
: )

Entertaining Women said...

And to think...I had gone a whole day without crying...until now. Sweet memories. Thanks for sharing your daddy's cigar boxes. My daddy smoked cigars, and I can picture him now. Cherry Kay

Blondie's Journal said...

My dad smoked cigars, too. I can't smell one without thinking of him. Hubby smokes them only on weekends at the lake, he never even brings them home. They are part of "That life". I wish he smoked a pipe...I love the smell of pipe tobacco. tell us how you quit smoking in another post!


Theresa said...

Sweet, BJ, just doggone sweet! I have ONLY one Cigar box and it was my Daddy's too:) He kept receipts and important notes and papers in it along with a metal clip! Still just like he left it! I hope someday, someone will cherish that box like I do! Big hugs and happy weekend!

Debby said...

Something about cigar boxes......I have several waiting to be transformed. The wooden ones are so pretty. The cardboard ones have such detail.
Sweet story about your Daddy. My Dad gave me old one that he had for years.
Hope you have a great week-end.

Sweet Tea said...

I love how you described your dad's laugh. I am drawn to people with a lusty laugh. I find that such an attractive trait...The shoeboxes are really special. I used to always have a few in the house, but not any more. They have disappeared over time.

NanaDiana said...

I love those old cigar boxes. You could find them all over at one time. Sadly, I never see them anynore. Your Dad was handsome. He looks like an old time movie star and I can't remember which one. I'm glad you had a wonderful Dad- I did too! xo Diana

NanaDiana said...

ps. My father used to walk around with a cigar in his mouth and I never ONCE saw him light one~ isn't that funny? xo Diana

Vee said...

What a handsome guy. To have these boxes filled with photos is such a blessing for you I know. Sweet vignettes. Do you display the cigar boxes?

forgetmenot said...

I love this post. My dad smoked cigars too and we always kept and used the boxes for various things. I remember I covered one with felt and decorated it with rick rack for my 8th grade sewing class. Ah, the memories you have brought back--thanks. Mickie ;)

outjunking said...

Alright where are the tissues. That just put big old tears in my eyes. Great memory thanks for sharing,

Julie Harward said...

What a handsome man..and good dad! How cool to have those boxes..although I think cigars are smelly! I want to know how you quit..God bless you! :D

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

This was a beautiful tribute to your step Dad, bj. I always wanted a cigar box to keep my treasures in when I was a child but my Dad only smoked cigarettes, never cigars.
I still miss my Dad. I lost him when i was only 19 and so many times I wished he could have been here to meet my husband and children...sigh.

I'd love to hear your story about how you quit smoking!! I know it's the best thing I ever did many years ago!

Holly said...

I thought about taking up smoking just so I could be skinny FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE! But, then I got a reality check and I didn't. Do you have your testimony somewhere? I'd love to read it. I like the collection idea. I collect collections.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Linda Chapman said...

What a lovely post!! I look forward to hearing your 'testimony' in a future blog posting. My granddad smoked a pipe. My oldest son does on occasion as well a good cigar. What wonderful memories you have. I never had a father figure in my life. You have been double blessed!

classic • casual • home said...

I miss my dad so much. Unfortunately he was a smoker and that is what killed him. Bravo to you for quitting. I was afraid to ever start. Sweet memories of your cigar boxes.

Deb said...

Yes, please tell us how you quit smoking - I still haven't mastered that and would love to!

Rita said...

I remember those boxes; haven't seen them in years. how smart you were to save these.What a beautiful touching post.

laurie said...

Thats was lovely,, so sweet!You have such a way with words,, I collect cigar boxes.. I love the smell of them!!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Such a sweet post Bj! My husband is an occasional cigar smoker. I would love to hear your quit smoking story, especially after years and years that you smoked. Not an easy habit to kick.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hi BJ your post is so beautiful. What a wonderful gifts dads can be. Mine was absent most of my life but I still loved him. My life is more sweet with the forgiveness I had to extend to make things right again.

janis said...

FIRST~ I love the new background. Your Grands are so beautiful! Such a great picture. One of your daughters is holding up the I Love You sign language, which I think is wonderful.
I remember getting to use Cigar boxes for treasures. My Dad smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes and occasionally a pipe. Never a cigar. Once as a child, on a trip to a friends lake cottage, my friends Dad was smoking a cigar in the car, with the windows rolled up.. I threw up all over his new car! The smell always made me nauseous as a child, but I love the linger of a cigar today.
My Hubby has two cigar boxes with wonderful photos of his "hey-days". It was the seventies... big hair (he had a big ole Hispanic Afro) and lots of parties. Such fun to go through.
Thanks for sharing this lovely post it was grand indeed♥

Aunt Amelia said...

Oh Hon, I'm so glad you quit smoking!

