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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Cinco de Mayo morning ...May 5, 2011

 Our day started out....
 Sun shining bright...
no rain clouds in sight...:(
Please continue to tuck in a little rain prayer for parts of TEXAS.
 The wind blew my basket of FAUX flowers totally off into the yard yesterday.
Picking the flowers up, however, made me *play like* I was picking them from my garden..
 The porch swing was swinging so much, I thought about
the tv shows that show a rocker rocking without anyone in it...
 Freshly planted English Ivy...
I hope, by mid summer, these little pots are full of pretty green ivy.
 I mixed and rolled and cut this dough for homemade
They puffed and were so tender and light, they almost flew out the front door.
I made them smaller than normal...
It takes less oil to fry the small ones...
we are cutting down on just about everything.
Our Social Security checks just BARELY cover our living expenses now...
Sooo, if I can save even *just a little* here and there..
it DOES make a difference.

If gas, oil, groceries, utilities, insurance...EVERYthing
doesn't quit rising in costs,
wonder what we will do...??
Fresh strawberries are selling at a really reasonable price right now.
Not sure how long it will last
but we buy them every time we go to the store...
which, by the way, we have cut our trips to the market down considerably.
If we run out of bread, I make biscuits..
milk is the one thing we just try never to run out of.
Mr. Sweet loves it...
I need it for my bones...:)
and, besides....
ya need milk to make those biscuits.
I gave you the recipe for these tender, delicious and yummy treats on my post yesterday.
For just the two of us,
I cut the recipe in half.
Remember to roll them very thin and once you drop them into
the hot oil, with a fork, hold them under the oil for a brief second..
they really will puff up nicely for you.
 We like 'em with butter and honey...
and fresh strawberries.

Linking with:
VINTAGE INSPIRATION..the white dishes used are olden
 Crispy, beef tacos tonight...
xoxo bj


Stacey said...

Homemade sopapillas? I'm very impressed.

You know should share some of your tips about money saving. You make living on a budget look so good!!

Anonymous said...

I love this Cinco de Mayo celebration,, I 'm embarassed to admitt I'm not familiar with it,, but through my new blogging friends I am now.We are retired living on a lower income than before also and I'm finding the same problems,, everything goes up!

Vee said...

They were good! Thanks for the tip about holding them down until they puff up. Worked like a charm.

If things keep going up and up there are going to be a whole lot of us in trouble. BIG trouble. Good thing we know Who is really in charge.

Catherine Denton said...

Those look scrumptious!! My family would love it if I made these so thanks for the recipe.
My Blog

Kathleen Grace said...

I wonder if you could fill these with something good? Like jam or cheese or...I don't know what. They must be all hollow inside. Have you ever tried that?

tea time and roses said...

Hello BJ,

I never had sopapillas, and boy do they look good!!:o) I would love to spend a weekend at your house, good food and lots of fun.:o)

Happy weekend to you!



Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

BJ~Girl after my own heart!!
It's soo nice catching up with you. Looks like I've timed it perfectly for a peek at your Cinco fiesta. Sopapillas are my favorite with honey and butter as well. Why is it that everything tastes so much better DEEP FRIED, lol!

Sweet wishes,

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

Yum!!! Need I say more?
Hugs, Sue

Melissa F said...

When I was a kid in New Mexico, what we would do is bite off a corner of a sopapilla and pour honey inside (they are hollow, as you know). That was so good! I really should make these.

Debbie @ said...

Hey what a great post! I agree with everyone...beautiful and delicious looking! Have a happy Mother's day.

Ginny said...

Thanks for showing us your day. EVERYTHING good in these pictures! Either beautiful or yummy. You must be a very good cook, and gardner!

Kathleen said...

They look delicious, BJ. I thought of you today in the Pottery Barn Outlet. Didn't buy a thing. Even the prices at Walmart went way up! 4.25 for a gal of reg gas here.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I love sopapillas. We have eaten them at our local Mexican restaurant and they put vanilla ice cream on them and lots of honey. Yum.

Deb said...

They look really tasty. I just think you must be the best cook in the world.
Our prices here in Ontario for everything is through the roof right now. Gas, food, hydro and so on. I worry about my kids and how they will get along if things keep going up in price. Good thing I like to cook. Have a great weekend, BJ

Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

Stacey is so right you do make living on a budget seem easy... you don't seem to be in need of anything... a few good tips would be you use coupons I have tried that but don't find them on anything that I use.....I don't tend to buy any thing I don't need but chocolate....can't seem to pass that up. I'm as bad about my chocolate as you are about your strawberrys. I think we are just going to have to stay home and save on gas to get by. Blessing Trish

Anonymous said...

Love sopapillas!!

Wonderful post as always BJ.

Lost my follow/friend list. Last I checked it was still gone! So, I am stumbling and fumbling through blogland. I miss that list because it tells me when someone has a new post.

Happy Weekend!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love the way you call it English IVy!! I'd never thought of it as being English before!! We have looooooads of ivy in our garden...and it's in I guess it is!!


Balisha said...

I love your idea for the English Ivy.I may copy:)I have some trained in a topiary arrangement. I've been growing it in a wreath shape for next Christmas.
Our gas and food prices keep going up here in the midwest too.I almost hate going to the grocery.Maybe we should all post... one day a we are saving and some helpful tips for others.
Have a great Mother's day. Love your blog...Balisha

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I will continue to pray for rain for West Texas!

forgetmenot said...

We have had the wind here in Kansas too--I'll be so glad when it diminishes. Maybe we'll have to start "nailing" everything down. I do hope it rains there soon. Your sopapillas look so good--I will have to try them. Have a lovely (and windless) weekend. Mickie :)

Marlis said...

love sopapillas but have never made them. I will have to give your recipe a try.. cheaper than going out to eat! happy weekend! the wind isn't near as fierce as it was yesterday!

bunny said...

Yummm, everything looks so go...especially the sopapillas. For cinco de mayo, I made pumpkin empanadas. I had some frozen pumpkin puree from thanksgiving and I got tired of it taking up space in my Don't even get me started on gas prices now that my daughter has a car....ay yi yi!!
have a good one,


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi BJ,

I've recently started following your blog. I really enjoy your posts. Your pictures are lovely, your writing is warm and humorous, and the recipes and food photos ALWAYS make me hungry! Please stop by and visit my blog if you have a chance. I usually try to participate in Tablescape Thursdays. Happy Mother's Day!

Denise at Forest Manor

jeanne said...

Hi bj, watch out girl, the wind could blow you away. How do you stay so thin with the delicious food you are always making. I am picturing you picking silk flowers with the wind blowing them all around. We have has strong wins and very cool weather. I will pray for some Texas rain.

Love you much, Jeanne

A Cultivated nest said...

Those look really delish! I'm freezing extra strawberries to use later when they're out of season (and expensive).


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Costs keep rising!

Our National Debt keeps rising!

Where will it all end up?

When will our elected representatives get down to business and do something about it?

Common sense says, that it is time to cut back. Does the government know that??????


Sorry to go all "downer" on your lovely looking post.

Gentle hugs,