I never did, so I don't fully appreciate how hard it must be. But glad you did!

Hope you follow *my bread crumbs* and find your way over to my blog's new home, at Wordpress. I sent you the *my bread crumbs* e-mail, again. Hope you got it.

Gentle hugs...

Emily said...

bj, wonderful stories and memories. I love to look at these boxes when I see them in flea markets. Great pics in your post I love the story of you daddy. Never let those boxes get away from you, you'll relive memories each time you look at them. I can't wait for the story of how you quit smoking......soon please
Have a good weekend

The French Hutch

Cozy Home Scenes said...

That was a beautiful story of the love for your father. Good for you for your 10 smoke free years too. My grandfather was a smoker and developed health problems from it, which eventually lead to his death. Five years before he died, a doctor forced him to quit smoking to have gall bladder surgery and he realized in that time how much better he felt and how much money he'd wasted through the years. He said kicking the habit was the best thing he ever did for himself. I'm not juding you or him, but for the sake of your health, I'm glad you quit!

Diann said...

What a wonderful tribute post to your dad! I love old cigar boxes. I am so blessed to have my dad still with me and involved with my life on a daily basis!

Mary said...

What a wonderful memory...Hey, I remember cigar boxes being Valentine boxes...those were the days...a cigar box was treasure...

Mary said...

PS...8 years since I quit smoking, not going to say how many more pounds...{{giggle}}

Kathleen said...

Very sweet. My dad smoked cigars, never in the house though! I used to collect the glass vials they came in, they held dimes perfectly!
I never smoked, buy my sis did, and quit cold turkey after smoking for over 35 years!
Precious memories you have!

The Tablescaper said...

My Dad smoked them - they bring such memories.

Please give linking another try. I've removed all of the restrictions.

Thanks so much.

- The Tablescaper

Pondside said...

What sweet reminisces today - you'll have us all in tears.
I still have my sweet father - 83 years old and still the one we all go to for advice or just to ask what he thinks of something.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday BJ Sweetie...
What a gorgeous share of memories of your sweet Daddy. I am so tickled you still have 2 of his dear boxes. (When they loved something so much, it helps bring about our memories when we see these items of love.) The photos you have tucked in just add to the love. Thank you for sharing with me this evening.

Oh and BJ I too, loved how he marked out the 5 and put a 7 cent on there. In his handwriting. Priceless.

Have a glorious weekend sweet one. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Jenn said...

Happy Pink Saturday. My dad smoked cigars. So did my grandfather. One grandfather rolled and smoked his own cigarettes. I have cigar boxes from the one grandfather. King Edwards and Tampa Nugget. I had to turn around to see them. They're on a shelf in this room. My grandfather, I understand, used to tell stories of Bonnie & Clyde. I'd be interested to hear your quit smoking story. Did I cover everything I was thinking? Who knows? Take care, enjoyed your Pink post! Love, Jenn

Marlis said...

I think I remember my grandfather having one now and then. Lovely memories that you have. I do love me a good old cigar box!

On Crooked Creek said...

"Mr.Ed" smoked a pipe when we were first married...I adored the scent of cherry flavored tobacco. Glad he quit when he got drafted. My MoMa smoked cigarettes, so did my brother. They are both gone...too soon! When you tell your story about how you quit smoking ..I'd like to read what you have to tell. MoMa tried twice, without success. The photos are similar to the "work in progress" project we are currently working on here on the Prairie!You gotta love this..."Mr. Ed" says to me, "Don't you remember them?" On the back the photo is dated 1938.. . years before I was born! HA!

Snap said...

I remember cigar boxes! What a wonderful tribute to your father! Well done! Have a great week!

Pat said...

Wonderful story about your dad and his ceeegars! Happy PS.

Babs said...

That's such a neat way to display your special photos and treasures. My dad had some cigar boxes he used to keep receipts in.
Do they even make cigar boxes any more?
Thanks for sharing your treasures,

Poppy said...

This is such a sweet story and how lovingly you wrote it.... I enjoyed reading it so much. Your sweet memories and your love simply emanates from your words. I lost my dad last year and he was a smoker and I miss him so much....your story brings back so many memories! I loved those cigar boxes with the images of pretty ladies,thanks for sharing this beautiful story and for your loving comment on my summer vignettes. Enjoyed reading it. I'm glad you quit smoking and would love to know the story behind it. Your dad was a very handsome man and your memories of him are a treasure!Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful week ahead!~Poppy

The Tablescaper said...

I'm so glad that you were persistent and finally able to post.

- The Tablescaper

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Such sweet sentiments, BJ! Your dad was a very handsome man, and the fact that he was always smiling and laughing tells me he was good-natured, too. I'm so glad you have these mementos to reminisce about.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage